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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alright "NOW" I have a minute !!!!!! (mike)

How is every one doing these days? Looks like lots of us are sitting at home complaining about the gas prices, "that we are all dealing with". Those of you that are able to make the trek north are being greeted with fantastic fishing and great deals that go the distance to help with the SMALL extra fuel cost. I am doing a small rant about the gas cost and am pointing out that we are NOT charging extra surcharges for your package plan gas as some lodges are and therefore the only difference to you is your fuel up and back. I say BIG DEAL! We don't like it but we are not going to let a bunch of speculators and camel jockeys ruin our already short lives! NOW I'm finished with the rant and I feel better
On a lighter note we have seen plenty of rain, and I know that many of you are dealing with even more of it at this time. The summer has not really hit us yet but the long range forecast says we should see a warm day or two by August. With all the rain we have a lot of run-off that has slowed down the "jump in the boat" spring fishing a bit, but there are still Great catches of Walleye and Northern being brought in daily. We have had many large walleye released this spring with a 33 incher witnessed by two other boats being released last week. The sucker fishing for Big northerns has been extremely productive with a number of 40+ inch fish being released this spring so far. The small mouth have been coming on strong as the spawn is close at hand and they are very aggressive in their pre-spawn setting. Two days ago I measured a perch at 14 inches and that is the largest one that I have legitimately seen in years. Granted they are not all like that but the size and numbers are getting better as the years go on. The final species that I will report on is the white fish, and they are being caught by a few people that are using the BOB method of fishing for them. It takes some patience but can produce very nice results.
We just had our first fish fry last night and it was a Blast. We had guests from Arizona, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Tenn., Wisc, Minn, and a few others so you can imagine the different dishes and flavours that were there!! No septic problems for a few days!!!! The Canadian "RINGS" champions are still going strong (BOB-GEORGE) so any time you would like to give it a go we are ready!! Your losses can be put on your bill!
I am going to sign off but, I sincerely hope you like to read what comes out honestly, and that you read these blogs with a sense of humor and realise that life REALLY is too short to waste your time complaining about things that really mean nothing.
We have had a few serious Parental health issues lately that make the above paragraph something that we realise more now.
Gale and I sincerely Thank-you for your continued support and every week look forward to seeing old friends, and new guests that will turn into old friends.
Till next Blog. Take Care