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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Newsetter

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gale's moose hunting day

After more than 30 years of being married to Bob and owning and operating Rainbow Point Lodge, I have been moose hunting many, many times.  I think my favorite part of the hunt has always been walking through the woods and enjoying nature in general but, the moose meat is a great bonus too, so don't get me wrong!   Being a rifle hunter, I typically go hunting with Bob to fill our our personal moose tags after the 1st snows have arrived and most of the area hunting traffic is long gone.  This year we thought we'd get out in the bush a little earlier since I had was drawn for a resident bull tag.  For locals of Ontario, we are part a draw/point kind of system, and sometimes you have to wait for years to get a bull tag.  This was MY year! 

We took a couple of trips out in the bush to start out with on the ATV to areas that Bob knew quite well from bear baiting/hunting earlier in the season, and from archery hunting which just finished a couple of weeks before.  We head out at about  5:30 a.m. and try to be in the right general areas at daybreak.  1st day out we walk a long trail along a swamp and settle in for awhile to wait for daylight.  As daylight approaches, Bob lets out a moose call and I wait, 308 in hand, ... and wait.  His call echoes over the swamp, and I am definitely impressed every time I see/hear him do this!  Definitely takes a lot of practice to be a good caller.  Another call, and more waiting; and so it continues.  We watch the local squirrels and ruffed grouse around us, but sadly no moose here today.  We venture on to another area to check for sign, and take another trail walk.  Suddenley from the silence, a loud crashing through the woods that seems to go on forever!  We must have nearly walked on top of the bull that we just saw running off into the thick bush.  No sense sticking around at this point, but we know where to come back to on another day.   It was exciting non-the-less.

Sorry to make you wait, but the real story comes a few days later.  We are joined by 4 friends of ours, also Ontario residents, one of which has a cow tag.  Between the 6 of us we could shoot a cow, a bull, and 4 calves at max.  We know of a great area where we have heard some moose calling the evening before, so have a solid plan for the morning.  We unload our ATV's in the dark, and head out down the trail. We split up on various points on the trail, to head off into different "cuts" (old logging areas great for hunting), but still close enough to be in radio and distance range to be part of a legal "party hunt"  Myself, Bob and another couple (Rick & Leanne) stop at the 1st trail while the other carry on to the next.  We quietly gear up and walk in the darkness through the dense bush and fallen trees to access a clearing,    Above us is a steep rock cliff which could give a good vantage point for a good size area, so Rick, Leanne and myself assend and find a comfortable vantage point and Bob stays below us. He will try calling the moose from below.

As the 1st light of day starts to break, Bob lets out one of his famous moose calls.  The 3 of us on the ledge are spanning the clearing as the sun breaks through, and far off, we sight a bull and a cow, obviously still active in the rutt!  Forget outdoor tv - this is the real thing!   Normally this time of year the moose are no longer in the rutt, but after hearing the calling the day before, we knew there was still some activity.  The excitement on our rock ledge was amazing as we realized that there was a huge bull & cow, both in the clearing.  We could see the 1st bits of sunlight reflecting off the massive rack of the bull, and we know this is a real trophy!   We are very excited to take a shot, but we talk about the distance, and options, and know it is out of range, & best to wait it out.  Bob's call has gotten the bull's attention, and there is no reason for the moose to be afraid - the wind is just right!

Time ticks on and Bob lets out another cow call.  The moose are on the move, slowly towards our direction in the distance, and to our amazement there is not only the bull and cow, but ANOTHER bull over to the south.  After further watching, there is yet ANOTHER moose - another cow.   The excitement for the 3 of us on the ledge is unbelievable!.   We would have been so happy to have the opportunity to see even 1 moose, but FOUR!!! All 4 animals are ever so slowly making their way closer to where we are, sticking in pairs.  We can see the big bull raking his massive horns on a willow just in the bush line.

Bob, down in the willows below us cannot see any of what we see, but we have been trying to signal to him that we 1st had seen 2 moose, and now that we have 4 in the clearing.  He looks up at us in amazement, holding up for 4 fingers, and looking for our acknowledgement.  Each time he lets out a moose call, it is haunting.  It echoes over the clearing, and you'd think it were coming from far off, not just below us.   

Since we have a bull tag AND a cow tag in the group we think that the opportunity is perfect for us to take both animals at the same time since there are 3 of us up on the ledge ... we just have to wait it out for the right shot.  (ok maybe greedy, but how often does this kind of opportunity come along?)  Waiting...waiting... and the shot is just about perfect..... rifles raised, we have our plan made out.  Suddenly over the ridge we hear a gunshot.  Our hearts sink and more than one profanity is mentioned.  The moose below us do not seem alarmed at this point luckily enough, and continue as they were.  The shot is definitely from one of our other hunting party.  Now we need to find out what they have shot - we can't risk shooting the wrong sex of animal!    We get on the radio (that couldn't have made any more static noise if it had tried!!), and frantically ask ... "What did you shoot???? What did you shoot????"   Moments later we hear the news - they have a bull down.  My heart sinks as I realize the trophy bull in front of us would not be mine today.  Quickly we re-compose & our focus moves on the cow instead.  The bush is so dense, and there are so many uprooted stumps in the way - we have rifles up, each waiting to let the other know if we have a clear shot.  As luck would have it, another shot rings out over the ridge - our hunting party has had to take another shot to finish the job.  Now the moose have become alarmed below us, and they are on the move, and fast.  In and out of thick brush and then off into a distant right-of-way.  Long out of our range.  I know that if Bob had been on that ridge with me with rifle in hand, he would have had the confidence in his shot to be able to take the cow, but with my experience, (or lack of) and that of the couple that were there with me, we did not want to take a shot we were not positive of.  Off in the distance they disappeared! 

This was a morning to remember for the rest of my life!  Even not having shot my own trophy bull, I, along with my friends, were able to watch 4 majestic Canadian moose for well nearly an hour and a half!  It was a sight that is still engrained in all of our minds!   Now I truly understand what kind of excitement our archery moose hunters must experience hearing and seeing their moose up close.  Usually by the time we are hunting the rutt is done, and moose do not answer to calls. Moose don't come to calls, and it is more tracking, and distance opportunities.  This was our lucky day, and I can certainly see why archery moose hunters love the hunt so much.  I'm very lucky to have had my personal moose hunting guide that day to give me the opportunity of a lifetime!   Thanks Bob!  Tip ya later!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finally Mike, David,Ken,Bill!!!!!!!!!!>>>>

We are now finished the fall shut down and working on the plans for next year. Our last guest left a couple of weeks ago and I was able to get the water and sewer pumps winterized before the snow hit! The weather has been pretty darn good considering the time of year. I remember the temps. being much colder and the snow staying on the ground by now. I don't miss it but that's just an observation!!!! We have been hunting lately as Gale was successful in drawing a Bull tag this year. She tagged a small bull last week and we are looking forward to the winters chewing!!
We are presently working on the plans for upgrades that we will be doing next year. One of the big jobs that we are doing, will be revamping the long dock with the bridge, and we have plans for a new approach that will make your docking more pleasurable.
I still have my plane in the water and hope to do a final flight of the year tomorrow and then I will have to pull it up before it freezes in!! Gale andI have done a fair amount of pleasure flying and fished off the floats a few times in remote lakes with great success. We are thinking of remote possibilities in the future and will keep you posted if anything surfaces. I know I said I had no intention of getting back into the commercial flying business again but you never know!
Our plan is to continue to provide you with the best possible service and accommodation that we can supply and our 28 year record will speak for it's self in our dedication to the job!
One of the big things we did for next year is purchase ALL NEW 4-STROKE YAMAHA'S. These will be featured on every boat we own! Even in these tough times we still strive to provide you with the best dependable equipment possible. We sincerely hope that these constant improvements will make your loyalty a pleasure.
We have had a look at our fishing calendar from the past season and the catching has been getting better from year to year. The size variation has stayed constant and the larger fish have really made a big surge in the past 7 or 8 years. This is totally due to fishermen releasing many large fish and the size limits that were imposed a few years ago. We all have a new outlook on the way we handle the resource now and how it affects the fishing in the future.
Gale and I went down to the Florida Keys last year for a while and are presently packing up for a return visit. We will post a few pictures of our fishing adventures as they occur! Last year we fished with our fish ID book in hand so we could figure out what we had on the end of the line.
We have just finished up printing our rates sheets for the Christmas mailing and are busy working on a detailed newsletter that will go with it. We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and will talk to you soon
I must apologize to David, Mike,Ken, Bill, etc ,,,,, who have been pointing out to me that I have not published a blog lately. I hope this will help with the Rainbow withdrawal for a while. I will edit this in a while to add some pictures, so check back, and will do another one in a couple of weeks. Please keep up on the comments and hope all is well with you all. BOB

Monday, August 30, 2010

High water story of 2010

2010 has been quite a year for rainfall here in NW Ontario.  While we started off very early, dangerously dry, and moderately low water levels, early June changed the trend.  From early June until early August, the water just kept on rising.  The weather was very nice overall once again for our fishermen and families.  We got tremendous rainfalls that usually came in short spurts, or during the night, not bothering the vacationers much at all.  By tremendous rainfalls, I mean dumps of 3-5 inches at a shot.  Each time the water levels on Perrault would continue to rise for days afterward, from all the runoff. 

High water levels seemed to have nothing but good effects on the fishing throughout the summer, so that was a bonus.  On the down side, we had a couple of our docks that were not usable for about a month.  Thank goodness this wasn't the case when we had the largest of our boat traffic in.  With the high water and waves, our docks have sustained quite a bit of damage, so we have a fall/spring project for sure.

As September approaches we're looking forward to seeing some great northern pike and musky action once again - typical for the fall season.  Don't forget our great Fall Special pricing!  If you can't come for a week, we also can work out a daily package for you to fit your time schedule.  September is one of the nicest times to be up here in NW Ontario. 

Loons are starting to gather up, so I think they know something we don't know....  Always a fantastic sight to see so many in groups on the lake. Lucky enough to see a family of wolves off the roadside last week, and yesterday one of the guests sighted a bear on the lakeshore.  The bald eagles that have their nust just up past our house kicked their young one out the other day for what we think was it's 1st flight.  Amazing to watch the flying lessons!  Also have had a golden eagle hang out on a tall tree near the main dock the last few days.  Just sits for hours on end and doesn't seem to mind the human attention.  Add to all this, the occasional moose or deer on the roadside and it just doesn't get much better than this!   Wish you were here. 

Till next time,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Such big fish!!

Gene Fischer, Cecil, WI - 44.5" Pike
Each year we are seeing more and more big fish caught and released on Perrault Lake, and 2010 has been no exception to that statement.  Throughout this summer there hasn't been a week that has gone by without hearing about several of our guests catching and releasing big fish out on Perrault Lake.  Last week alone, we are aware of 4 walleyes over 28"  - one at 30"!!!  Also a 44" northern.  More and more muskie are reported to have been caught also.  While some of the big fish have been kept to have mounted on the wall, most of these big fish throughout the summer have been released back into the lake for another lucky angler to have the opportunity at the catch, and for the chance for another successful spawn next spring.   Congratulations to all of you who have been so lucky (ooopss... to be such talented anglers...!..) to have landed a Canadian trophy fish. 

Dan Boivin, Shawano, WI - 28" Walleye August 13
Here we were during one of our warmest weeks of the summer last week with temps up in the high 80's and mid 90's, and the big fish action continued.  What a great week it was with the last week of family groups in before the inevitable return to school.  13 year old Dan Boivin from Shawano, WI ended his week's vacation off by catching this 28" walleye in the last hour fishing for this trip, Friday night.   After a very quick discussion in their boat about whether to release the fish or have it mounted, Dan chose to have it mounted (with his dad's help).  Congratulations on a great ending to a great vacation. 

Summer Fun off off Whale Rock
Besides fishing, everyone in camp was enjoying the great summer weather - not too hot, not too cold... just right!  Miraculously too, even though we have had a tremendous amount of rain this summer, the bugs have not been bad at all.  We are questioned each week whether we spray to keep the bugs down, and of course we don't.  It's just part of living in paradise. (yes. we do pay for it in the winter.)  By the sound of the weather in the mid west and southern states this summer, I'm surprised everybody didn't migrate north to keep cool.  If you suffered through it this year, maybe you should consider a trip up north to Rainbow Point Lodge next summer.  We'd love to see you, and we know you'd love all this great part of the country has to offer!

Hey..... did you see our fall special on our website?  Maybe you can still get in that last minute fishing trip?  Give us a shout.

Till Next Time,  Happy Fishing!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Blueberry season & Fishing at Perrault Falls

What a great year for blueberries in NW Ontario.  Berries are perfect for picking right now.  Just have to keep an eye out for the bears that like them just as well!   Got out picking a couple times so far, and am trying to find some spots that are nice an accessible for our guests.  Pictures right is Dianne, George's wife who went out with me last week.  Nothing better than a dish of fresh blueberries, or those morning blueberry pancakes!

Besides picking blueberries, George got Dianne out for some walleye fishing as well before she had to head back to work in Winnipeg.  Fishing has been fantastic overall, with more and more large fish being released each year. 

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Support Our Troops Draw Winner

I know - we're in the dog house for not posting for a long time.  Excuse - we have been so busy enjoying visiting all of you wonderful guests, and keeping the camp ship shape, the computer somehow gets left behind.  Enough of that!  Bob has a great blog in draft to publish shortly, so he'll have more information for ya.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention a great young man, and a fantastic fishing trip.  You may recall that we worked in conjunction with wildlife artist, Anthony J. Padgett this past winter, to provide a free trip for 2 for a US service person.  This was sponsored and promoted through the winter by Anthony (Tony).  The winner of the draw was Zack Carver, from Indiana who recently returned from a tour in Iraq.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Zack, and his younger brother Caleb who joined him on the trip.  Zack came up with his own personal tour guide/ draw sponsor, Tony Padgett and partner Heather Rayka, who know us, Rainbow Point Lodge, and Perrault Lake all very well.  Tony and Heather provided great home cooked and shorelunch meals during the week for Zack and Caleb, and had a great time fishing with them on Perrault Lake.  Ontario fishing was all new to these boys, and soon after arrival, they were catching plenty of walleye, northern, smallmouth and perch. 
Shown here, Wildlife Artist Anthony J. Padgett, Zack Carver, Gale and Bob Extence

During the same week Zack was here, we had the pleasure of hosting our own Canadian service person, Will Bawden from Manitoba Canada, who had just returned from Afghanistan.   Will was a dock boy here at the lodge 3 summers ago, and we were so happy to see him here again, this time for some R&R before his next rotation.  We wish both these boys (no... Brave Young Men) great success and most of all good health and safety in their future.  We are proud to have had the opportunity to help give back to both of you.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi All: I finally have a second to keep you up to date on the goings on around here. We have been very busy lately and it sure is nice to have many old friends and new guests to share the summer with. The weather has changed since the first part of the summer and has been a bit damp to say the least. The nice thing is that we don't have a fire problem and it has not affected the fishing adversely.
I know I run the risk of sounding like a broken record but the fishing is the best I have seen it since we bought the Lodge 27 years ago and it doesn't look like it will do anything but continue to improve. The walleyes are coming in from 15-18 inches and the number of big fish released is unprecedented. Last week our guests released over 35 walleyes from 25-32 inches and many northerns 35+. We saw the mayfly hatch happen which did nothing more than move the fish into shallower water to go after the larvae. This also made the use of small minnows, leeches, and crawlers the baits of choice in no prominent order. The bass are very aggressive and the perch catch is really heating up.
We tried to have our fish fry last Mon. instead of Tues. as the weather was forecast to be great on Mon. and not so great on Tues. (our normal day!) Well, as you can guess I got poured on as I put the first pans of spuds on and we had to cancel it until Wed. Calling the weather for the fish fry is always a big thing as it takes us 3 hours to prepare and we don't want it rain on the 10 gallons of hot oil I have going. But on Wed. we all had a great time. Gale and I look forward to the weekly fry as it gives everyone a chance to get together and many friendships are made for years to come.
This coming week it is supposed to cool down a bit but the fishing should stay great and we hope if you haven't booked a trip yet there is still lots of great fishing weeks left and we would love to host you. Make sure you visit our website at for all the current news and to look at the updated photo album. You may see someone you know or perhaps yourself!
Take Care and as always we are only a call away. BOB and Gale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fishing pictures on the web

Hey everyone... I've been busy uploading pictures to our 2010 fishing photo album, and have many more to put up this week.  Check out what people have been catching lately!  Good weather and fantastic fishing .... wish you were here!  Will give a more detailed fishing report/news update shortly.  Just been so busy it's hard to get time to go on the computer.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fishing Season is well underway!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone: Well Gale and I were a little hesitant about how the fishing might be, with regard to the extremely early ice out and the above normal temperatures that we had before the season opened. We did not see any adverse effect and the fishing, as we expected, has picked up quicker than other years as the water temp is 5-8 degree's warmer than normal. The Northern fishing has seen quite a few 40+ inch fish caught and released, and not all the fish are being picked up in shallow water as we would expect. Walleyes are getting more numerous every day and the size is an easy 16-18 with many fish being released in the mid to upper 20 inch bracket. We had a dedicated perch fisherman come in the other day with a nice number of fish and half of them were 12-14 inches!
We will have our photo album for this year up and running very soon so you can see a few of these fish and know that I am not talking through my hat about the size
Earlier this spring we hired a school class to help us rake the leaves on the property and it took 24 kids, 3 teachers, and 5 of us a whole day to rake and pile leaves at the back of the yard. The pile was about 60 feet long and 10-12 feet high as this had to be pushed with the bobcat to consolidate it a bit. If any of you are free next spring give me a call as we have another bumper crop of leaves growing!!
We have been busy replacing dock boards on many docks and totally replacing a couple of smaller ones. I am presently adding a small floater dock to the main dock to be able to tie down my new addition !!!! Will talk about it later and show you some pictures, or better still come on up and see it????
The wild life has been out in full force posing for the camera and you will see some great shots on the photo page that will be out soon. If any of you were up here earlier this spring and did not leave a copy of your pictures with Gale, we would love to see a few and post them on our website album.
We had our first Fish Fry of the summer the other night and it was a great success. The pot luck food was a great hit as usual. The fried fish and spuds are always fun to cook even though it gets awful hot some evening as you well know. I have often thought of doing it in a deep fryer but it just wouldn't be the same as a real fire and monster pans!!
Got to go but just wanted to touch base and let everyone know that we are in full swing and now is the time to book your last minute vacation. If you get the fishing or hunting urge and would like to come and see us again or visit us for the first time give us a call @ 1 800 282-9039 or go to our web page for all the details and contact us there.

As I have said in the past, Gale and I Thank-you for your continuing support, and that makes all our hard work and continued upgrading very satisfying. Take Care and look for the photo album pictures and an addition to this blog with some more info in few days.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ontario Fishing Licence Reminder

Just a quick note to all of you return customers who purchased a fishing licence last summer that included the Temporary Ontario Fishing Outdoors Card.    During last fall you should have received a plastic Ontario Outdoors Card in the mail.  Check your wallets or files now before you come up and make sure you have it along with you.   We are hearing from several people that either they never received their cards, or perhaps had thrown them out thinking it was a credit card scam letter.  If you don't have your card and you purchased a temporary last year, you can get a free replacement, but only if you call in advance of your stay.  Allow 3 weeks delivery. 

Call the Outdoors Card Centre at 1-800-387-7011 to request a replacement if you can't find your card or never received your card. 

Worse case scenerio, if you don't have your card, you'll simply have to purchase another one ($9.00) at the time you get your fishing licence again this year.

Beautiful spring so far...  have you booked your fishing trip yet?  Perrault Lake is beautiful, quiet and waiting for you and your fishing hooks!   Call us today, as we still have some available for prime summer weeks.  Ph: 1-800-282-9039. 

Bye for now,

Monday, May 03, 2010

Spring weather trends at Perrault Falls

We know all of you fishermen (& ladies) are anxious to hear all about the lake levels and weather, so here's a quick update.  The calendar page has turned, and opening day is in sight!

We had a very long stretch of above normal temperatures early this spring, and as we mentioned before the ice went out on Perrault Lake exceptionally early on April 14th.  Since then we've seen 3 solid weeks of beautiful summer-like weather, wil absolutely no rain.  Evenings still dipped down to the mid/high 30's, but day-time crept up to the high 70's some days.  The high lake levels we saw last fall are long gone, and with not much for run-off this spring, the lake is down considerably -not the lowest we've seen, but certainly down.  All the warm dry weather resulted in extreme forest fire danger, and the MNR implemented the restricted fire zone designation. 

This week we've seen a change in the weather pattern that looks like it will stick for about a week +-.  Finally got our much needed rain; enough for the MNR to drop their fire ban, so that is always a relief.  Day time temps are a chilly and damp 50 deg +-, and down to just above freezing at night.  More seasonable for this time of year, but I'm sure it will turn around again before long.

Will update things soon.  Right now we've got plenty to keep us busy getting ready for all of you to arrive! 

Oh... still have a few spots open for spring fishing!   Give us a call today to set up a quick long weekend trip, or maybe you can swing a week.  Life is too short - get out enjoy it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good-bye to a friend

We are sad to say we have lost not only a long-time loyal customer, but a wonderful man we were proud to have considered a friend over the last 26 years.  Mr. John Dobson, aged 85, of Phillips Wisconsin passed away on Saturday, April 3rd.  We 1st met John on the opening morning of fishing in 1984 - our first opening day after purchasing Rainbow Point Lodge - We awoke before dawn to be ready for the big opener, and much to our surprise looked out the window to see several cars and trucks lined up in our drive, occupants sleeping, waiting to check-in and get onto the lake.  Needless to say we hastily dressed and wondered what we were in for.  John, and his regular buddies from Orfordfille at the time greeted us with strong handshakes, and laughter.   Every spring since that day we have enjoyed John's company; have enjoyed the customary games of cribbage, and of course the required Manhattan to go along with it.  He loved his fishing, cards and friends.  We know that many of our other guests have come to know John over the years, and wanted to pass this information on to them as well.   We are all better for have known him. 

Our sympathy goes out to John's wife, family and good friends. 

Ice Out 2010

Here we are April 14th, and yes.... the ice is out of Perrault Lake today!  We'll have to mark this one down in our history books, as Bob & I have never experienced such an early ice-out in the 26 years we have been here at Rainbow Point Lodge.  Funny thing is that this is the last day of walleye fishing, which is usually spent on the lake fishing through a hole in the ice.  If it wasn't so windy today we could be out on the lake catching our supper! 

An early ice-out will mean a good chance for the fish to complete their spawn before the opening of walleye season again on May 15th.  Northern pike however is open throughout, so we may be catching a few over the next few weeks to get that taste of fresh northern fish we are all so looking forward to. 

Catch you later!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Early Early Spring at Perrault Falls

In 26 years we don't remember as early a spring as this one! Perrault Lake is black, and we wouldn't doubt if it was out before the weekend. Last year we we were still driving a truck and 4wheelers out on the lake and ice fishing at this time.   Hard to believe the difference.  The bay at camp is nearly open.  Absolutely no snow on the ground. 

Get out those fishing rods guys (& gals)!   Still room for some groups the 3early weeks of season - give us a shout today to book in your long weekend, or week long stay!  1-800-282-9039

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring has already been Springing!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone:

Only 6 more weeks till fishing season!!!! I know many of you have a countdown going yourselves. For all of you who have planned your spring trips, there will be no fear of ice not being out in time for spring opener. Like many of you, we are seeing a very early arrival of warm spring weather. so there is next to no snow already, and the lake ice won't take long to go out with the continued warm temps. This early warm weather is unheard of for us this time of year.

A bonus for us for the early spring is that we will be able to get to the many jobs we want to do before the season starts which is just fine with us. Some years it is a scramble to get things ship shape by the time the 1st guests arrive as we are often still seeing snow and deep frost into late April. Besides and week long raking job and cabin spring cleaning, there are always many repairs and improvements to be made. This spring will see some additional dock renovations and deck staining to keep things looking good, along with many other projects that I won't bore you with. You'll see what's new when you get here.

I was talking to George a couple of days ago and he is "winter rested" and ready to go. Just a few weeks ago he and his wife Dianne were blessed with the birth of their 1st grandchildren - twins (boy and a girl) Big congratulations goes out to their family!

We have hired some brand new dock staff and I am really looking forward to working with them and hope this will work into a long time relationship for them working with our team.

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone again, and also meeting all you new first timers to the Lodge! If you have the spring fishing itch, we have some openings for early season, and have a special running for the 1st 3 weeks that may be hard to pass up. Check out our website for details!

Knock the dust off the fishing gear and get ready for a Great Season! BOB and GALE!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Breaker Fishing Special introduced

Here we already into February, and I don't know about the rest of you, but we are definitely thinking spring!  Opening day this year will be May 15th, and our regular ice-out fishing enthusiasts have re-booked their cottages to make sure they don't miss out.  If you haven't tried fishing the 1st few weeks of fishing season here at Perrault Lake, you really need to try it - at least once!  You'll want to make it an annual affair.  Just after ice-out, the fish are concentrated in the shallows post spawn and are soon to be headed out into the main lake.  You will find some fabulous fishing action on walleye and the northern pike are furious!  They  will keep you busy throughout the day, and you'll be able to get in that 1st shore lunch of the season in no time! 

We have decided to run an ice-out special to help you make that decision to come up for the excitement all that much more inviting.  Our Extra Value Fishing Package will give you everything you would need for a week's fishing.  Check out the special on our website, and contact us today while we still have space.   Visit our web photo album for this, and many more photos of last spring's fishing, and of the great fishing season we had last year.  Be the 1st to get our photo up on the Rainbow Point Lodge 2010 fishing album!

Keep warm, and think spring!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Support our Troops Draw

We are getting geared up to head out to the All Canada Sport Show in Green Bay, Wisconsin, starting Thursday. Anxious to see so many of our good friends, guests and future guests there as always!

Rainbow Point Lodge is happy to be part of a wonderful promotion with Wildlife Artist Tony Padgett this year in support of the US Troops serving the USA. Here is the total information on the trip Rainbow Point Lodge will be donating to this worthwhile cause.

Wildlife Artist Anthony J. Padgett to Host Contest for Military Personnel with Fishing Trip to Canada During All Canada Show Event

Wildlife Artist Anthony J. Padgett supports U.S. Military with a contest to win a Canadian fishing trip for two during the 2010 All Canada Show tour. All presently serving or honorably discharged Active Military, Guard, Reserve or Retired are eligible to enter.
Anthony is a renowned wildlife artist with recent accomplishments that include the 2008 Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year Award and 2009 Louisiana State Waterfowl Stamp Award. Anthony’s love of the outdoors is depicted in many of his paintings. Being an avid fisherman and outdoorsman who enjoys fishing in Canada was the idea behind this contest as an opportunity to say thanks to US Military personnel.
Anthony’s love of the outdoors and wildlife came at an early age when even then the urge turn memories into drawings had begun. A self-taught artist, Anthony’s career as a wildlife artist has spanned almost twenty years. His work has taken him all across the United States and Canada. Whether its researching polar bears in the arctic or watching an eagle soar above, a realistic portrayal of wildlife in their natural environment are trademarks of his style.
The All Canada Show attracts over 300 Canadian fishing and hunting lodges. The angler and hunter can book their adventure directly with the lodge owner during the show. The All Canada Show will make stops in eleven cities starting January 9th in St. Louis, Missouri and continuing through February 21st in Dallas, Texas.
The contest will be held during the All Canada Show tour. Anthony has a booth at the All Canada Show and entry forms can be filled out and turned in at his booth. The winner and their guest will be able to choose a week in either July or August 2010 to fish with Anthony. Rainbow Point Lodge in Perrault Falls, Ontario, Canada is the destination for that week of fishing.
“As Americans we are fortunate to have so many brave men and women in our military keeping us out of harm’s way” says Anthony. “I want to share my love of the outdoors with a soldier and give them an opportunity to relax, have fun, and enjoy a week of fishing. This is my small way of saying thanks.”

Anthony J. Padgett Gallery

Good luck to all the entrants for the draw, and we look forward to meeting the winner this summer!

For the rest of you, if you haven't made your reservation for this summer yet, now's the time before we run out of room. Give us a call toll free 1-800-282-9039 today.

Stop by and see us there. Thursday thru Sunday, ShopKo Hall in Green Bay

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fishing & Hunting Licence Update

Hello Everyone:

Just a quick update on the Ontario Outdoors Card that was started last summer. If you visited last year for fishing or hunting, you were issued a Temporary Outdoors Card at the time you got your fishing or hunting licence. (Was a large pink piece of paper)

Most of you should have received a permanent Ontario Outdoors Card by now. It is the size of driver's licence, and you will need to bring that back up with you next summer to speed up your next fishing or hunting licence, and save you paying the Card fee again ($9.00).

If you got one of the temporary licences last year and didn't receive your Outdoors Card, you can follow up with the Ministry of Natural Resources at the Card Centre - 1-800-387-7011. Make sure you follow up with them at least 6 weeks before your next visit.

Worst case scenerio - you don't get your card before your trip - not that bad. You'll just need to purchase another one.

Another new thing for licences this coming season is a One Day Fishing Licence for non-residents. This licence provides for conservation limits, and is really only beneficial cost-wise if you are fishing for just 1 day total. Thought I'd pass that info on for you though, in case it may apply to any of you.

Keep warm everyone and THINK SPRING ..... THINK FISHING...... THINK GREAT TIMES AT RAINBOW POINT LODGE! Book your spring fishing trip now!

(Photo - last spring - Cody Lovelace showing off a nice walleye with Bob at our bragboard.)

Till next, time... Gale