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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finally Mike, David,Ken,Bill!!!!!!!!!!>>>>

We are now finished the fall shut down and working on the plans for next year. Our last guest left a couple of weeks ago and I was able to get the water and sewer pumps winterized before the snow hit! The weather has been pretty darn good considering the time of year. I remember the temps. being much colder and the snow staying on the ground by now. I don't miss it but that's just an observation!!!! We have been hunting lately as Gale was successful in drawing a Bull tag this year. She tagged a small bull last week and we are looking forward to the winters chewing!!
We are presently working on the plans for upgrades that we will be doing next year. One of the big jobs that we are doing, will be revamping the long dock with the bridge, and we have plans for a new approach that will make your docking more pleasurable.
I still have my plane in the water and hope to do a final flight of the year tomorrow and then I will have to pull it up before it freezes in!! Gale andI have done a fair amount of pleasure flying and fished off the floats a few times in remote lakes with great success. We are thinking of remote possibilities in the future and will keep you posted if anything surfaces. I know I said I had no intention of getting back into the commercial flying business again but you never know!
Our plan is to continue to provide you with the best possible service and accommodation that we can supply and our 28 year record will speak for it's self in our dedication to the job!
One of the big things we did for next year is purchase ALL NEW 4-STROKE YAMAHA'S. These will be featured on every boat we own! Even in these tough times we still strive to provide you with the best dependable equipment possible. We sincerely hope that these constant improvements will make your loyalty a pleasure.
We have had a look at our fishing calendar from the past season and the catching has been getting better from year to year. The size variation has stayed constant and the larger fish have really made a big surge in the past 7 or 8 years. This is totally due to fishermen releasing many large fish and the size limits that were imposed a few years ago. We all have a new outlook on the way we handle the resource now and how it affects the fishing in the future.
Gale and I went down to the Florida Keys last year for a while and are presently packing up for a return visit. We will post a few pictures of our fishing adventures as they occur! Last year we fished with our fish ID book in hand so we could figure out what we had on the end of the line.
We have just finished up printing our rates sheets for the Christmas mailing and are busy working on a detailed newsletter that will go with it. We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and will talk to you soon
I must apologize to David, Mike,Ken, Bill, etc ,,,,, who have been pointing out to me that I have not published a blog lately. I hope this will help with the Rainbow withdrawal for a while. I will edit this in a while to add some pictures, so check back, and will do another one in a couple of weeks. Please keep up on the comments and hope all is well with you all. BOB