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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Heats On, but the fishing is GREAT!!!!

We were in a heat wave last week with 3 days at 95-100 degrees-----NO KIDDING!!!!! The temp was up but the hardy fishermen that went out early and late had good success. The perch fishing has been very good with lots of nice 9-12 inchers (after the cull) being the norm. The walleyes have been in surprisingly shallow water for this time of the year but the mid twenties have produced many larger ones. The northerns have been the most productive with a 43 incher being the largest lately.
This coming week the forecast is for some more warm weather but it is sure better than we had earlier this summer with all the rain.
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We are hard into our bear baiting for the upcoming season but would like the heat to drop a bit as the lack of wind in the bush and the heat is killing us.
The BLUEBERRIES are fantastic this year and we have the INFO on the easy picking.
Please send a comment to the blog just to let me know that someone is reading these things and I will have more drive to update them more often!!!!
Take care and we will talk soon!

Friday, July 06, 2007

OK! OK! I know it's been a while!!!!!

The answer to ALL your questions is YES!! the fishing is still GREAT and the weather has been co-operating fairly well.
The walleyes are in the mid teens in the morning and some of the larger ones can be found in the 20-25 foot range as the sun comes up. We are using everything from jigs and minnows,when you know you have a school grouped up, to spinners tipped with either a minnow leech or crawler. The choice of bait does not seem to be the critical point but the color and presentation still are the main points to remember. CONSTANTLY, my biggest observation of many fishermen (and Gals) is that they are trolling way to fast! If you would slow down your presentation all of a sudden,to your surprise, you may start to catch more walleyes. The second biggest problem is patience, don't leave it at home, as sometimes the fish are not biting and if you work an area for a while you will find that they have just moved a little deeper and may start biting again. Full throttle running from place to place is not the way to fill the stringer. The northern fishing is starting to get"Mid summer good"as the cabbage weed is coming up in some of the deeper bays and the casting of large spoons and spinner baits has seen some beauties caught and released.
The fish flys are just about finished hatching and really had little effect of the numbers of fish being brought in. The perch fishing has been very good with many people spending quite a bit of time cleaning their limits.
Gale will be putting some more of her many pictures on the web page for you to view @ . She has been putting in many long days in the store as this is not her lucky year with staff! Life goes on and we are enjoying it so when her free time permits you will see more pics. Please send the pictures that you all promised to send as soon as you get home and we will put them up on the web.
Make sure that you are signed up for the web only specials that we offer from time to time as you never know when a time sensitive special will pop up, and you may have some time to take advantage of it!
Take care and enjoy the summer and if you have the urge we are just a call away 800 282-9039. Til next time. BOB