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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. Friends

Cottage 5's fabulous evergreen.
Just a quick note as we think of all of our guests and friends south of the border celebrating their Thanksgiving tomorrow.  With all the nasty weather we are hearing about, we hope your travels are safe ones.  We celebrated Thanksgiving up here in Canada the 1st weekend of October, so it's been awhile since our Thanksgiving turkey.  Enjoy!

We have continued to get hammered with plenty of snow almost daily up at Perrault Falls, with about 2 feet fallen all together so far.  Our bay has been iced up for a good week, and the main lake is just about frozen over.  Perrault is always one of the last in the area to ice up.   The sunny days of summer seem like a long time ago already!  Plans are under way for our projects for next spring already, but the work will wait till the grass pokes out next year.

Hope memories of your last trip to Rainbow Point Lodge are a topic of your dinner table conversation this weekend.   Looking forward to hearing from you soon about your next trip!

Till next time, Gale & Bob