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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Last Ice Fishing on Perrault Lake before Spring Opener!

Welcome Spring Everybody!

What a difference this spring compared to last year.   Check out how our yard & lake view towards camp looked yesterday!

We took advantage of a beautiful sunny spring day, AND the last day of winter walleye fishing season to head out on the quad and do some ice fishing.  In just a couple of days the ice had started to pull away from shore, and the only place to still get good access to the ice was at the boat ramp on our property.

We had a smooth ride all the way down the lake, with just a couple of spots with a bit of slush.   I took a short video as we left camp. When we got to our fishing spot, Bob drilled our holes and we still had 20" of ice.    We were greeted by 3 bald eagles who were soaring up above, I'm sure hoping we might have a fish for them sometime!  We were hungry for our own supper, so we let them fend for their own!   Also had a golden eagle, lots of ducks, a lone goose,  a lone seagull, and a few noisy woodpeckers and ruffed grouse trying to attract their mates.  Saw several otters & beaver as well.   Had the place to ourselves otherwise.  

Soon after arrival, we had our 1st nice eater walleye.   Had some good action for awhile, and mid day it slowed down a bit. The sun was shining bright, and we were down to light sweatshirts, jeans, and bare hands.  Had a fire going, but it was just for fun, not needed for warming up.   Towards evening, the bite picked back up again.   Overall, had a wonderful relaxing day, and were reminded once again, how much we love being here!  We are really looking forward to seeing all of you who come up every year.
34 Inch Northern released
23" walleye released
We had a good mix in our catch from small walleye and northern to some big ones that we released back.  Most of all, we were happy to catch the sunshine.   Check out our the 2015 Moments in our photo album for more shots around camp this year, and this fishing day.
This was our view toward Ord River from where we were fishing.  The open water definitely made advances in the few hours we were there.

On our way back, the land access back at camp had become from the heat of the day, so it was interesting getting back to dry land.  Looks like we'll have an early spring this year!  The water level is very low right now, and we don't expect much runoff.  We'll see how things look after ice-out.  We'll keep you all up to date on how things look through the spring.

We are busy getting some of the prep work done for the summer while the yard dries up.  Have a few  weeks on our own before our staff start.. we'll have to save some jobs for them too right!?!

Still have a few openings for the 1st couple of weeks of fishing season, so a lot of people must be missing out on some great fishing!  If you've got a chance to pay us a visit, give us a call and we'll see where we can fit you in.

Till Next Time,