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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring has already been Springing!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone:

Only 6 more weeks till fishing season!!!! I know many of you have a countdown going yourselves. For all of you who have planned your spring trips, there will be no fear of ice not being out in time for spring opener. Like many of you, we are seeing a very early arrival of warm spring weather. so there is next to no snow already, and the lake ice won't take long to go out with the continued warm temps. This early warm weather is unheard of for us this time of year.

A bonus for us for the early spring is that we will be able to get to the many jobs we want to do before the season starts which is just fine with us. Some years it is a scramble to get things ship shape by the time the 1st guests arrive as we are often still seeing snow and deep frost into late April. Besides and week long raking job and cabin spring cleaning, there are always many repairs and improvements to be made. This spring will see some additional dock renovations and deck staining to keep things looking good, along with many other projects that I won't bore you with. You'll see what's new when you get here.

I was talking to George a couple of days ago and he is "winter rested" and ready to go. Just a few weeks ago he and his wife Dianne were blessed with the birth of their 1st grandchildren - twins (boy and a girl) Big congratulations goes out to their family!

We have hired some brand new dock staff and I am really looking forward to working with them and hope this will work into a long time relationship for them working with our team.

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone again, and also meeting all you new first timers to the Lodge! If you have the spring fishing itch, we have some openings for early season, and have a special running for the 1st 3 weeks that may be hard to pass up. Check out our website for details!

Knock the dust off the fishing gear and get ready for a Great Season! BOB and GALE!