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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grouse, Bear, Moose & Fish - Love this Place!

Happy Fall!

Can't believe it is already late September!  The summer flew by for everyone here at the Lodge.  Things are still fairly busy around here, especially since all of our staff have gone for the season.  Bob is out guiding, and I found myself with a few extra minutes to drop you all a quick update.  Leaves were slow to turn, but are now showing their colors after we got a very hard frost late last week.  

Grouse hunters in this week have had really good success, and nice weather to go along with it.   As the leaves start to fall the hunting will be all the better.  Fishing has been slower the last couple of weeks as the lake was in transition, but the groups that where here enjoyed some of the nicest fishing weather they could have asked for in this time of year.  We should be seeing some great action starting again with the fishing groups this week.   If you want to plan a last minute trip up for some fall grouse hunting & fishing give us a shout.

Our bear hunt finished up last week with the last couple of happy, successful hunters heading back to the States with their trophies.  A good successful hunting season overall and hunts for 2012 are already booking in.  

This week is our archery moose hunt, and it was off to a great start with Tom Coon getting a bull the 1st morning out!  Congratulations Tom.   The moose are responding to calls very well, so it'll make for an exciting week for the guys here.

Late August Trophy Walleye - 10 Lbs - 30" 
I updated many photos on our web photo album last week, so if you haven't checked it out lately, I hope you do.  I'd be curious to hear from some of you about the load time of the page… I'm using a different platform to post them, and want to know how it is being viewed.  Thanks to all of you for sharing your fantastic photos with us!  As we go through the album, we again realize how very quickly this summer of 2010 has come and gone.

Lots of people are getting their plans made for next season, so if you have a week you are wanting to come, give us a call and get your cottage reserved while we have some options open.

Till next time,