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Friday, November 04, 2011

Early Fall Report!!

Well….. It's obviously the start of Nov. but someone forgot to tell the weather Gods. We have been having, as most of you know, one of the warmest falls on record and it doesn't bother us a bit! Over the years we have had a great mix of weather at this time of year, with lousy winning out more often. I'm loving it as it give us more time to plan and start our spring jobs. The only weather thing a few weeks ago that is a bit of a concern, was the wind that was banging my airplane around on the dock. This is the time of year that Gale and I have a bit more time to use the plane and are able to fly out to visit some good friends, and we can do a bit of remote fishing as the weather permits. We flew up north for a few hours of trout fishing, before it closed at the end of Sept. The fish were right up on top and what a blast!! Gale had the hot hand that day. Last month we just enjoyed the fall colours and solitude. I pulled the plane up on dry land yesterday, after a nice afternoon flight around the area, and I think we might have got a few friends out of their afternoon snoozes!!    Oh well!! Lots of fun.

Last week we bid farewell to our last guest of the season. They were doing a combo moose, bird, fishing trip and lucked into a fantastic trio of success. They harvested a 48 inch bull along with many partridge and a mix of fish. 
The weather was nothing short of fantastic, with a bit of frost early in the morning and 40-50's the rest of the day.   Whitefish were also running and if you have never seen this fall spawning run, it is pretty cool. The river is full of Whites and they are all stirring up the water as they move up stream creating a muddy mix. The water is very low this fall so the spawning run is even more pronounced. We caught quite a few fish to smoke and eat fresh but no where near our 25/person fish limit. That would have been easy to do but we only catch what we can use. 

Gale and I are working on our fall promotional stuff and will have our 2012 rates and specials printed in the near future. I know…. it is not the time of year that your spring/summer trip is top on your list especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming ever closer. When you get a chance, take a look at the literature we send you and visit the web site often, for some year end savings and specials as they become available. Next summer looks like another good one based on the reservations already made.  If you have a week, or a specific cabin, you are interested in, call and see if it is available and book "This years prices" now for next years vacation!!