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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ice and Weather Updates after Late Spring Storm

During the week of April 19th to 23rd we had pretty nice weather, a good rain, and some real progress towards spring. The ice was starting to pull away slightly from the shore, and there were just a few odd snowbanks, and snow accumulation left in the woods. Then came a freak storm on the 23rd that closed the schools just north of us, and on April 25th, and the biggest snow storm we have had for quite awhile really socked us in. We received a new dump of about 18"+ of snow. EVERY road in NW Ontario was closed from early Saturday morning until Sunday. There was not much anyone could do but keep the fire stocked and keep warm. As of Monday morning, Hwy 502 from Fort Frances to Dryden was still closed up. On the TransCanada Highway 17 on Sunday after the roads were opened, the semi trailers were lined up for miles. Quite the site. This TransCanada highway is the only main trunk highway from East to West, so when a storm like this hits and closes the roads, it has a huge affect on the country. Not like some areas where there are alternate routes to take.

So, back to winter we are, and again looking forward to seeing the grass show itself. Ice-out will definitely be delayed from what it was looking like earlier last week, as the temperatures are well below freezing at night, and only in the mid 40's in the day. Will keep you updated.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ice Condition Update for Mid April

We still haven't had much in the way of warm weather, but it has been above freezing, and we have still dodged all the big snowstorms! The wind has been a big factor the last few days, and it has cut the snow down considerably. There is no snow left on the lake, and there is about 1.5-2 of ice right now. There's still a fair amount of snow around the bush and the yard, but a good steady rain today, and warming temps over the next few days should help knock that down some more.

Spring is definitely coming!! Walleye season closed on April 14th, and will re-open on May 17th. Northern is open throughout the year.

Will keep you posted on the ice/snow conditions over the next couple of weeks, as we know all of you spring ice-out fishermen are anxious!

Still some openings for the early weeks for your information, so you are not too late! Also have a special running for the 2 long weekends in May if you can just spare a weekend. Visit the website for details!

Monday, April 07, 2008

April Snow Storm Misses Perrault Falls

We are hearing a lot of bad snow stories from around the province and the mid-west U.S., but are happy to say that so far we have "missed the bullet" and the heavy snows that arrived the last couple of days in many places has missed Perrault Falls! Just south-east of us, they really got a dumping on Sunday, and many schools and roads were closed.

Today at Rainbow Point Lodge in Perrault Falls it is a sunny day, with temp warming up to about 42 degrees or so. It is still dipping well into the freezing mark during the night, but the sun is trying it's best to cut our snow levels down. Much the same forecast for the rest of the week.

Hope the rest of you are able to dig yourselves out alright today!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ice & Snow Conditions, April 1/08

I know many of you starting to get pretty anxious for spring and fishing season, but unfortunately it's still a little bit away right now. This picture was taken yesterday (April 1st) at Cottage #1. There is about 2.5 feet of ice on the lake, and there's still a good 2'+ of snow on the ground. It's not all that unusual for this time of year for this area, but after such a hard, cold winter, we are definitely anxious for it to be over too!

The ice is not the best this year; with all the early snow, there is a lot of slush on the lake, and the ice layers have slushy sections. When the temperatures really start to warm up, it "should" go out fairly quickly. Right now, it's getting to just a few degrees above freezing during the day, but dipping well below overnight. We'll wait and see what the weather does, and we'll keep you posted!

There are still a few vacancies for early fishing weeks at ice-out. We also have a long weekend special going for the Canadian Victoria Day Weekend, and the US Memorial Day Weekend. Check out the website for details! If you can't sneek away for a whole week, a long weekend might just tie you over and help get the fishing itch scratched!