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Monday, September 25, 2006

Finally Time to update the Fall !!

Hi ALL: Gale and I have had a very busy Fall, and I know it's no excuse for not writing a BLOG more often, but it's the best excuse that I have right now! In the past month and a half we have run four weeks of very successful bear hunts, many late summer fishermen, a few fall bird hunters and we just finished our archery moose hunt on Saturday. We also said goodbye to George and Laine for the summer. George spends his winter working in Winnipeg and Laine is a University student in Southern Ontario.
At the end of August I took my oldest daughter,Amanda, to Winnipeg to get her set up in her apartment, so she could get ready to start the second year of University. As soon as I got back Gale flew out to Prince Edward Island for a week (off the east coast of Canada) with my younger daughter, Karla, to get her set up in Chef's school. As you can imagine with all this going on and trying to run a business at the same time, no wonder I have not updated the Blog!!!
On a lighter note the fishing this fall has been nothing short of fabulous. I am seeing first timers to the Lodge come in with their limits of Nice walleyes and northerns, the first time out. We have a few groups in right now that are doing real well and are finding that they are almost the only boats on the lake. We have some Muskie fishermen coming in next week and I will let you know how they did later.
The grouse population is as good as I have ever seen it this year with 5 a day limits taking no time at all. The summer has been so dry the young birds did not have the high water and wet bush conditions to put up with and their survival rate was very high.
I will post a few pictures of the water level as it is the lowest that I can remember in twenty-five years. For those of you that have walked over to the falls you can almost walk anywhere with your sneakers on and there is only a trickle going over the falls in front of the Lodge Store.
I will end for now just to let you know that we are just finalizing our new Brochure and Price List for 2007 and have some new and interesting packages available that I hope will be of interest to you all. Keep a eye on our website for all the News and info you will need to make your plans to visit us next year. One last thing there is a special out right now, that we posted yesterday, that may be of interest to you so go to the web page and have a look.
Bye for now!! I hope I didn't bore you-----Bob and Gale!