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Monday, June 18, 2007

Had a few minutes for some quick news!!

It's June 18th. and we are into the summer with a splash! We started the summer with drought like conditions and through some pretty steady rains have got the lake back up to what I would call fairly high water levels. Last night we had another major down fall of rain during the 31/2 hour thunderstorm. I noticed this morning that the road seemed awful quiet and I was to learn that the highway between the Lodge and Vermillion Bay was washed out in one spot and that early estimates were that it would take at least 24 hours to repair. The rest of the week looked fairly nice with a small chance of showers but starting to moderate towards the weekend. As you know with weather predictions it could be snowing by then!
The fishing last week was excellent with many large northerns being caught, especially by the Oberers in cabin 9, as they mastered the sucker fishing like pro's. We had some very nice walleyes taken and the perch fishing was nothing short of fabulous. The walleyes are still scattered a bit with nice fish being caught in shallow bays in the early and late times of the day, and also some beauties now being found in 20+ feet of water.
Gale just posted some more pictures on the web site if you want to have a look. We would love to be more current with the news and pictures but the day to day running of the resort keeps you going from morning til night and any free time you have, writing a blog is the furthest thing from my mind.
Hope this info helps you keep in touch with the Lodge and reminds you of some great memories in the past and makes you want to create new one's in the future.
Hope to see you all up here sometime soon!!!!! Take care Bob and Gale

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer's Picking up Speed!!

Hi Everyone: We are getting a reversal with the weather the past few weeks as we have had a BUNCH of very needed rain. The lake level has risen a good foot over the last two weeks but we are still a foot from what I would call normal. As I am writng this (Thurs. afternoon) we are getting more rain (surprise)! We get the odd day that the sun shows it's face and all we can hear is the sound of the Grass Growing!!
For those of you that are coming up this weekend the weather is supposed to moderate quite a bit and the temps are going to be from the high 70's to the 80's. Just to be sure, you may still want to bring your ice fishing clothing and shorts as our weathermen are NO DIFFERENT than yours and have been known to make the ODD mistake in predictions!
We have been getting many pictures that we are starting to load on to our web site @ and as we have time in this busy part of the season will be adding more so keep watching.
Our first fish fry of the season last week was a rush to cook as I was trying to beat the oncoming rain. For those of you that have joined us at one you will know that 10 gallons of hot oil combined with rain DOES NOT mix!! This weeks fish fry on Tues. night was picture perfect with all attending and WOW what a spread! We had the usual Rings games going and a few dollars I'm sure changed hands as the players became more????
Gale has sure got the store looking Great and we hope you will take advantage of the discount you will recieve as our guests and check out the items we have to offer.
The fishing for walleyes and northerns is still fairly shallow and I expect this to change in the next few weeks as the weather warms steadily. We will direct you to the fish if you give us a few minutes of your time when you arrive. Minnows and crawlers are the bait of choice at this time but we will soon see leeches come into play as it always does at this time of the year. The large sucker chubs have, and are still producing some monster northerns ( 99% released) and we will only carry them for two more weeks as they are hard to come by after that.
Gale and I hope you have a safe trip up for those of you that are coming up to spend time with us this summer and for those of you that have the urge GIVE US A CALL and we will take care of you. Till next BLOG (soon) BOB and Gale!!!!!