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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do I Need a Passport to Travel to Canada?

With everyone busy making their plans for fishing and hunting trips next summer, the question of "Do I Need a Passport" comes up quite often. There have been a lot of changes in the last few years regarding border crossing requirements between the U.S. and Canada. Air travellers have required passports for some time, but The US Dept. of Homeland Security regulations affecting land border crossing will require everyone to have a passport to re-enter the United States starting June 1st of 2009.

Passports have long been the best form of identification for crossing the border. We encourage everyone to get their passport applications in early to avoid any last minute hold-ups on your trips. Youth under the age of 16 are exempt from the passport requirement, but again, we do encourage everyone to get the passports regardless, both for safety and for ease of travel.

There is a less expensive PASS (People Access Security Service) available in the US as well, which will suffice for land crossing from Canada, but not for other travel you may need to do in the future.

We have some excellent links on our website to provide you with full information on passports, and travel information in general. Visit our FAQ page to get started.

Don't forget to contact us for your reservations before the New Year to avoid disappointment. We start our sport shows start early in January, and many weeks will be booked up by then.

For our guests and friends..... Watch for our annual letter and information in your mailbox next week.

p.s. We can hear the lake making ice like crazy the last few days. Always neat to hear though - like thunder. Brrrr .. it's cold outside.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A Fish Story

Well, we did have our 1st snowfall of the year, and the highways department were out in full force with their salt and sand trucks already. Thankfully it was just a one day wonder, and we got a couple of fantastic (above normal) days just after that to bring us out from the downer of seeing that 1st snow. We're taking advantage of the great weather, and now that that the woods are a lot quieter, will be spending some time getting the winter firewood, and hunting for our moose. Freezer is empty, so we're looking forward to some success. We can hunt until mid December, and so there is no rush. Will keep you posted.

We were going over some photos from the summer, and I thought I'd give you a good look at the biggest walleye for the season for 2008. This is Jason Rosonke with a 32" (10 lb) walleye caught the last week of August this year.

He and his wife Suzanne did exceptionally well this week. Besides this trophy walleye, Susanne caught this 41"(14 lb) northern. She also caught a 40" (17 lb) muskie, and another 35" (12 lb) muskie. Way to go girl! This type of success is what we like about mid/late summer fishing. The numbers are not as fast as the earlier weeks, but the quality can be fantastic. Congrats to The Rosonke's from Urbandale, Iowa on another great year.

We'll try to update you on some other great fish stories through the winter just to tie you over for your fishing fix until you can get up to Perrault Falls yourself next season!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

SINK or FISH & HUNT!!!!!!

Here is my "Rant" for the month!
As outdoor folks we are all in the same boat, or so to speak!! We seem to be bombarded on a daily basis with bad news about our troubled economy and possible world recession. There are still plenty of places in the world where your hard earned vacation dollar can go a long way. Why not take that well deserved break and treat yourself to to our N.W. Ontario treasure, that being, Rainbow Point Lodge! Everyone we talk to these days keeps telling us about all the bad things that are going on in their part of the world, (as if we are not affected up here in Canada!!) All I want to say to that is, try and spend a little time finding the good things in life, as it goes by way to fast to waste it moaning about the negative! ( Now I'm Done)
Our season is fast coming to a halt and with the threat of light snow flurries tomorrow, I guess we will have to face the inevitable Winter. I am really looking foreword to doing a little ice fishing later on and will be going out moose hunting in a few weeks after there is some snow on the ground.
The fishing was above average this summer as we look back at the overall success. Take a look at the picture page on our website@ to get a feel for the different species and sizes of fish that Perrault Lake has to offer.
Our fall hunts for Bear and the Archery Moose hunt have just been completed, and as success is not always measured in taking meat home, we had a some nice animals taken. Our blueberry crop was one of the best in years and this made the baiting challenging and, with respect to the hunter, the control of your own personal scent and movement even more critical. We had a very diverse group of hunters this year with some of the hunters learning for the first time what Bear hunting is all about (nothing like deer hunting!!!!) and many return hunters that know that bear hunting is not always having success with sightings of animal or seeing the size they are looking for. All in all it will go down as one of the more interesting ones I've seen in 30 years with referring to the many different types of personalities we met. Thank-you to you all!
We are going to a few sport shows this fall and will be letting you know which one's in our annual fall letter. I hope that you can come and see us next year up at the Lodge or at least drop into one of the shows and say Hi
Keep checking in our Blog as I now have a little more time to write my monthly Rant! Whether you agree with it or not, it is not meant to offend just meant to let you know what I am thinking at the time and to let you know that we are constantly working on trying to make Rainbow Point Lodge a part of your yearly must do things.
Until next time thanks for the feedback but if you want the comments posted you have to let us know who you are to be published!
Stay warm. BOB

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peak Summer Fishing!!!! ( O.K.Bill I'm Writing!!!)

The weather is finally acting like summer! The fishfly hatch is over! The fish are acting like they haven't eaten for a month and lots of nice catches of walleye, northern, perch and bass are coming in quite regularly.

Over the last two weeks our guests have had much to smile about! The walleyes can be found in various depths depending on the prevailing wind and time of day. Our home bay is fishing as well as many down the lake. The eyes are active along the weed line at 14-16 feet and if you try mid to high 20's you will be rewarded with some beauties. First and second bay are regular spots but Bob's island and the Sand bar are fast becoming favorites. Yesterday we had a 27" and a 27.5" walleye and a 39" northern. The bass in the 14-18" range are very aggressive and are a nice change from one species action. The use of leeches and crawlers are the bait of choice lately but the big walleyes were caught on minnows "go figure!"

Shown here is Rick Niewald from Missouri with his 38" northern pike caught on July 21st.
The northerns are always in the summer weeds but the larger ones are in the cabbage in 15+ feet of water. A few of the monsters have been caught suspended just off the reefs. The use of large spoons and jerk baits are causing quite a commotion. Guests going for musky are not disappointed, with plenty of action on that front.

The perch are finally being boated in the weeds, that were slow to show their face, because of the high water levels and cold weather this summer. The standard bait of choice is the small chunk of a crawler and jig head.

Last week Gale and I did our yearly golf outing with our good friends Bill and Marge from McHenry Ill. We go to Ear Falls golf course and have lunch and then do 9 holes with carts and that usually takes the rest of the day??? If you are a golf Pro and interested in fishing there are three of the four of us willing to work out a DEAL!!!! We also went fishing for a day with Bill Marge and their son Mike"Little Stick" Bock! and cooked a shore lunch the old fashioned way and it was lots of fun!!

Our bear baiting for the fall season is well under way and we are hoping for as plentiful season.
George and I hope that you will recognize us the next time you see us as the bug bites should be gone by next season HAHA. With the standing water and the 80+ degree temps. the baiting has been pretty bad for bugs. The blueberries are hit and miss so far in our areas. We are finding that the ones up in the open and are able to catch any of the sun are probably a week or so from being ready to pick, but the ones with some cover and are not getting a lot of sun are suffering so far and will be a bit longer.

As I am running out of things to talk about I will just throw in our plug for any of you that are in need of a last minute trip to give us a call. If you need a bit of help making your decision take a look at our photo gallery @

Thanks to all of you that take time to read this stuff, and I only hope it helps bring back memories of your trip, and helps you look forward to the next time we have the pleasure of seeing you. Take Care. Bob & Gale

Friday, July 04, 2008

Fishing Pictures are up

Just a quick note for all of you who have been anxiously waiting to see your photos up on our 2008 fishing photo album. I spent the morning uploading some of the photos that many of you have left with me, so feel free to check yourselves out! There is a comment option on each photo, so if you have some good fishing story or details to add, go ahead. We'd love to hear from you! Also, if I've gotten any names or details mixed up, drop me an e-mail and I'll fix it up! Here's one of the shots we received from Courtney, Shawano, Wisconsin. Thanks Courtney!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your pics of your trips to Rainbow Point Lodge with us. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer's Half over Let's get Fishin!!!!!

Well we just had a very busy week with a few shy of 100 people at our fish fry! The over all fishing last week was nothing short of Great. There were a few days at first, where everyone was learning the patterns, but after that we saw many BIG fish being caught and also plenty of eaters and smaller. We are uploading the pictures to our photo album in the next few days so be sure to visit our home page at . Over the weekend we had 4 inches of rain and the ground is totally saturated along with the extremely high water. I know we are not anywhere near the torrential amonts of water in the mid States but a few weeks of nice warm dry weather would be nice about now.
(Shown above is Dan Pecard from Wisc. with his 41" northern caught June 27th.)

With respect to the specific species- the walleyes are being caught in two depths, from 4-12 feet early in the day and up to 17+ feet when it's sunny and hot. Last week the bait of choice was either minnows or leeches with the night crawler not as productive. There will always be someone that will swear by a certain bait but I am just reporting on the over all trend. The northerns are starting to become a little more aggressive as the cabbage weed tops out and a combination of large spoons and spinner baits is working well. The smallies are being caught in all areas of the lake by casting almost up on shore and retrieving in a pumping manner with mepps spinners, jig and a tail, and small rapalas being the favorites. The bay just in front of the Lodge is really becoming a hot spot that most are overlooking but as they see limits come in they are giving it a try.

If there are any of you that think they need a quick fishing/vacation trip Now is the time so give us a call and make it a reality. We still have plenty of late season openings and we would love to be your hosts this summer.

If there is any thing that you would like e to address in any future Blogs please repy to the blog or send me an e-mail and I will be glad to talk about it. If any of you that have been here lately would like to post a comment on our blog please feel free to write about your trip and we can get some chat going to make this that much more interesting

Take Care and hope you have a Great 4th. of July as we are celebrating our Canada Day today July 1st. Talk to you soon. Bob and Gale

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alright "NOW" I have a minute !!!!!! (mike)

How is every one doing these days? Looks like lots of us are sitting at home complaining about the gas prices, "that we are all dealing with". Those of you that are able to make the trek north are being greeted with fantastic fishing and great deals that go the distance to help with the SMALL extra fuel cost. I am doing a small rant about the gas cost and am pointing out that we are NOT charging extra surcharges for your package plan gas as some lodges are and therefore the only difference to you is your fuel up and back. I say BIG DEAL! We don't like it but we are not going to let a bunch of speculators and camel jockeys ruin our already short lives! NOW I'm finished with the rant and I feel better
On a lighter note we have seen plenty of rain, and I know that many of you are dealing with even more of it at this time. The summer has not really hit us yet but the long range forecast says we should see a warm day or two by August. With all the rain we have a lot of run-off that has slowed down the "jump in the boat" spring fishing a bit, but there are still Great catches of Walleye and Northern being brought in daily. We have had many large walleye released this spring with a 33 incher witnessed by two other boats being released last week. The sucker fishing for Big northerns has been extremely productive with a number of 40+ inch fish being released this spring so far. The small mouth have been coming on strong as the spawn is close at hand and they are very aggressive in their pre-spawn setting. Two days ago I measured a perch at 14 inches and that is the largest one that I have legitimately seen in years. Granted they are not all like that but the size and numbers are getting better as the years go on. The final species that I will report on is the white fish, and they are being caught by a few people that are using the BOB method of fishing for them. It takes some patience but can produce very nice results.
We just had our first fish fry last night and it was a Blast. We had guests from Arizona, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Tenn., Wisc, Minn, and a few others so you can imagine the different dishes and flavours that were there!! No septic problems for a few days!!!! The Canadian "RINGS" champions are still going strong (BOB-GEORGE) so any time you would like to give it a go we are ready!! Your losses can be put on your bill!
I am going to sign off but, I sincerely hope you like to read what comes out honestly, and that you read these blogs with a sense of humor and realise that life REALLY is too short to waste your time complaining about things that really mean nothing.
We have had a few serious Parental health issues lately that make the above paragraph something that we realise more now.
Gale and I sincerely Thank-you for your continued support and every week look forward to seeing old friends, and new guests that will turn into old friends.
Till next Blog. Take Care

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ice Out 2008!

Finally!!! The ice is out on Perrault Lake this afternoon!
Had a good steady rain, and a good heavy wind, and the ice all blew up on the far shore of Perrault (away from our docks!!). Great news for all of you coming up this weekend for some fantastic walleye and northern fishing!

See you then!

Bob & Gale

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thin ice.....

I know you are all anxious to hear what's happening. Today Old Man Winter was trying to show his face once more, giving us quarter size snowflakes for a few hours, mixed with some rain now and then. Dispite this, the thaw has had some progress over the last few days. Our bay is 1/2 open, but the lake is still iced in today. Still project an ice out on Perrault for Thursday or Friday. Had to go to Dryden today, and neighboring lakes just south of us are just starting to open, so we're not far behind. North of us will be just that much more behind. Lac Seul and north are very questionable for opener.

Anyway, it's looking good for opening day fishing for 2008 on Perrault Lake this Saturday. The northern fishing will be fantastic! Can't wait for some fresh walleye too. The guests that are coming the first couple of weeks of season are in for some great action. We'll see many of you this weekend. We have all been busy getting the camp ship shape for opening day, and things are looking great.

Happy travels!

p.s. remember if you haven't made your plans yet, and want to fit in a last minute trip for a few days or a week, give us a call. Have a couple of spots open in the near future. Toll Free: 1-800-282-9039

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ice Condition Update May 7th

Sorry to say, we're still iced in here at Perrault Falls. Some lakes around the Kenora area are opened up, but everything from around Vermilion Bay north is still socked in. Cool temperatures have not helped our spring thaw. Things are slowly going though. Still snow in the bush areas, but the open spots are clear. The ice is pulling away from the shoreline around the Lodge. I'm going to stick my neck out and predict that the ice should be out by Wednesday or Thursday next week. Opening day for walleye season is May 17th. Some areas up north of Red Lake will probably not be open for that weekend, but our area should be all opened up by then.

Still some openings for the 1st couple of weeks of season. Should be some FANTASTIC walleye and northern action, so if you're in need of a good fish fix, give us a call toll free today! 1-800-282-9039. Don't forget our weekend special if you don't have a lot of time to spend this year.

Updates in a few days.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Ice and Weather Updates after Late Spring Storm

During the week of April 19th to 23rd we had pretty nice weather, a good rain, and some real progress towards spring. The ice was starting to pull away slightly from the shore, and there were just a few odd snowbanks, and snow accumulation left in the woods. Then came a freak storm on the 23rd that closed the schools just north of us, and on April 25th, and the biggest snow storm we have had for quite awhile really socked us in. We received a new dump of about 18"+ of snow. EVERY road in NW Ontario was closed from early Saturday morning until Sunday. There was not much anyone could do but keep the fire stocked and keep warm. As of Monday morning, Hwy 502 from Fort Frances to Dryden was still closed up. On the TransCanada Highway 17 on Sunday after the roads were opened, the semi trailers were lined up for miles. Quite the site. This TransCanada highway is the only main trunk highway from East to West, so when a storm like this hits and closes the roads, it has a huge affect on the country. Not like some areas where there are alternate routes to take.

So, back to winter we are, and again looking forward to seeing the grass show itself. Ice-out will definitely be delayed from what it was looking like earlier last week, as the temperatures are well below freezing at night, and only in the mid 40's in the day. Will keep you updated.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ice Condition Update for Mid April

We still haven't had much in the way of warm weather, but it has been above freezing, and we have still dodged all the big snowstorms! The wind has been a big factor the last few days, and it has cut the snow down considerably. There is no snow left on the lake, and there is about 1.5-2 of ice right now. There's still a fair amount of snow around the bush and the yard, but a good steady rain today, and warming temps over the next few days should help knock that down some more.

Spring is definitely coming!! Walleye season closed on April 14th, and will re-open on May 17th. Northern is open throughout the year.

Will keep you posted on the ice/snow conditions over the next couple of weeks, as we know all of you spring ice-out fishermen are anxious!

Still some openings for the early weeks for your information, so you are not too late! Also have a special running for the 2 long weekends in May if you can just spare a weekend. Visit the website for details!

Monday, April 07, 2008

April Snow Storm Misses Perrault Falls

We are hearing a lot of bad snow stories from around the province and the mid-west U.S., but are happy to say that so far we have "missed the bullet" and the heavy snows that arrived the last couple of days in many places has missed Perrault Falls! Just south-east of us, they really got a dumping on Sunday, and many schools and roads were closed.

Today at Rainbow Point Lodge in Perrault Falls it is a sunny day, with temp warming up to about 42 degrees or so. It is still dipping well into the freezing mark during the night, but the sun is trying it's best to cut our snow levels down. Much the same forecast for the rest of the week.

Hope the rest of you are able to dig yourselves out alright today!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ice & Snow Conditions, April 1/08

I know many of you starting to get pretty anxious for spring and fishing season, but unfortunately it's still a little bit away right now. This picture was taken yesterday (April 1st) at Cottage #1. There is about 2.5 feet of ice on the lake, and there's still a good 2'+ of snow on the ground. It's not all that unusual for this time of year for this area, but after such a hard, cold winter, we are definitely anxious for it to be over too!

The ice is not the best this year; with all the early snow, there is a lot of slush on the lake, and the ice layers have slushy sections. When the temperatures really start to warm up, it "should" go out fairly quickly. Right now, it's getting to just a few degrees above freezing during the day, but dipping well below overnight. We'll wait and see what the weather does, and we'll keep you posted!

There are still a few vacancies for early fishing weeks at ice-out. We also have a long weekend special going for the Canadian Victoria Day Weekend, and the US Memorial Day Weekend. Check out the website for details! If you can't sneek away for a whole week, a long weekend might just tie you over and help get the fishing itch scratched!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sights & Sounds of the Falls in February

In between the bitter cold and wind we've had so far in 2008, we finally had a perfect sunny day for a nice long walk. I ended up eventually over near the Falls, which looked and sounded fantastic in the sunshine. The animals were out enjoying the day too, but I wasn't able to get the camera out to catch them. There's a pair of otters living right in front of the Lodge at the top of the Falls, there was a muskrat at the falls, and I was excited, but leary too, seeing a wolf trotting off down the ditch past the lodge.

Thought I'd share this video clip of Perrault Falls in the winter with you. It was beautiful in person, & I hope you enjoy it in video too!

Testimonial at Green Bay Sport Show

We had a great trip down to the sport shows in January, visiting Milwaukee, Madison & Green Bay, in a 10 day sport show circuit. The shows were very well attended, and we got to visit with many of our past and present guests. Thanks to everybody for coming out to see us.

One of our visitors was Larry Wetenkamp, and his son Dave. He was kind enough to let me try out my new video option on our camera, and tells everybody about his trips to Rainbow Point Lodge. Thanks Larry! Look forward to seeing you and your group this August in Cabin 11 as usual.

It's not too late to book your late summer fishing trip. Don't forget our fall special rates start August 2nd. Great deals to end of the season!. Visit the website for details.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spring Fishing Trip Still Possible!

Bob & I are back home after our 10 day sport show circuit. We travelled to shows in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. Aside from an 8" dump of snow in Madison, we managed to miss most of the bad weather, and managed to miss the worst of our Canadian cold while we were gone. We are still in a deep freeze like most of you in the midwest are right now, with temps in the range of -30 and down to -45 with wind chill. Brrr...

The shows were very well attended, and it was great to visit with many of our guests at the various shows. We also met many new people who will be making their 1st Canadian fishing or hunting trip to Rainbow Point Lodge this season. Bob & I are excited to show them a wonderful time at the Lodge this coming summer & fall!

For those of you who haven't made their fishing trip plans yet, we have a couple of odd cottage openings the 1st couple of weeks of season shortly after ice-out (Mid May into Memorial Day weekend). The fishing will be fantastic that time of year, so if you have a chance to get away for a few days, give us a shout and we'll see what we can do for you to get the spring fishing itch scratched!

Shown here is Kurt Carlson with one of the many northern pike caught during opening week. Fast action and plenty of numbers this time of year!
Call us today Toll Free while vacancies last! 1-800-282-9039.

Talk to you soon!

New U.S. Passport Card Update


While passports are still the best form of identification when traveling in the world, we have received word today on details of the new U.S. Passport Card implementation. For those of you who have not gotten or applied for your passports, this may be a good option. This card will suffice if you are travelling back from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda, by LAND CROSSINGS ONLY. If you travel by air, a passport is still a requirement.

Follow this link for complete details.

US Department of State Passport Card Information

A reminder that passports will not be required until 2009 for travel back from Canada if using land crossings.

Hope this info helps! We'll keep you posted if we hear anything more.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Join us on Facebook

For all you savy internet users, and Facebook fans.......
Our daughter Karla was kind enough to help us get a facebook group set up over the holidays, and we'd like to invite you to find us there, and join the Friends of Rainbow Point Lodge group on Facebook. Share your photos and fish tales on our site. It'll be great for our guests this summer to be able to post their pictures and stories about their Canadian fishing trips. See you there! Don't forget to check out the website from time to time too -- we've made some changes over the last little while, and have some great links to help you plan your fishing or hunting trip.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Canada Sport Shows coming up

Hi everyone.

Just a heads up that we are going to be attending a few of the All Canada Sport Shows starting next weekend. If you're around any of these cities, we'd sure love to see you!

Milwaukee - Jan 18, 19, 20
Madison - Jan 21, 22, 23
Green Bay - Jan 24, 25, 26, 27

We'll have a busy trip, so help us break it up a bit and come down for a visit! Hope we don't run into any terrible weather like happened this past week!

And Remember everybody -- You DON'T NEED A PASSPORT to come into Canada by land crossings this year! Take advantage of this extension, and get your trips arranged while we still have vacancies. Also, remember that you can look after getting US Passport applications started while you are at the All Canada Show, so you're ready for next year! Visit our Links page on the website for great information sites on this & other important topics.

p.s. -- can't wait for fishing season!!!


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Good News on Passport Requirements!

Anyone that flies into Canada has already had to get used to having a passport handy to travel between Canada & the U.S.

Great News though for those of you traveling through land border crossings!

There is a tentative date of June, 2009 when the US Department of Homeland Security will require passports at land crossings. We will keep you posted as we hear more. We urge all of our U.S. customers to take advantage of the extended time to go ahead and get their passports so when the regulations come into effect, your travel won't be disrupted.

Visit our links page on our website for access to the US Dept of State Passport site, and many other helpful sites to keep you informed.

Fire Destroys Workshop at Rainbow Point Lodge

The year 2007 didn't have a very good ending for us at the Lodge. During the early morning hours of December 31st we were awoken by loud popping and banging sounds, and looked out to see fire and sparks coming from the back of the Lodge workshop. By the time Bob ran down to check it out, the other half of the building was ablaze. Without a winter fire department in this neck of the woods, we could only call some neighbors, armed with shovels and snow. There was not much we could do but watch, as the fire quickly engulfed the building.

This building was a vital part of our lodge. It was Bob's workshop and tool shed, loaded with more spare parts than a small hardware store, and a lifetime of tools, not to mention the million other things he had collected over the years. It was also Gale's storage room, with a treasure trove of spare household items to keep the cottages well stocked, as well as many personal momentoes. It was also Gale's laundry room, and linen storage building. Needless to say, this was a tremendous loss for us.

We are thankful that this wasn't our home and that no one was hurt, and also thankful that this did not happen during the summer. Not only would it have made camp operating extremely difficult, it would have posed a serious threat of fire spreading to other buildings or the surrounding forest. We have a new understanding what people must go through when they lose their homes.

Click on the photo album link below to view larger images of some photos taken of the fire that night, and the remains later:

Many a good time was had visiting guests, and sipping a cold Labatt's Blue under the shade of the willows at the workshop. We'll miss that particular spot, but 2008 will be a new year. We'll have to build a new favorite deck, and start some new memories for Rainbow Point Lodge.

So, if anybody has a line on some good deals for hardware, parts, tools, linens, dishes, you name it, keep us in mind. We'll have lots to stock up on and get ready for, before we open up next spring. Gale will have an excuse to go to some garage sales!

Looking forward to sharing better news next time! Happy New Year everyone.