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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August update!!

The fishing season is still going strong and the families are getting their last trip of the summer in before the school year begins. The past few weeks we have seen many families enjoying the summer weather and the close proximity of the fish. You do not need to travel very far these days to catch all species of fish that we have in this lake.
We are going through a few beauty thunder storms as I write this and it is sure nice to see the rain. The lightning strikes are starting a few more fires but the moisture is urgently needed. According to the Natural Resources web site regarding the fire situation we are in the 3rd. worst year on record, for the amour of timber burned, and the season is not over! We all hope the rain continues.
We are a bit behind on posting the pictures on our website and will get to it as soon as we have a few minutes to spare. Gale has been running her tail off lately in the store and around the Lodge and we are very busy bear baiting the last number of weeks, so free time is almost non existent.

The previous paragraphs were written a couple of weeks ago but I thought I would include them and carry on with my thoughts. It has only been two weeks but a lot has happened. To get the bad stuff out of the way, my Father passed away and we were very busy trying to get all the funeral arrangements done from a distance and take care of the day to day running of the Lodge. I mention my Fathers passing, not for sympathy, but quite a few of you have met him over the years and you deserve to know.
The weather has given us some much needed rain in the last two weeks and the forest fire hazard has stayed high but the fire fighters have been able to get a handle on many of the fires that were uncontrolled.
We are in the middle of our bear hunt with pretty good success so far and I am pleased with the caliber of hunters. I always promote letting the smaller animals go so the one you take is a trophy and not just a bear for the sake of filling the tag. Ethics in all types of hunting is something we all need to practice.
The fishing has changed a bit and the walleyes are getting set up for the fall turn over in a few weeks. There are good catches coming from the shallow weedy waters along with some deeper fish in the mid 20 foot range. The northern fishing has been good in the cabbage weed next to deep drop offs and the perch fishing is nothing more than spectacular. It slowed a bit last week but has come back with full force. I saw a stringer of 8-12's come in the day before yesterday!
Our Daughter Karla just finished working with us for the summer last week and we moved her into Winnipeg so she can go back to school for a two year course in hospitality management. She will add this to her Chef's degree and be ready for the hospitality market from all sides. We wish her well!!
I will go for now but there is still time for the fall trip either for fishing or grouse hunting or a combo of each. Look at the web site or give us a call @ 1 800 282-9039 for a great fall deal.

Gale and I hope the fall season treat's you well and we look forward to seeing you either at a sport show next spring or next summer with you family or group up at Rainbow. Make sure you continue to follow the Blog and some of the changes we will be making to the web site this fall. Take Care BOB & GALE