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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Thaw!

Gale is cooking up dinner and I thought I would write a short note to keep you posted on the spring ice and warming sensation!!!! It is 5pm. Sat. evening and the rain is coming down and there is a winter storm warning in Manitoba for snow and high winds. For those of you that don't know, what Manitoba get's for weather we usually get in some degree a bit later. The weather man is calling for a lousy weekend with rain and wind and below normal temps. I was out on the lake a week ago doing some work on the docks that were exposed above the ice and the ice is not very thick. I think once we get a bit of hot sun and a bit of wind it will not take long to get rid of it. Some years the ice is real clear and firm and this Good ice usually takes a bit longer to break down.

I am sticking my neck out (but that's what you want!) and predicting the ice will be off the lake by the 15th. of May. It usually is out from the bay a week or so before the main part of the lake lets go completely. I don't hear of any above normal temps. in the forecast but if there is it will help the situation.

Enough of the ice stuff and I can tell you that if you are not booked to fish the first couple of weeks of season this year you are going to miss some fabulous fishing. The weather has been similar to many years past with ice out just before the opener and that is conducive to real good numbers and size of fish. We have been spoiled in the last few years with early springs and easy winters so the fish have moved into their early patterns before the season started.
I will take a few pictures for you to see in the next day or so of the ice situation and post them on this blog. I was going to do it today but it's flipping raining. Take Care and we will update you on the going's on ASAP.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Ice Fishing trip

Hi all.

As Bob mentioned we were going to head out ice fishing before season ended, and we made it out the last day, being April 14th.  Turned out to be a great day - sunny, bit of a breeze, but warm enough we didn't miss having a shelter or fire to keep us warm.   Thankfully it had cooled down a bit the last couple of days and what had been a slushy top to the ice was now a smooth sheen of ice.  Almost too smooth... we had to really watch our step to keep our feet facing the right direction.  We took the 6 wheelers out.   Headed straight out to Ord Bay to try our luck.  I caught a good size northern right off the bat - a keeper size, but we put him back for another day.  Then we got into quite a few jumbo, and I mean jumbo perch.  The largest we measured was 13".   Aside from one that swallowed the hook, we put all of those back as well.  Then we got into some walleye, and no... we didn't put them back.  The goal was a walleye supper, and it was mission accomplished.  


 It was such a nice evening we didn't pack up until nearly dark.  The eagles were on her nest in the bay, soaring & waiting for anything that we may want to share - always fun to watch them.   On the way back the sun was setting over the lake and the ice reflected so much it looked more like water than the frozen lake.  Wish you could have been there!  And,...... that fresh walleye was amazing!!! mmmmm...

When Bob was drilling the holes he confirmed what we already knew.  The ice was not very good - many layers of slush, few layers of good ice.  With the lack of snow cover on the lake, it won't take much to have the lake clear out this spring if things warm up.  Not promising this week.  We got about 8" of snow over the weekend, so it looks more like Christmas than Easter right now. I'm sure we'll see things turn around by the end of the month.      

Still have a few spots open for May fishing.   If you have a free weekend or a few vacation days left, why not give us a shout and make a trip up to the Lodge.  There's a pan full of walleye waiting for your supper too!

We'll keep you posted as things warm up.

Bye for now,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring is coming Slowly!!

Gale and I just got back to the Lodge 2 days ago. It sure was nice to spend the winter in a warm place and avoid the snow shovel. Coming back home after a break gives us a new appreciation for the beauty and serenity that we take for granted on a daily basis. We are ready to get going on the projects that we are planning for this spring but there is still a foot of snow on the ground and the lake will be quite some time before the ice is gone.
This morning it is snowing and the temp. is going to be just around the freezing mark so the thaw is taking it's time. We are going to go out ice fishing tomorrow as it is the last day of fishing season before the spring opener and it, hopefully, will be nice to have a couple of fresh walleye for supper (eat your heart out)!!!! I have been talking to a few of my friends that were fishing this winter and they said the fishing was great but the slush and poor ice was something they had to watch out for.
When we drove home we came up through North Dakota so we could see Gale's parents and my Father and our Daughter in Winnipeg. When we went through Fargo and Grand Forks the Red River was just getting to the crest and I feel for the people that have to deal with all the water each spring. The fields looked like a lake for as far as you could see.
I will be posting some pictures of our ice fishing (hopefully) in the next few days and will keep you all up to date on the ice situation as we get closer to the opener. If you have the urge to try the opening week out for yourself this will be one of the best in the past few years. The fishing is going to be fantastic, as a late ice out, means lots of hungry fish in fairly shallow water. The northerns are going to be real aggressive and the walleye action will be non stop. I can hardly wait!
I am going to cut this note short but wish everyone a warm "Hello" and we look forward to hosting you this coming summer. If you haven't made your reservation yet or would like to look at our web site take a minute and see at what your missing
Take Care Bob and Gale