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Monday, January 26, 2009

Plan your Summer Vacation Now

Bob & I are in the midst of our sport show travels, currently in Madison for a 3 day show and then off to Green Bay and Des Moines. We thought maybe we would have a break from the cold weather up at Perrault Falls, but even down here it has been much cooler than usual, so we haven't been able to put aside those winter coats. Show attendance has been very good for the most part so far & the interest and response from people that have come to see us has been great. If you are considering a trip this summer, don't delay. Contact us today to ensure a spot is available for your week.

The website has been updated recently with additions to the FAQ's, fishing licence information, and more, so if you haven't visited the site lately, stop by and see what's new.

Hope to talk to you soon!


Saturday, January 03, 2009

On our way South!!!!

Happy New Year All!!
Gale and I are on our way to Chicago on Wed. for the first of our Sport shows. We sure hope the weather is going to be a bit warmer than it is up here this winter! We have a couple of feet of snow and 16 inches of pure blue ice as of our ice fishing trip yesterday. We are trying to get as much fishing in as we can because we will be on the road for the better part of a month living out of hotels and restaurants. If you would like to see our Sport show schedule please go to our front page @ . If you can come in and see us we sure would love it. With all the turmoil in the world these days we have tried to keep our rates trimmed to the best of our abilities. We are all in this together but I for one am not going to let the economy ruin my vacation time.
If last years fishing was an indication of what is to come in the future we are in for nothing but better numbers and quality of all species.
I thought I had enough firewood for the year, plus some, but it has been sooo cold that I may have enough for a week after we get back from shows. Guess what I'll be doing for a few days in Feb.
We have a couple of stories in the Jan. and Feb. Midwest Outdoors Newspaper that were written about our Lodge and lake. We are getting good responses to the articles and look forward to the extra exposure that they bring to the area.
I must go and pack for the trip but just wanted to remind you of our travels and hope that you will look us up at the shows and make another Rainbow Reservation for the summer of 09!

Take Care BOB&GALE