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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Late Winter----Spring is NEAR!!!!!!!

Well! : In the last 2 month's we have stayed in more hotel rooms than I want to remember doing the never ending list of Sportshow's that we took on this year. It was sure nice to see all of you at the shows and we appreciate your continued support.
After almost 25 years at Rainbow Point Lodge we still love the job and hope that you continue to appreciate the time and effort we put into your stay with us!
While we were gone to the States for the shows the weather went below the -45 degree mark for a week and a half, and since we have been back it is starting to warm up a bit which makes us feel like we are getting closer to spring. We are doing a little ice fishing and getting our lists of spring projects together to do prior to opening up. When American Idol is the one thing you look forward to each week you know it's time for spring!!!!
We are sure glad that everone is finally understanding the passport information correctly and if you still need clarification go to our web site and link to the border crossing information tab. In the short-term, you DO NOT require a passport to cross into Canada by land this year, but will require one for 2008. Kids under the age of 16 will not be required to have a passport.
While you are in the website make sure you sign up for our news letter for our WEB ONLY specials that will come up from time to time. These specials are time limited and need to be taken advantage of immediately and cannot be combined with any other offers.
Without giving away any ideas, to the rest of the reading world, of things that we are doing to improve the quality of your stay lets just say that we are planning some changes to the bait house and are looking at some changes to the Fish Fry to spice it up a bit. Exterior paint will be the big spring job so we are hoping for nice weather.
We also challenge you remember that when you are comparing prices of lodges MAKE SURE you are, above and beyond the price, considering all the service and amenities that we provide in trying to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible!
Remember our mottow : " We always remember you have a choice" and we strive to show you the best vacation for your dollar!
Take Care and Look forward to seeing you!! Boband Gale