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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peak Summer Fishing!!!! ( O.K.Bill I'm Writing!!!)

The weather is finally acting like summer! The fishfly hatch is over! The fish are acting like they haven't eaten for a month and lots of nice catches of walleye, northern, perch and bass are coming in quite regularly.

Over the last two weeks our guests have had much to smile about! The walleyes can be found in various depths depending on the prevailing wind and time of day. Our home bay is fishing as well as many down the lake. The eyes are active along the weed line at 14-16 feet and if you try mid to high 20's you will be rewarded with some beauties. First and second bay are regular spots but Bob's island and the Sand bar are fast becoming favorites. Yesterday we had a 27" and a 27.5" walleye and a 39" northern. The bass in the 14-18" range are very aggressive and are a nice change from one species action. The use of leeches and crawlers are the bait of choice lately but the big walleyes were caught on minnows "go figure!"

Shown here is Rick Niewald from Missouri with his 38" northern pike caught on July 21st.
The northerns are always in the summer weeds but the larger ones are in the cabbage in 15+ feet of water. A few of the monsters have been caught suspended just off the reefs. The use of large spoons and jerk baits are causing quite a commotion. Guests going for musky are not disappointed, with plenty of action on that front.

The perch are finally being boated in the weeds, that were slow to show their face, because of the high water levels and cold weather this summer. The standard bait of choice is the small chunk of a crawler and jig head.

Last week Gale and I did our yearly golf outing with our good friends Bill and Marge from McHenry Ill. We go to Ear Falls golf course and have lunch and then do 9 holes with carts and that usually takes the rest of the day??? If you are a golf Pro and interested in fishing there are three of the four of us willing to work out a DEAL!!!! We also went fishing for a day with Bill Marge and their son Mike"Little Stick" Bock! and cooked a shore lunch the old fashioned way and it was lots of fun!!

Our bear baiting for the fall season is well under way and we are hoping for as plentiful season.
George and I hope that you will recognize us the next time you see us as the bug bites should be gone by next season HAHA. With the standing water and the 80+ degree temps. the baiting has been pretty bad for bugs. The blueberries are hit and miss so far in our areas. We are finding that the ones up in the open and are able to catch any of the sun are probably a week or so from being ready to pick, but the ones with some cover and are not getting a lot of sun are suffering so far and will be a bit longer.

As I am running out of things to talk about I will just throw in our plug for any of you that are in need of a last minute trip to give us a call. If you need a bit of help making your decision take a look at our photo gallery @

Thanks to all of you that take time to read this stuff, and I only hope it helps bring back memories of your trip, and helps you look forward to the next time we have the pleasure of seeing you. Take Care. Bob & Gale

Friday, July 04, 2008

Fishing Pictures are up

Just a quick note for all of you who have been anxiously waiting to see your photos up on our 2008 fishing photo album. I spent the morning uploading some of the photos that many of you have left with me, so feel free to check yourselves out! There is a comment option on each photo, so if you have some good fishing story or details to add, go ahead. We'd love to hear from you! Also, if I've gotten any names or details mixed up, drop me an e-mail and I'll fix it up! Here's one of the shots we received from Courtney, Shawano, Wisconsin. Thanks Courtney!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your pics of your trips to Rainbow Point Lodge with us. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer's Half over Let's get Fishin!!!!!

Well we just had a very busy week with a few shy of 100 people at our fish fry! The over all fishing last week was nothing short of Great. There were a few days at first, where everyone was learning the patterns, but after that we saw many BIG fish being caught and also plenty of eaters and smaller. We are uploading the pictures to our photo album in the next few days so be sure to visit our home page at . Over the weekend we had 4 inches of rain and the ground is totally saturated along with the extremely high water. I know we are not anywhere near the torrential amonts of water in the mid States but a few weeks of nice warm dry weather would be nice about now.
(Shown above is Dan Pecard from Wisc. with his 41" northern caught June 27th.)

With respect to the specific species- the walleyes are being caught in two depths, from 4-12 feet early in the day and up to 17+ feet when it's sunny and hot. Last week the bait of choice was either minnows or leeches with the night crawler not as productive. There will always be someone that will swear by a certain bait but I am just reporting on the over all trend. The northerns are starting to become a little more aggressive as the cabbage weed tops out and a combination of large spoons and spinner baits is working well. The smallies are being caught in all areas of the lake by casting almost up on shore and retrieving in a pumping manner with mepps spinners, jig and a tail, and small rapalas being the favorites. The bay just in front of the Lodge is really becoming a hot spot that most are overlooking but as they see limits come in they are giving it a try.

If there are any of you that think they need a quick fishing/vacation trip Now is the time so give us a call and make it a reality. We still have plenty of late season openings and we would love to be your hosts this summer.

If there is any thing that you would like e to address in any future Blogs please repy to the blog or send me an e-mail and I will be glad to talk about it. If any of you that have been here lately would like to post a comment on our blog please feel free to write about your trip and we can get some chat going to make this that much more interesting

Take Care and hope you have a Great 4th. of July as we are celebrating our Canada Day today July 1st. Talk to you soon. Bob and Gale