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Saturday, February 14, 2009

How about that weather??

As I indicated in the last Blog, we are back at the Lodge and are finished shoveling for the 99th. time, and also getting caught up on all the mail and bills etc. I make it sound like I do all the book work, WRONG!, if it wasn't for Gale and her accounting ability we would be doing our work out of a shoe box!
In all our travels we did not get into any bad weather or were lucky and just left before a storm hit in the various cities that we did sport shows in. On the last day going home we got stuck in Grand Forks North Dakota with the roads into Canada closed due to ice accumulations on the roads. I was able to find another "Cabelas" store so it was not a complete loss of time. Gale will be glad not to have me see another one of those signs for a while.
Our youngest Daughter Karla is coming home from her Chef's job in St. John's New Foundland, for a week starting tomorrow. We have not seen her since late last summer so we are looking forward to her visit. One small item is that she is also bringing her Boy friend!! I am presently going through all my knives to make sure they are sharp and that all my guns are oiled and in proper working condition. they will be strategically placed throughout the house just to make him feel comfortable while visiting. I understand that he is dreading the first meeting and I just want him to feel a home!!!!!
I will be doing a bit of ice fishing next week and will let you know how we did and hopefully post a few pictures for you to see. It would be nice just to have a small walleye or northern, fresh, fried for dinner.(doesn't that make you hungry?).
Anyways take care and if you haven't made your summer vacation plans yet take some time and visit the website and we may see you this summer or the first time or as a repeat guest.
Have a great week. Bob and Gale

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sportshow's Wind Down!!!!

Well: Gale and I have just made it home after a 28 day grind to 6 different sport shows from St. Louis - Green Bay and in between. We are home for two days to catch up on the mail, snow shoveling, laundry, etc. etc. and will be going to Des Moines for our last show this weekend. It was sure nice to see all our friends in the various cities and to see what the various places do when they think they are cold!! As we left home the temp. dropped to -43 and stayed there in that area for a week, as we were told many times, by our friends that looked after our house.

We found the response at the shows was favorable but the economy is sure scaring a lot of people. I have had many chats with ALL types of people regarding the economy, as we all do, and firmly believe that the news media has given us all the impression of total financial loss and hardship that we are not going to move or do anything that may require some financial output. To be a little more specific, when it comes to a vacation we are just not going to go or we are just going to wait and see! If you look outside you will see that the sky has not fallen and that spring is coming, and that you can still pay your bills, and to the main point that you can still afford to vacation with us at . HOW"S THAT FOR A RANT AND SEGWAY!!!!

In all seriousness there are some great vacation deals out there and a trip to Canada is one of them. If you are thinking about it but just need the extra little push, grab a cup of coffee and look at our photo gallery, and just put yourself in the pictures that you see and that may be all you need to have the summer trip taken care of.

I am posting this Blog after we got back from Des Moines as I forgot to do so just after I wrote it. I will work on another one today. It was pointed out by a good customer of ours, Norm Stine, that some people actually read this stuff so if you all could send a little comment after you read one of the blogs it would help me to write a few more knowing that they are actually being read. Till net time. BOB