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Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick spring update

Unseasonably cool temperatures have been the norm for the last couple of weeks. Making up for getting so warm so early I guess.   Still sunny, and we are getting lots of work done around the lodge.  Don't want to charge up the water lines just yet though.  Forecast for well below freezing again tonight.

Some of the staff will start up next week, so the bigger projects will be under way.  Have a couple of new staff members coming on board this year, so all you regulars will have some newbies to break in!

Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures taken last week around camp.  So calm and quiet this time of year.   Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Shore line near cottage #11

Looking out from the point

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring has been here already!!!

  Everyone knows it has been a crazy winter and even more so up north at the Lodge. Gale and I got home a few days ago and found out that the Lake had been completely clear of ice for a week. There is also no snow under the trees or any frost in the ground!  NOW, I know everyone has a story to tell on this topic but since this is my Blog you will have to listen to mine. Let's put this all into perspective, 25-30 years ago when we bought the Lodge we regularly called our opening week guests about the ice situation and sometimes had to cancel the opening week because you could not get out on the Lake (that's the 3rd. week in May), 6 weeks from now!!! The last 10 years or so the ice has regularly been out around the last of Apr. to the first week in May, and I found that a bit concerning. This year may be an anomaly but it sure does make me think that we might be able to plant real palms in a few years besides the lighted ones we have on our deck!!  We will wait and see what happens next winter.
  We still have two days left until ice fishing is legally over and we might put a boat in and see if we can get a walleye dinner this weekend, go figure.
  I had the airplane running the other day and am going to push it into the water, (from it's winter shoreline resting place) , next week and this again will be the earliest I have ever flown on the water in 40 years!
  Enough about the weather!  We are really quite impressed at the way our reservations are looking as the past 5-6 years has been hard on all of us. It sure is nice to have our MANY regular long time guests continue to support us. The in flux of many new guests to the Lodge is also a sign of the economy turning around slowly and that our advertising in many markets is getting the word out. We again thank everyone for the Great "word of mouth" and that also is a deal maker with many new guest possibilities. That's it for the "Mushy Stuff", but it's necessary and appreciated!
  I have to show you a couple of pictures of Gale's different fish she caught in our boat 2 weeks ago down south. She sure showed me up, but someone had to tie on the bait, run the boat, get to the hot spot, clean the fish, clean the boat, and take the pictures-----Right??

Well, that's it for now and I will do another update in the next few weeks with some Lodge pictures and news about new projects. We also have availability the first and second week of the season, with special pricing so if, last minute is your name, call us and come on up!!!!  For now take Care.  BOB and Gale