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Monday, March 24, 2014

March snow and ice update for Perrault Falls - Perrault Lake

Here is quick update on what's going on up at Perrault Falls.  As you can see from these pictures taken recently, we've got a LOT of snow.
Just for reference on the store photo below, the deck is about 4 feet off the ground.
 This picture is of the road into camp.  Cottage #1 is up ahead on the right…. somewhere???

Apparently the snow is very sugary.  Lakes are all very slushy.. Too much snow on the ice, weighing it down, and pushing the water up.  The ice augers for fishermen are to the max depth WITH extensions…that means 5+ feet of ice!    Temps have been warming up "a bit", but holding between -10 and -20.  Earlier in the winter they were  pretty steady between -30 and -45.  Keep in mind, we don't talk wind chill.  These are actual on the mercury temps.  If we added the wind chill on that it would just not be nice at all!

Doug, a friend of ours from Dryden shared pictures he took recently of a snow machine ride he took with his son.  Got a little too far off the trail we'd say.

Really shows you what is out there in the woods doesn't it?

Imagine what the poor deer and moose have to walk thru!          

So that's our update for today.  Hope you enjoy our updates, and don't forget… SPRING WILL COME!!!!

Lots of projects on our plans for the spring, so we will really have to scramble whenever mother nature gives us some spare ground to work with.

Till next time,
Bob & Gale