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Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years Hello!

Hello everyone! Well, we made it through the Christmas season unscratched and through the New Years party ( I haven't stayed up till 3AM in a long time) We went to some friends for the evening and enjoyed the fireworks in the neighbourhood from a roof top deck. I must tell you we were in the Keys and it was 75 degrees :))

On the serious side Gale and I wish you all a Very Happy New Year and hope that a visit to Rainbow is in your plans. We are looking forward to the opening day of fishing as we always do but in the meantime are getting ready to go to Green Bay for the one sport show we are doing, on the 24th. - 27th. of Jan. If you are in the area, or want to bring some friends in to meet us, come on in we would be glad to see you.

By now you have all received our new price list and have had the opportunity to read our Christmas note on the web page. If you have not go to We will be doing all of our Christmas and other promotional information by email from now on so if you don't have your email address with us or would like a hard copy mailed to you just let us know.

Some of the summer weeks are full or near full, so if you know your vacation schedule, give us a shout soon so you know you'll have your week scheduled in.

We have been doing a little fishing of our own down here and so far Gale has me beat in the Big fish category. I must say that someone has to run the boat, reel in the other lines and gaff the fish and guide to the perfect spot etc. so she can accomplish the fish catching prowess that she keeps telling me about. With the big buck she got last fall, and the fishing luck she is having I will probably just hang up my guiding licence. This is a picture of Gales black fin tuna and a wahoo that she caught within 20 minutes of each other.   We enjoy getting our fishing fix in down south since we don't get much time to fish while we are keeping the Lodge running in the summer.    The fish are tasty of course, but you know, nothing beats a fresh Canadian Walleye fish fry!