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Sunday, July 28, 2013

OK OK I'm finally writing something ! !

  This has been a very busy summer, which is all good, and with the standard weather related issues, not a bad one! We are just over the hump in our fishing season and it has been quite a good in all respects for plenty of action. The walleyes have been the number one fish of interest and we have had dozens apon dozens of 28-32 inch fish, photographed and released, and I think it has to go down as one of the top three years for large fish caught and released. The northern fishing is just coming on stron right now with the cabbage weed at it's full potential. The bass are always strong and lots of fun on light tackle. Keep an eye on our web page and look at the photo album for updated pictures.
 Yesterday a guest and good friend of mine, Mike Baumann, checked in to his cabin, and the first thing he said was, where the Hell is the Blog>> then he said Hi good to see you!! This is the reason that I am sitting in the house on a Sunday afternoon doing this. I noticed that on my way up here to write this Blog, I passed his cottage, and he was sitting in a lawn chair with an adult beverage watching his deep fryer full of fish cook!! I bet that I don't get a taste.
  On a more serious side. Gale and I would like to Thank all of you for supporting us this and every year, and we really enjoy the positive comments that we receive online and during the week.
  Next year we are going to be Celebrating our 30th. year of owning and operating Rainbow Point Lodge and we are already thinking of some things that we will be doing each week to celebrate the occasion. It has been an enjoyable 30 years and we look forward to many more, doing what we like to do.
 I will let you go as I am going to see if there is any fish left at the Baumann's cottage, but check out and "LIKE US" on our Rainbow Point Lodge facebook page that Gale looks after as She does a much better job of posting pictures and STUFF, than I do.

Take Care from the Lodge and, we hope to see you again, and maybe for the first time!!!