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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Lodge is closed for the Winter!1

  I am writing this letter a bit later than usual but our last 2012 guest just departed on Sat. last. The group was doing a bit of fall grouse hunting and some fall fishing for Northern and Smallies. The weather this fall has been pretty standard, for up here, with a few weeks above normal temps. and the last few with freezing temps. over night and mid 40's as a high.
  I could do the usual thing and tell you about the big fish that were caught this summer but I won't say any more than if you were here, you had a fantastic time, and if you missed it, you better get up here next year!!  Seriously, the fishing was as usual , excellent, and the winter letter we send out will have some of the notable pictures in it. You can also go to the website anytime and look at the photo gallery and see for yourself some of the summer action. We are just in the process of updating the last of the fishing pics. and entering the vast number of guest pictures that we received.
  I just finished draining the last cabin yesterday and the motors are all winterized and ready to start next spring. Gale has her store shut down, cabins cleaned and buttoned up, and is already doing some ordering for next year. I wish you could just pull a plug and it would all be winterized but we know it takes a couple of weeks to get it right or you pay for it in the spring.
  Gale just came back from a quick trip to Manitoba to help her Brothers and families celebrate her Parents 60th. anniversary. I couldn't go as someone had to be at the Lodge, but they had a great time. We are also going to her Parents at Christmas time to celebrate her Dad's 90th. birthday. His birthday is the 24th. of Dec.  I always wonder what that was like as a kid, did you double up on the gifts or did you get slighted a bit???  Just a thought!
  We are starting to pack for our trip south and will keep you up to date on our fishing adventures and will post a few pictures without snow for you to look at. Not trying to make a point just saying I don't miss the snow shovel one bit!
  We will be talking to you more regularly as we have a bit more free computer time. Keep an eye on the web page for new and exciting things that are in the works. www.rainbowpoint,com 

Thanks to all and have a Great Fall!   BOB & GALE

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Trophy Northern and Muskie rule the fall

Just thought I'd share a couple of pics from a group that stayed with us last week.   They were targeting strictly northern & muskie.  During the week they  landed nearly a hundred northern pike, and only a couple of these would be considered hammer handle.   Many were in the 35-40" plus size range.  

The gang also reported catching several good size muskies, and told us they had the biggest muskie they have ever seen follow up their lure.  

 These guys have fished our waters for 20 years, and are very happy with the quality of fishing that continues to be found on Perrault Lake, and will be back next year to do it all over again.   Many more fishermen enjoying the trophy northern and muskie fishing this week.  Don't miss great trophy action late fall.