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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Winter at Perrault Falls is upon us.

How's your winter goin EH? We are really enjoying the winter so far but the real Canadian cold weather is still to come. We have about a foot of snow so far and the temps. have been in the 0-+10 F. range. Perrault Lake just froze over last week which was a little later than usual. The bay in front of the Lodge has been frozen for two weeks but you won't catch me on it until Christmas time. We have just finished the yearly Xmas letter and sent it out with the new brochure so you all should have one soon. We are going to try and update this page as often as we can and we will try and post some pictures of Perrault Lake in the winter and to show you what Exciting things we are trying to get done around Rainbow Point Lodge. Talk to you soon. BOB