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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mid Summer Report

Hello All: Gale and I would like to Thank everyone so far this season, for their support and friendship, by making this summer a fun experience. We are noticing that there is a bit of an increase in the number of people that are realizing that they need the Canadian fishing experience in their life, and we sincerely Thank-you for choosing Rainbow Point Lodge to do so!!!
Enough of the mushy stuff (but it had to be said)!!!! The summer started off fairly wet and quite a bit on the cool side but has rebounded with very warm temps. and lately, a fairly dry spell. The forecast for the week to come is in the low 80's with it topping out at about 95 next weekend! As you well know, the weathermen in Canada, are no different than those south of the border so that can mean it may snow next weekend but seriously it looks great for the long run. The water level has been dropping a bit but it has not affected the fishing what so ever.
Last week we had the mayfly hatch but it was not that thick and the walleyes and bass were very active in shallower water because of it. We have had an average northern bite up until now but the cabbage weed is getting up in the deeper water and the bigger fish are starting to become very aggressive. The perch fishing is always excellent and this season is no different. Some of our first timers are shocked at the size of the perch as compared to back home and that puts smiles on every ones faces.
Now for the (I still can't believe it but I was there) News!!!! One of our dock staff (Brenden) was fishing, in his free time, and caught a very nice Lake Trout. He brought it over to the dock and we took some pictures and released it unharmed. I have lived on this lake for almost 30 years and have tons of hours of fishing in all types of weather and all season's and have not heard of a laker being caught in Perrault. We are on a chain of lakes that have lake trout in a few of them so it is a theoretical possibility but it still was a big shock. I guess with the crappies that are showing up in ever increasing numbers anything is possible.
We will be starting our bear baiting soon and that will take up quite a bit of our time for the next couple of month's. George and I enjoy the getting out in the bush but it's also nice doing so when it's a bit cooler!
Gale has been posting some pictures on the website so make sure you visit it often. I will post a picture of the Lake Trout in a couple of days when I get it off my phone.
As I end this post I invite you to consider a last minute trip up, to enjoy some of our fishing and hospitality. Just imagine gently rocking in a boat, feet stretched out on the side, eyes closed, soaking up the sun, then a tug on the line and, and, and, and !!!!!!! Talk to you later and have a great last half of the summer. BOB and GALE!!!!