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Sunday, June 28, 2009

WOW The season so far!!!!!!!!!

We got off to a very cold start (weather wise), but the fishing has been nothing short of exceptional. I know this sounds like a sales pitch but after owning this place for 26 years I can honestly say the fishing keeps getting better and the blend of size from the, small to the trophy, tells me that the spawns are good and there are more great years to look forward to. Since my last post regarding personal issues, I have received many letters addressing that, and really do appreciate the thoughts.
We have not had the warmest spring to say the least but the last two weeks of fantastic weather have started to make up for it. Gale is going to busy with the photo album update as we have tons of great pictures to post from the past few weeks so keep you eye's open for that. For those of you that said you will send the pictures when you get home--- we have received some of them but not all!
For those of you that remember our dog Kasey, we had to put her down last week as she was suffering from both old age and a terminal illness. (Not been the best year I can remember!) I promise not to depress you any more but she was a part of the Lodge.
I went golfing the other day and I cannot remember the score (must be old age) but it was nice to get out, since the last 9 holes I golfed last year (pretty sad Eh!). I hate to get out to often as I usually creates a crowd (helping me look for balls). Bill you can attest to that!
There are a few of you pilot guest's out there that know I have been looking for another plane but as of yet I have not found the right one, but I will know when I see it (that's the update Mike, so far!) After flying for 35+ years, the last few years without a plane are taking there toll on me as I watch the other guy's fly over. Gale is still talking to me, so it can't be that bad of an idea, or else she hope's I will grow out of it!
I am going to sign out until next time with my usual, but sincere, comment and that is that Gale and I appreciate all your loyal support and friendship and if we haven't seen you yet this year we look forward to hosting you in the month's and years to come. Please visit our web page at as we try to keep it current and get your "Rainbow Fix" with some of the pictures on our album page
Take Care and if you keep watching the blog as you never know what will come up next. BOB