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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays from Rainbow Point Lodge

It's been great hearing from so many of you over the last few weeks. Thanks for your holiday wishes, and for scheduling your fishing trips for next summer. We're looking forward to seeing you!

It is a busy time of year for everyone, but don't forget it's also the time of year you need to be thinking about next summer. If you haven't made your reservation for next year, it's a good idea to contact us as soon as possible, as some weeks are at or near capacity. With everyone getting together over the holidays, that's the perfect time to get your plans made.

We're looking forward to celebrating Christmas with all of our family, and are especially looking forward to having both of our two girls, Amanda & Karla, with us. None of us have seen Karla since March, so we are very anxious.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Highway 105 celebrates 60th Anniversary

2007 marked the 60th anniversary of the official opening of the Red Lake Road. Many of our regular guests are familiar with the commemorative rock/plaque located just across from our Lodge entrance at the Perrault Falls park signifying this opening.

I recently came across this photo in the local newspaper, and thought I'd share it with all of you. (Photo originally provided by the Dupont Family) Besides the fantastic cars, it was exciting to see the bridge in the background, which would be the Perrault Falls bridge right before our entrance. You'll notice nothing but forest to the right of the bridge. This area is now the store and entrance way to Rainbow Point Lodge.

We'll give you some more great history in the weeks to come!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Canadian Fishing Vacations at Perrault Lake, Ontario

Bob & I have been experimenting in how we can make our fishing & hunting blogs more interesting for everyone. Here is one of our 1st attempts at a short video show showing some of the fishing and vacation images from the lodge. These are camp images we chose randomly to practice, but I think they show a pretty good representation of the lodge, and the fishing we have here at Perrault Lake in Ontario. Let us know what you think!

Guests at Rainbow Point Lodge

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fishing, Hunting & Vacations at Rainbow Point Lodge

Bob & I are trying to catch up with technology, and are learning how to upload our fishing, hunting & vacation photos a bit better. Check this out!! We're excited to be able to share our lodge photos with you all so much better, and faster. Hope you enjoy this little sample, and we'll be doing some exciting things with our website photo albums in the near future.

Let us know what you think.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Winter at Rainbow Point Lodge

We had a fantastic warm fall, extending well into mid November, but Old Man Winter has definitely arrived now. The last couple of weeks has seen a steady cooling of temperatures, and we have had plenty of snow. There is about 10" on the ground already as of December 1st, and temp is more like what we get in January, at about -10 F. Bob has the wood stove a pumpin!
I took a nice long walk today & it was pretty pleasant all considering, decked out in my hunting boots, snowsuit, scarf & touque (or as you guys call it -stocking cap). The falls looked just amazing with the thick coating of frost on all the branches. I'm not the best picture taker, but this gives you an idea.
Bob & I have not done nearly enough hunting this fall, but are going to have to get at it now. Bob likes to wait until there is a snowcover on the ground, and he definitely has it!
We've been busy getting the Christmas mailing ready and out to everyone, and I'm sure many of you have your copies already. If you didn't receive one by the 5th or so of December, give us a shout, and we'll make sure we get the current info off to you.
We'll be talking to you soon (hopefully with news about our moose!)
Bye for now

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grouse and the Fall!!

The past few weeks we have had a fair number of grouse hunters in camp. As with other years, the hunting seems to get better after the low lying leaves fall off and we get a frost. With the ever warming seasons that we all seem to be getting, the first hard frost is coming more in the last week of Sept-the first week of Oct. This year we are seeing more birds and it is not very hard to get a limit of 5 in a short walk. You can have a three day possession of 15 total which, combined with a little fishing, makes for great fall get away. You do not need an ATV but it gives you a little extra versatility.
Amanda was home for our Thanksgiving weekend, (Canadian Thanksgiving was October 8th), and for some family fun the 3 of us went grouse hunting. Amanda was the sharpshooter of the day, and we had a great time.
We did already have a little snow, as is depicted in the picture from October 9th, but it obviously did not last. The weather has just touched the freezing mark, for the last few weeks at night, and up to mid 50s-mid 60s during the day.
Gale and I have got the bulk of the shut down work done but it will be another week until we can finally say it's complete.
We are presently working on the fall rate schedule and advertising avenues. Once all these are finalized we will be posting them on our web site for ALL to view.
I was lucky enough to be drawn for a Bull moose tag for our area and will be working on that the next month or so. I usually like to wait until the bush quiets down from the bird hunters and we have a little snow on the ground. I will keep you posted as to any success.
Keep the Blog comments coming as I will write about anything you would like to hear about as it is very hard sometimes to come up with topics that we think you'll be interested in.
Take care and look forward to seeing you all in the near future. BOB and Gale!!

Moose Hunt

Im on a roll.... Two Blogs in one day, and maybe a third, depending on the two finger typing speed. We have completed the Archery moose hunt and had a few resident gun moose hunters through the lodge. The archery moose hunt went well with a small bull being taken in each of the two weeks this year. We had other moose called in with no clean shot, and a great video taken by one of our hunters that showed a 50+ inch bull with a cow and calf that would just not come close enough to the hunter to get a shot. As with bow hunting, a big percentage of the hunt is the thrill of hearing an animal call back and the anticipation of him breaking through the bush at 15-30 yards!
Our second week of the archery hunt saw the hunters take a bull after a grueling ten minute hunt!! They called twice and just about got run over by the bull but were able to take him vey easily.
The gun hunt is comprised of Ontario resident hunters from southern Ont. that apply for their own tags in the resident only catagory. They are not outfitted by us other than the accomodation but they were also succesful. They took three small bulls and a few calves. A great time was had by all.
I am posting a picture of one of the bulls that Ted and Tom Coon took. If you ever have the opportunity to talk to these two about their hunt, the story is great and I can back it all up. They had such an experience that they don't even need to embelish it to make it good!!!!! Guys I had a great time, see you in G. Bay and next fall on the bear hunt.
I think I am good for one more post so read the next one on the current grouse and fall situation. Talk to you soon. BOB

Bear hunting news!

Well: I am getting down to writing the blogs that I should have written a while ago, but the drive was not there, and we were busy through out the day and night with the bear hunt. The hunt on the average went as I expected with some VERY nice sized animals taken. I think that the average size was up from past years. This can be attributed to hunters being very selective of the animals before they take their shot, and also the feed conditions this past summer. The FANTASTIC blueberry crop helped the animals build the fat that they need for the winter, but as I have found in the 30 odd years of doing this, it makes them very skiddish when it comes to hitting the bait. If there is a smell or a sound that they don't like or are curious about, they will quite often not hit the bait until after dark. In years that the main source of food, being blueberries, is poor they tend to be a little less cautious and are more willing to hit the bait during shooting hours, as their metabolism needs nourishment. I used a few trail cameras and found this to be the case.

I am posting a couple of pictures that we have and as of this writng we are waitng for a few more hunters to send us the promised pictures.

We are presently setting up our fall web site changes and one of the new additions will be a page devoted to hunts only, and we hope you visit it. If we have not posted you picture from a recent hunt, e-mail it to us and we can have it up in no time. Please visit to see the upcoming changes.
On to the next Blog MOOSE!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


How is everyone enjoying the end of the summer? I can't believe that the last day of Aug. is tomorrow. This seems like a very quick summer to me and the weather is starting to turn to cooler nights, which is great for sleeping, but a sure sign of Fall.
We are right in the middle of our bear hunt and and also have a pile of late summer fishermen. The fishing has been a little challenging the last week as ALL the lakes are turning over but this is coming to an end. The northern and bass fishing has been good, the walleye have been down in deep water (25-35), but the patient fishermen will have good success with all species. Normally the fall fishing picks up from the turn over and we expect the fishing to be fantastic in the next week or so. Life is too short to say "I should have done a fall trip " so why don't you enjoy the fall colors, low numbers of people, great cool fresh air, good fishing and reduced rates and make a call now or go to and see what you are missing!
O.K. the sales pitch is over but we enjoy Rainbow as a home and want to share it with you!
The weather has been 45- 55 over night with the day time highs reaching 70 -99 <(just trying to see if you are really reading this) actually the highs are around 75. We have seen the lake go down about a foot, to just below the norm, as we had fairly high water this summer with all the rain this spring. All in all, the fall weather is starting off great.
Bear hunting has been going very well. We are seeing a large number of Grouse in the bush as we are bear baiting this year. The bird numbers have been down the last few years, but as they do in their cycle, the population is increasing quickly! The nice thing about hunting birds in the fall, is that you have vast roads and logging areas to hunt, and can also enjoy the fall fishing at the same time. The bird season starts on the 15th. of Sept. and goes on and on past our closing date!
I am going to sign out again, but hope you all have a great Labour Day weekend, and we hope you will keep us in mind for a Spontaneous Fall trip or next summers vacation. Talk to you soon and Fins Up!! BOB
I really appreciate the comment to the blogs so take a minute and type a reply. Thanks!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bob & Gale Go Fishing Too!

I am so excited, I had to throw in a blog for a change myself. We have found a couple of days where we could actually get out on Perrault Lake for some fishing, and it was great. July 23rd we took a trip out on the lake, shore lunch pan in hand, and tried some of our old hot spots. Dispite the heat (mid 90's and sunshine that day) Bob's island produced quite a few bites, a few northern and bass, but we were catching too much "Canada" for our liking that day, so moved on to try some of our old haunts. Grassy Bay produced pretty well, and we caught a couple of nice northern that we put on the stringer for our shore lunch. Then off to try a point that Bob liked just south of Bass Island, where we found a nice walleye honey hole. Between 16 and 20 feet of water we landed two walleyes in short order, one 21" and one 22". Plenty of good hits there. Then it was shorelunch time, and we enjoyed the company of Bill & Marge Bock from McHenry, Ill for lunch. We wanted to pass some fresh walleye on to our parents who can't get out this year to fish, so mission was accomplished today.

Another great day was had on July 29th when Bob took me all the way down to the end of the Ord River, to the rapids that empty in from Ord Lake. I hadn't had a chance to get down there for quite a long time. Such a fantastic ride down the river. Water level is up quite high, so aside from a few rocks to watch out for, it wasn't too bad getting in. We caught quite a few small northern and bass below the falls, and then carried on into Turtle Lake, and then on into Lost Lake. Lost Lake is one of my favorite places, with it's high cliffs.

We spent the day seeing the sites mostly, enjoying the many eagles and loons on the lakes. The water lillies, one of my favorite sites, were in full bloom, and I absorbed as much sunshine as I could handle for the day.
All in all we had a great relaxing day. We weren't trying too hard in the fishing department, but got quite a few we just caught and released during the day.
The guests in camp did very well fishing today as well, catching more than enough to eat, and putting some away for the trip home.
That's my brag of the week. Hope I can get out on the lake again soon!
Bye for now,
p.s. Still some cottage space left for August & September. If a last minute trip is in the cards, give us a call at 1-800-282-9039, and we'll see if your schedule can fit ours!.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Heats On, but the fishing is GREAT!!!!

We were in a heat wave last week with 3 days at 95-100 degrees-----NO KIDDING!!!!! The temp was up but the hardy fishermen that went out early and late had good success. The perch fishing has been very good with lots of nice 9-12 inchers (after the cull) being the norm. The walleyes have been in surprisingly shallow water for this time of the year but the mid twenties have produced many larger ones. The northerns have been the most productive with a 43 incher being the largest lately.
This coming week the forecast is for some more warm weather but it is sure better than we had earlier this summer with all the rain.
Make sure you check out our late season specials at if you think you can make a short notice holiday.
We are hard into our bear baiting for the upcoming season but would like the heat to drop a bit as the lack of wind in the bush and the heat is killing us.
The BLUEBERRIES are fantastic this year and we have the INFO on the easy picking.
Please send a comment to the blog just to let me know that someone is reading these things and I will have more drive to update them more often!!!!
Take care and we will talk soon!

Friday, July 06, 2007

OK! OK! I know it's been a while!!!!!

The answer to ALL your questions is YES!! the fishing is still GREAT and the weather has been co-operating fairly well.
The walleyes are in the mid teens in the morning and some of the larger ones can be found in the 20-25 foot range as the sun comes up. We are using everything from jigs and minnows,when you know you have a school grouped up, to spinners tipped with either a minnow leech or crawler. The choice of bait does not seem to be the critical point but the color and presentation still are the main points to remember. CONSTANTLY, my biggest observation of many fishermen (and Gals) is that they are trolling way to fast! If you would slow down your presentation all of a sudden,to your surprise, you may start to catch more walleyes. The second biggest problem is patience, don't leave it at home, as sometimes the fish are not biting and if you work an area for a while you will find that they have just moved a little deeper and may start biting again. Full throttle running from place to place is not the way to fill the stringer. The northern fishing is starting to get"Mid summer good"as the cabbage weed is coming up in some of the deeper bays and the casting of large spoons and spinner baits has seen some beauties caught and released.
The fish flys are just about finished hatching and really had little effect of the numbers of fish being brought in. The perch fishing has been very good with many people spending quite a bit of time cleaning their limits.
Gale will be putting some more of her many pictures on the web page for you to view @ . She has been putting in many long days in the store as this is not her lucky year with staff! Life goes on and we are enjoying it so when her free time permits you will see more pics. Please send the pictures that you all promised to send as soon as you get home and we will put them up on the web.
Make sure that you are signed up for the web only specials that we offer from time to time as you never know when a time sensitive special will pop up, and you may have some time to take advantage of it!
Take care and enjoy the summer and if you have the urge we are just a call away 800 282-9039. Til next time. BOB

Monday, June 18, 2007

Had a few minutes for some quick news!!

It's June 18th. and we are into the summer with a splash! We started the summer with drought like conditions and through some pretty steady rains have got the lake back up to what I would call fairly high water levels. Last night we had another major down fall of rain during the 31/2 hour thunderstorm. I noticed this morning that the road seemed awful quiet and I was to learn that the highway between the Lodge and Vermillion Bay was washed out in one spot and that early estimates were that it would take at least 24 hours to repair. The rest of the week looked fairly nice with a small chance of showers but starting to moderate towards the weekend. As you know with weather predictions it could be snowing by then!
The fishing last week was excellent with many large northerns being caught, especially by the Oberers in cabin 9, as they mastered the sucker fishing like pro's. We had some very nice walleyes taken and the perch fishing was nothing short of fabulous. The walleyes are still scattered a bit with nice fish being caught in shallow bays in the early and late times of the day, and also some beauties now being found in 20+ feet of water.
Gale just posted some more pictures on the web site if you want to have a look. We would love to be more current with the news and pictures but the day to day running of the resort keeps you going from morning til night and any free time you have, writing a blog is the furthest thing from my mind.
Hope this info helps you keep in touch with the Lodge and reminds you of some great memories in the past and makes you want to create new one's in the future.
Hope to see you all up here sometime soon!!!!! Take care Bob and Gale

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer's Picking up Speed!!

Hi Everyone: We are getting a reversal with the weather the past few weeks as we have had a BUNCH of very needed rain. The lake level has risen a good foot over the last two weeks but we are still a foot from what I would call normal. As I am writng this (Thurs. afternoon) we are getting more rain (surprise)! We get the odd day that the sun shows it's face and all we can hear is the sound of the Grass Growing!!
For those of you that are coming up this weekend the weather is supposed to moderate quite a bit and the temps are going to be from the high 70's to the 80's. Just to be sure, you may still want to bring your ice fishing clothing and shorts as our weathermen are NO DIFFERENT than yours and have been known to make the ODD mistake in predictions!
We have been getting many pictures that we are starting to load on to our web site @ and as we have time in this busy part of the season will be adding more so keep watching.
Our first fish fry of the season last week was a rush to cook as I was trying to beat the oncoming rain. For those of you that have joined us at one you will know that 10 gallons of hot oil combined with rain DOES NOT mix!! This weeks fish fry on Tues. night was picture perfect with all attending and WOW what a spread! We had the usual Rings games going and a few dollars I'm sure changed hands as the players became more????
Gale has sure got the store looking Great and we hope you will take advantage of the discount you will recieve as our guests and check out the items we have to offer.
The fishing for walleyes and northerns is still fairly shallow and I expect this to change in the next few weeks as the weather warms steadily. We will direct you to the fish if you give us a few minutes of your time when you arrive. Minnows and crawlers are the bait of choice at this time but we will soon see leeches come into play as it always does at this time of the year. The large sucker chubs have, and are still producing some monster northerns ( 99% released) and we will only carry them for two more weeks as they are hard to come by after that.
Gale and I hope you have a safe trip up for those of you that are coming up to spend time with us this summer and for those of you that have the urge GIVE US A CALL and we will take care of you. Till next BLOG (soon) BOB and Gale!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Opening Day WOW!!!!!

What a great opener! On Friday morning the temperature got up to the high 70's and throughout the day we started putting layers on instead of normally taking them off as the day warms up. By the end of the day Fri. the temp. was 35F and when we went down to the dock yesterday morning, Sat. the temp was 24F. with the wind blowing a light snow around. NOTHING like spring in Ontario! All the fishermen put everything on that they owned,and I'm sure even doubled up on the underwear to keep warm, and headed out to catch the first walleye of the season. By lunch time we were seeing some very nice catches of walleye and smelling the unforgetable smell of hot oil and frying fish. I was walking around hoping to get a taste from someone but I guess they were all scared to open the door and offer any for fear of losing any cottage heat!! Today the temperature is a balmy 24F with a forecast high of 45.
I will post some of the pictures of the fish caught this week when we get a hold of the digital pictures from the fellows as they check out. Yesterday there was a 44" Northern and a 38" released out of the same boat on film, along with some beautiful bass and 20+ inch walleyes. I have seen these and the shots are great. I have talked to all the other groups and they are very happy with the first day totals.
The last month has given us great weather with the chance to totally paint all the buildings so I guess this little delay of summer is giving us a chance to slow down and enjoy the surroundings and our guests a bit more.
I've got to get going but will post the pictures a the end of the week at for all to see at the end of the week.
Take care and hope to see you up here this summer. Bob and Gale

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fire Under Control

Just a quick update to let everyone know we haven't gone up in flames. With the good work of 4 water bombers, and a couple of helicopters, 30 + ground crew, and a wind the finally slowed up, the fire was brought under control. Today the fire crews that were camped out here packed up, leaving a smaller ground crew to continue on the hot spots. They have been using our boat ramp for the last few days as a good access to fill the pumper trucks for the ground crews to use. It's always an uneasy feeling when things hit close to home, as many of you in the States are finding out these days with all the major storms happening. We hope that none of you that we know from the lodge have been affected by these.

Bob has been busy with his crew painting on the cottages today since we finally got a nice calm day. Got almost half of the buildings painted today, and the rest should go tomorrow. Then comes the trim. Might have to issue a paint brush to each of the 1st guests to finish it off! l.o.l. Next is to get the bait house & docks ready, and finally - getting the boats in the water for you!

Everyone has been busy getting things ship shape for the 1st guests to arrive the Canadian long weekend which is May 19th. (Victoria Day holiday May 21st - Queen Victoria's birthday). About 3/4 of the cottages have had their spring cleaning, and we are busy getting the store up and running for next week.

Sure looking forward to seeing everyone again this summer!

Wish for some rain for us, and till next time,

Bob & Gale.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ice Out 2007

Sorry -- we've been so busy getting the camp in ship shape for the season, we neglected the Blog!

With the help fo heavy winds, the ice on Perrault Lake went out on April 30th this year.

The water level came up slightly with the ice out, but we are still down considerably. Some area lakes are in much worse shape than Perrault. We are able to use our docks at least, where some places have their docks high and dry.

We have had no rain to speak of for a long time, and the forest fire situation is extreme. Yesterday a fire broke out just south of us from a tree hitting a power line. With very high winds to flame the blaze, it quickly spread north-westerly, endangering cottages and a tourist camp on Wabaskang Lake. The water bombers were using Perrault Lake as their pick-up location, and we watched them come directly over camp for about 8 hours yesterday. The fire crews camped out at Rainbow Point Lodge last night, with about 16-18 firefighters, each with their own individual tents. It was quite a sight this morning. They were out on the front line about 6 this morning, and are using our lodge for their refuelling on pumper trucks that working the ground. Let's hope the wind dies down, and they keep this 1st blaze under control.

We'll update you later on the progress of this fire, and try to post up some photos of the bombers when we get time.

Only 12 days till opening of walleye season! Still a couple of cottages available for the 1st 2 weeks of season, so if you are getting the fresh fish urge, give us a call right away!

Till next time,

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Springs Pretty Close!!!!!

Well the winter is pretty close to history and we are getting geared up for the spring fishing guests. The grounds are full of leaves and last of the snow banks will be gone in a day or so.
The ice will hang on for a little longer than the last couple of years but, compared to five or ten years ago it will be gone early. It is very black right now. If the weather continues the way it is now, we should see the ice move out in a couple of weeks.
All the lakes up in N.W. Ont are in drought condition water levels. Perrault is not as bad as some, only down about 2-2 1/2 feet but that is quite a bit considering we normally only fluctuate by a foot or so. We're hoping we get some rain to bring things up, and water down the woods. We're planning some outdoor painting this spring, so that will surely bring on the rain!
We'll be posting some early spring pictures later this weekend, so if you want to see for yourself how things look, go to and click on the photo album (06 tab for now).
Hungry for some fresh walleye? Need a break from it all? A trip to the lodge this year may be just you need. If you haven't booked you're trip yet, give us a call toll free (1-800-282-9039) or e-mail us back. We have had a couple of early season cancellations, and still have some later openings, so you're not too late to get in on a great spring or summer vacation.
Opening Day - May 19th! Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Late Winter----Spring is NEAR!!!!!!!

Well! : In the last 2 month's we have stayed in more hotel rooms than I want to remember doing the never ending list of Sportshow's that we took on this year. It was sure nice to see all of you at the shows and we appreciate your continued support.
After almost 25 years at Rainbow Point Lodge we still love the job and hope that you continue to appreciate the time and effort we put into your stay with us!
While we were gone to the States for the shows the weather went below the -45 degree mark for a week and a half, and since we have been back it is starting to warm up a bit which makes us feel like we are getting closer to spring. We are doing a little ice fishing and getting our lists of spring projects together to do prior to opening up. When American Idol is the one thing you look forward to each week you know it's time for spring!!!!
We are sure glad that everone is finally understanding the passport information correctly and if you still need clarification go to our web site and link to the border crossing information tab. In the short-term, you DO NOT require a passport to cross into Canada by land this year, but will require one for 2008. Kids under the age of 16 will not be required to have a passport.
While you are in the website make sure you sign up for our news letter for our WEB ONLY specials that will come up from time to time. These specials are time limited and need to be taken advantage of immediately and cannot be combined with any other offers.
Without giving away any ideas, to the rest of the reading world, of things that we are doing to improve the quality of your stay lets just say that we are planning some changes to the bait house and are looking at some changes to the Fish Fry to spice it up a bit. Exterior paint will be the big spring job so we are hoping for nice weather.
We also challenge you remember that when you are comparing prices of lodges MAKE SURE you are, above and beyond the price, considering all the service and amenities that we provide in trying to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible!
Remember our mottow : " We always remember you have a choice" and we strive to show you the best vacation for your dollar!
Take Care and Look forward to seeing you!! Boband Gale

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mid show report!

Gale and I just got back from 5 Sport Shows and will be in Des Moines,Omaha and St. Louis starting next week to conclude our early spring show season. We sure loved seeing all of our old guests and had a great time making new contacts as well. We are looking forward to a busy spring and summer and warm weather. For those of you who have not looked at the web site in the past while you can do so at Make sure you visit often as there is lots of info and also from time to time some on line only specials if you sign up for the e-mails. Well , got to go but will write another longer one when we return from the last show. Take care and stay warm. Hi: Mel!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Passports at the All Canada Show!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just going to give you a quick paragraph regarding the bare bones of what you need to do to conveniently get your passport at the All Canada Shows that we are attending. Please note that you do NOT need a passport to return to the U.S. by vehicle until Jan. 2008. Do the smart thing and get one now as it is quick and painless, and if you were to travel by, AIR, anywhere, you need one NOW!
You need to bring a Birth Certificate(it has to have a raised seal, embossed, highlighted or multicolored seal) from county or state government (not a hospital document) and your current, valid drivers lisence. A government I.D.,State I.D. or military I.D. may be used for those who do not have a drivers lisence. Cash and check are the only forms of payment the State Dept. will accept. It is my understanding that the fee is $97.00 not including the photo fee done at the All Canada Show of &15.00. It seems very easy to do and I wish our Canadian Gov. made it as easy, so take advantage of this opportunity. Also the passports are good for 10 years (by the way our Canadian ones are only good for 5 years and then we have to do it all over again so the U.S. ones are not a bad deal at all!) If you have any other questions refer to our website at for more info, or e-mail us, or better still come and see us at one of the shows. Hope this quick info helps and that you will take advantage of this opportunity not put it in the same pile as your New Years Resolutions, that never get done!! See you soon . Bob&Gale

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hope you all have a Great NEW YEAR!!!!

Well; We hope you all made it through the Christmas and New Year season. Gale and I are looking forward to getting back to normal and preparing for our sportshow season. As a reminder, look at the dates of the shows we are doing this year on our website @ and if you are able to come in and see us, please do! We are really getting excited about the upcoming summer and have a few new things up our sleeves that we hope you will take advantage of. This is looking like a real busy year and we see that the travel into Canada is seeing an upsurge as we are all getting used to the new world that we all live in. The best to you all and we hope to see you SOON at a show near you. Take Care Bob&Gale