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Monday, August 31, 2009

August Update

Pictured Left, Stacey Long, IA with a 30 inch walleye caught & released August 11th.

Here we are on the last day of August, and we're now really starting to feel like summer has started. An entire week forecast of no rain, and warm (high 70's), sunny skies. It's been a year where we have all really appreciated the sunny days more than usual since they seemed few and far between. The fishing was some the best we have seen on Perrault Lake though, throughout all the rain and cool weather, so I guess there was a silver lining in it all. Fishing has slowed up a bit the last couple of weeks, but still some great fish being caught. Right now they are finding the walleye's in the 25-30 foot level which is pretty normal for this time of year. Some of the fishermen last week did very well on big northern and muskie, which again is pretty typical as fall approaches. We'll look forward to some great catches in the next couple of weeks.

The blueberries are out in full force - very late in the season due to the lack of warmth and sunshine. Just went out the other day with George, Dianne and Bob to areas where they are also bear baiting, and picked 4.5 gallons in just an hour. Delicious!

Happy fall everyone, and we'll update you soon.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Summer News!!!!

Well it has been a while but this is he first time I have had a few minutes to write a quick note. The fishing the last month has been nothing short of great. It seems the weeks start out slow but as soon as everyone figures out the pattern and the depth's etc. then the week ends with many smiles! The past two weeks we had the late mayfly hatch (due to the cold weather and slow water warm up) and the fishing has been very good for walleyes and bass in the shallow water. The fish are feeding on the larvae, and an gentle approach with a small minnow, leach or a night crawler has been producing well. The hatch is over and the fish are moving to deeper water for their food. The larger northern fishing is in the cabbage weed in many of the deeper bays and smaller ones can be found in any weedy area of the lake.
We have been bear baiting for quite a while and have been out in the bush with the flies and mosquitoes rebuilding old stands and establishing new one's. The activity seems right on par and we hope for a good group of hunters. The blueberry crop is a few weeks behind, also due to the cold weather, but it looks like a decent one. If you want to make a last minute trip for fishing and berries the week after next would be the start of the picking in my estimation.
We have been seeing a fantastic number of grouse this year as we are bear baiting, so this fall we expect a good hunt with excellent success. the past few years the weather in the spring has taken it's toll on the birds but this year it seems to be to their liking.
Please take a look at the picture page on our web site @ for some of the recently updated photo's. Gale has been putting up as many as she can get time for and will be adding more in the next few weeks so keep sending them to us after you get home.
This is the time in the Blog where I put my personal feelings out and sometimes put my foot in my mouth and other times get good feedback from some things that just need to be said. My rant is very positive this time and it is regarding tipping! We all know that when we go out for the 1 hour meal we leave a tip for the waiter for the three or four trips to the table and we think nothing of it. In the Lodge business we deal with the same people for 16 hours a day, seven days a week, in all types of weather doing everything from manning the bait house to cutting grass, picking up garbage, maintaining the cleanliness of all buildings and grounds and being at your call all day long plus many other things that you don't see behind the scenes. We used to find that most people either never left a tip or left a tip,based on the way the fish were biting! Now we see that most of our guests realize that our guest to staff ratio is extremely good and that the overall experience and comfort while you spend a week or more with us appreciated. We personally get many letters and verbal Thanks just saying how nice and clean everything was without bringing up the fishing or weather( which are the normal conversation topics) Our staff gets paid a fair wage, but we all love to get a tip, and in doing so it tells them that they are doing a great job! To summarize the last few lines I just want you all to know that your tips when you leave are GREATLY APPRECIATED BY ALL THE STAFF and even though you don't hear it from them directly most of the time they are touched by your generosity. Now that I have gotten that off my chest I am ready for the the next trip to the dock!
I closing Gale and I want to give our sincere condolences to the families of the three gentlemen that lost there lives in a freak tornado a few weeks ago not to far from our Lodge.
I will go now as this probably gives you a lot to talk about and We hope that you all have a great remainder to the summer and look forward to hosting you soon. BOB