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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Late summer fishing lodge review!

Triple catch by Patterson Family in July
    I have taken a lot of "Flak" lately about my blogging consistency!! I make no excuses, we have been busy and writing is not one of my top priorities but, what do you know, I'm here now. Gale and I have had one of the busiest and enjoyable summers we can remember in recent years. The weather and the fishing have kept spirits high and what more can you ask for.

  A quick run down on the fishing is in order. The walleyes have been very co-operative this summer and as of now are in the 18-25 foot range off a lot of the drops and edges. Many of the mid lake humps are producing nice catches and the size has been excellent. The average walleye is easily the 16-20 inch range with many high 20's and a few released in the 32" class. The other walleye fishery that many people over look is the weed walleyes. We are getting some nice catches reported in the 9-14 foot range and surprisingly on hot calm days! Go figure! The bait of choice seems to be a tie between the leech and the crawler, but don't leave the dock without a few minnows as they are sometimes the deal maker. My favourite method of fishing is trolling a little joe with a minnow but jigging this time of year is also a very effective method.
Steffen Family releasing Perrault Lake Northern
The northerns have been very consistent with lots of 25-30 inch fish to fill in the mid day casting itch. The largest caught and released so far this year was a 43 incher two weeks ago. Almost any top water bait and large spoons cast into the cabbage will do the trick. The bass fishing has been great as usual and the perch fishing has also given us lots to clean.
  George and I have been busy lately out bear baiting and the season looks like a good one.
The only thing we really have to contend with is the blue berry crop that is coming on strong. Some of the crop is small but we have found some patches that are blue as far as you can see. If you ask politely I will show you how to get there.
Black Bear sighted around Perrault Falls
Photo by Jordan Steffen

Gale planted her usual garden and I think it's on steroids. She is going to need a ladder to pick some of the things in it. The one problem is that everything is ripening at the same time, so we have to eat healthy for quite a while. Salads aren't my cup of tea three meals a day!
 I know I promised a web cam this summer and we have had it sitting in the box with the router at the dock for two month's. Due to internet issues it will be another few weeks before it's running (I know it's the end of the summer!) but we will try it out and get some feed back.

 I'm going to sign off but We Thank-you for all your support and we live by our Moto..
 "We Always Remember You Have a Choice" and we hope it will continue to be Rainbow!!

Talk to you soon    BOB and  GALE