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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi All: I finally have a second to keep you up to date on the goings on around here. We have been very busy lately and it sure is nice to have many old friends and new guests to share the summer with. The weather has changed since the first part of the summer and has been a bit damp to say the least. The nice thing is that we don't have a fire problem and it has not affected the fishing adversely.
I know I run the risk of sounding like a broken record but the fishing is the best I have seen it since we bought the Lodge 27 years ago and it doesn't look like it will do anything but continue to improve. The walleyes are coming in from 15-18 inches and the number of big fish released is unprecedented. Last week our guests released over 35 walleyes from 25-32 inches and many northerns 35+. We saw the mayfly hatch happen which did nothing more than move the fish into shallower water to go after the larvae. This also made the use of small minnows, leeches, and crawlers the baits of choice in no prominent order. The bass are very aggressive and the perch catch is really heating up.
We tried to have our fish fry last Mon. instead of Tues. as the weather was forecast to be great on Mon. and not so great on Tues. (our normal day!) Well, as you can guess I got poured on as I put the first pans of spuds on and we had to cancel it until Wed. Calling the weather for the fish fry is always a big thing as it takes us 3 hours to prepare and we don't want it rain on the 10 gallons of hot oil I have going. But on Wed. we all had a great time. Gale and I look forward to the weekly fry as it gives everyone a chance to get together and many friendships are made for years to come.
This coming week it is supposed to cool down a bit but the fishing should stay great and we hope if you haven't booked a trip yet there is still lots of great fishing weeks left and we would love to host you. Make sure you visit our website at for all the current news and to look at the updated photo album. You may see someone you know or perhaps yourself!
Take Care and as always we are only a call away. BOB and Gale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fishing pictures on the web

Hey everyone... I've been busy uploading pictures to our 2010 fishing photo album, and have many more to put up this week.  Check out what people have been catching lately!  Good weather and fantastic fishing .... wish you were here!  Will give a more detailed fishing report/news update shortly.  Just been so busy it's hard to get time to go on the computer.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fishing Season is well underway!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone: Well Gale and I were a little hesitant about how the fishing might be, with regard to the extremely early ice out and the above normal temperatures that we had before the season opened. We did not see any adverse effect and the fishing, as we expected, has picked up quicker than other years as the water temp is 5-8 degree's warmer than normal. The Northern fishing has seen quite a few 40+ inch fish caught and released, and not all the fish are being picked up in shallow water as we would expect. Walleyes are getting more numerous every day and the size is an easy 16-18 with many fish being released in the mid to upper 20 inch bracket. We had a dedicated perch fisherman come in the other day with a nice number of fish and half of them were 12-14 inches!
We will have our photo album for this year up and running very soon so you can see a few of these fish and know that I am not talking through my hat about the size
Earlier this spring we hired a school class to help us rake the leaves on the property and it took 24 kids, 3 teachers, and 5 of us a whole day to rake and pile leaves at the back of the yard. The pile was about 60 feet long and 10-12 feet high as this had to be pushed with the bobcat to consolidate it a bit. If any of you are free next spring give me a call as we have another bumper crop of leaves growing!!
We have been busy replacing dock boards on many docks and totally replacing a couple of smaller ones. I am presently adding a small floater dock to the main dock to be able to tie down my new addition !!!! Will talk about it later and show you some pictures, or better still come on up and see it????
The wild life has been out in full force posing for the camera and you will see some great shots on the photo page that will be out soon. If any of you were up here earlier this spring and did not leave a copy of your pictures with Gale, we would love to see a few and post them on our website album.
We had our first Fish Fry of the summer the other night and it was a great success. The pot luck food was a great hit as usual. The fried fish and spuds are always fun to cook even though it gets awful hot some evening as you well know. I have often thought of doing it in a deep fryer but it just wouldn't be the same as a real fire and monster pans!!
Got to go but just wanted to touch base and let everyone know that we are in full swing and now is the time to book your last minute vacation. If you get the fishing or hunting urge and would like to come and see us again or visit us for the first time give us a call @ 1 800 282-9039 or go to our web page for all the details and contact us there.

As I have said in the past, Gale and I Thank-you for your continuing support, and that makes all our hard work and continued upgrading very satisfying. Take Care and look for the photo album pictures and an addition to this blog with some more info in few days.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ontario Fishing Licence Reminder

Just a quick note to all of you return customers who purchased a fishing licence last summer that included the Temporary Ontario Fishing Outdoors Card.    During last fall you should have received a plastic Ontario Outdoors Card in the mail.  Check your wallets or files now before you come up and make sure you have it along with you.   We are hearing from several people that either they never received their cards, or perhaps had thrown them out thinking it was a credit card scam letter.  If you don't have your card and you purchased a temporary last year, you can get a free replacement, but only if you call in advance of your stay.  Allow 3 weeks delivery. 

Call the Outdoors Card Centre at 1-800-387-7011 to request a replacement if you can't find your card or never received your card. 

Worse case scenerio, if you don't have your card, you'll simply have to purchase another one ($9.00) at the time you get your fishing licence again this year.

Beautiful spring so far...  have you booked your fishing trip yet?  Perrault Lake is beautiful, quiet and waiting for you and your fishing hooks!   Call us today, as we still have some available for prime summer weeks.  Ph: 1-800-282-9039. 

Bye for now,