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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pike & Perch!

Michelle Gevets kept showing up her partner Craig last week with her catches. After making it clear that she preferred fishing for perch because there was more action, she proceeded to catch a 40" northern on June 13th. Apparently northern fishing wasn't so bad any more, as she did it again on the 16th catching a 41". One of these was caught while fishing for perch using a crawler with a pink hook. Antoher was with a suick. Craig and Michelle spent most of their week fishing for perch though, and caught plenty, mostly near Jackfish Bay! Some were up to 15" so they were extremely happy with their perch catches.

June 21st, 2006 Update

Well the summer is in full swing and the weather has been great. In the last 2 weeks we have seen very little rain with lots of sun, and highs in the upper 70’s to low 80’s. The bush is very dry, so we are warning all shore lunches to make sure their fire is dead out.

Last week the walleye fishing was good, with some nice 16-20” fish caught by all with a few over 25”. The walleye are moving deeper but the average depth is around 12-17’ depending on the time of day. Leeches are the bait of choice right now with crawlers and minnows coming in 2nd. Nate Ongna had a lucky horseshoe to start his trip this week, catching a 28" walleye in Grassy Bay while casting for Northern with a Strike King Spinner Bait, during his 1st hour out! You never know when it's going to be your day.

Northern are moving out into the growing cabbage weeds and are starting to hit top water and large spoons caste and retrieved aggressively. The smallies are unbelievable as they are in pre-spawn and very aggressive. The largest this week was a 17 ½ “ caught by Norman Stine.

We just had another fun filled fish fry last night, and Mother Nature seems to be co-operating with us by holding off the rain while dinner is going on.

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Take care and remember that Rainbow is not that far away!

Bob & Gale

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 3rd to 10th Fishing Report

I'm have a devil of a time trying to get this blog to upload properly, and have so many pictures to share with everyone, but it's just not happening for me. I'm trying to figure out how to solve the problem, so bear with us - one of these days you'll see some of the great fishing pictures our guests have shared with us!

No on to the June 3rd to 10th fishing action.

What a warm week we are having – started in the 80’s and is now setting down more into the high 70’s.

Fishing is good for everything right now. The walleye are not being caught as quickly as usually yet – I think we are a bit spoiled. Getting a run of a few, and then they seem to shut off mid morning. The walleye are starting to be caught now all over the lake – 2nd bay producing quite well, the channel by Whale Rock, Jackfish, and right down into our own bay have been fishing well. The hot clear weather during the day has a lot to do with that though. Guests are catching plenty of them to keep their bellies full . Ken Slaughter caught a 29” walleye off Whale Rock also on Sunday, fishing with a Rattletrap. He was lucky that day also catching a 29” northern on a twister tail. Dwight Trowbridge caught a 9 lb. Walleye back in Church Lake where he had caught several last year over 9 lbs. Scott Wascher and his group who are new to Perrault Lake are having a blast. Scott caught a 42” Muskie (weighting 18.3 lbs) on a Husky Jerk bait on Tuesday. His brother Jason caught a 35” Northern (10.5 lbs) the same day. These were caught just on the backside of South Sister Island. To end off the trip Friday, they caught and released a 40" Northern.

As the week came to a close we had a major drop in temperature - down in the mid to high 40's at night, and daytime to about 60. The cool temps were welcomed by most after such warm weather earlier in their stay.

Looking forward to a great week next week, and to having the walleyes really hungry!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fishing Report May 27th to June 3rd, 2006

The week of May 27th to June 3rd saw a mixed bag for weather, with the 1st few days of the week having a lot of high winds and severe thunderstorms moving throughout the region. Everyone had to keep a close eye on the storm cells to make sure they didn’t get caught, but of course, a few had to wait out some storms under the trees on shore.

Walleye are moving out more into the main lake from the shallows, and are proving to be a little harder to find than usual for the groups this week. Shad Raps seemed to be the best lures for the walleyes judging by the most successful anglers. There are still the most numbers of walleye being caught in the East Bay, Whale Rock area, and in Jackfish. Spadina is also fishing quite well. Everyone is doing great on Northern Pike, which have been biting very well since opener. Several groups caught and released lunkers this week. Rick Meier caught a 40” Northern in Jackfish Bay June 1st, and this was just one of many that he and his brothers caught during their stay. They fished primarily with sucker chubb baits. Wayne Knight caught an 18 lb. Musky while northern fishing, which was a nice surprise. There have been quite a few caught already this spring, so we know the muskie population is doing very well!

As the week wound down, weather became much more stable, but temps were still quite warm, up into the mid 80’s.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Northern Pike on Sucker Chubb Baits

Parker Dietz could barely keep a hold of this 40" Northern that he landed solely by himself. He was fishing with his dad Mark, and several regulars who make the spring opener their yearly tradition. This group fish primarily with live sucker chubb bait for the big northern, and catch and release many of the lunkers during their short stay each spring.

Parker will have a trip to remember! I'm hoping he or his dad will add some comments to this blog on their techniques and location of their fishing.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Spring Opener, 2006

Well another great season is well under way. We've been so busy, and Bob & I must apologize for not getting on the postings right away - have to get into a routine, as we know many of you are anxiously awaiting news of the fishing and goings on around camp.

I'll start off with a little bit about our opening week at camp. Most of the regulars for opening week arrive Friday to get an early start on the fishing 1st thing Saturday morning - opening day of walleye season. The couple of days just before opener had geat temps in the high 70's and even hitting 80, and then, opening day came! A cold front moved in with very heavy winds, and near freezing temps during the night. We saw a few flurries and some rain during the day. Many of the guests in camp didn't venture much past the bay the 1st day, but the opener guests are a tough lot, and took everything in stride! Things did smarten up as the week went on. The cold front affected the fishing for a few days, but everyone was getting plenty to eat, and had plenty of action. The Ord River was where most of the fishing action was happening.

Big northern seemed to be what most people were getting a lot of. The walleyes were mostly smaller males. Typical after having a late spring - spawn was well finished. Smallmouth bass are really active.

Kurt and Jessica Carlson were the 1st guests into camp for the year, and so, I'll give them the 1st photos on the blog spot for the '06 season. - WHEN the blogger lets me upload the pictures. Having technical difficulties I'm afraid. We'll keep trying!