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Friday, May 16, 2014

Walleye fishing will have to wait

Yep - for sure.  Opening day of fishing season tomorrow, and all is quiet.  Sure glad we postponed our opening week guests for later dates.   We finally had some sunny (although not warm) weather the last couple of days, and we were taking advantage of the break to get started on getting the grounds cleared, and some of the cottages cleaned.    Sounds like everybody in the mid-west is experiencing cold weather too, so we're not alone. 

Rainbow Fleet waiting for ice out.

May 16th view of Perrault Lake

Sheets of ice around the docks are at least 6 inches thick, so out on the main body of Perrault Lake, we're sure it's more than that.  At least there's enough open water spots for the ducks, loons & herons to find places to hang out now.  Slowly but surely spring is coming. 

We'll keep you posted…. anticipating "maybe" a mid week ice out IF the weather co-operates. 
Sunset over an icy Perrault Lake

Bye for now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Winter is back

Mother Nature is teasing us for sure now.  This is May 13th.  Really????   On top of the couple of inches of rain we got yesterday, a couple inches of snow.   High of 44 F expected today.
On the brighter side -- gotta find one --  we don't have tornadoes, floods or forest fires right?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Delayed Spring Opener at Rainbow Point Lodge

With all the uncertainty of the ice conditions at thaw here at the Lodge we encouraged our opening week guests to come a week later, and thankfully the groups were able to do just that.  We hated to think of people traveling all those distances and not be assured of getting out on the water for opener. All of you out there may have to wait just a little bit longer for some new fishing photos!  Memorial Day weekend will be fantastic!

We are all just so excited to see the sun shining yesterday and today at Perrault Falls.   With the heat and the few days of rain before it, most of our snowbanks are nearly gone.  The lake took a kicking also.  The forecast is for the temperatures to drop again tomorrow for the rest of the week, back down in the low-mid 30's at night, and only about 50 as highs, so things will slow down again.   It's still hard to predict when the ice will go out, but we'll keep you posted via Facebook, and later on the Blog.
Water pooling on top of the ice on Perrault Lake

Ice separating from the shore at Rainbow Point Lodge

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up in the US, and if you don't have plans already, you might want to take a quick trip up to take in some fantastic fishing on Perrault Lake.  Have some availability, and can work out a package for you either for the long weekend, or the week.  Give us a shout if you're interested.  That fresh walleye sizzling in the pan will be well worth the trip!

Till the next post,
Bob & Gale

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Spring Perrault Lake Ice Update

I know there are a lot of you that are pretty anxious to hear some news from the "Great White North". Perrault Falls, like most places in the central states and provinces, is having a slow start to spring.   We've had lots of wind the last several days so that's helped kick down the snow a lot.

Here is the progression from April 28th to today of the same view.
At least a little less white!
We had a few flurries today, then sleet, then rain, and then over again.  At least it isn't freezing overnight anymore (that we have heard in the forecast anyway)        

Looking out over Perrault Lake today, there was a bit of water at the shore; most of which was sitting on top of the ice.  Lakes are pretty much iced in all over the region and on into Manitoba.

Staff are all anxious to get working this spring.     Usually they are starting work this weekend at the Lodge, but with the snow cover we have put them off to start after at least next weekend.  Can't rake leaves with snowbanks.

 On a brighter note, it won't be long before the Blog will have more pictures like this one!  Think Fishing and Think Summer!  It's coming!  We have a few spots left for the prime fishing during the last couple weeks of May, just after ice-out.  If you have some time to sneak away for a few days before June, give us a shout and we'll see what we can do to get you into some great walleye & northern fishing.  The fish will be hungry and so will you!

We'll keep you posted in the next week on how things are looking around Rainbow Point Lodge.