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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

This 4th of July fireworks photo taken of the beach, docks and fish cleaning house at Rainbow Point Lodge last summer looks like it could be a New Year's Celebration.  Beautiful photo taken by Dean Lauritzen.   Thanks for sending it to us!     This picture makes all of us long for the beautiful days of summer on Perrault Lake!

Hope all of you have a Very Happy New Year!   Look forward to seeing you in 2013!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

White Christmas? and New Photos!

Well, there is no question about it..  There will be a white Christmas at Rainbow Point Lodge.  The lake is frozen over, and about 6" of snow covers the ground at this point.   Sounds like most of you in the mid-west and central states may have to import some of the white stuff!

We have just popped a quick note in the mail to people on our guest list with some current information, and will be sending out a new e-mail newsletter in the next few days to our subscribers.  Keep in the loop of what's new at the Lodge through a subscription to the e-newsletter.

I have been working hard to get our current web photo album up and running, and hope that you check it out.  We have some great photos there from in and around the lodge from last summer.  Some fantastic wildlife photos, fishing, scenery, and of course fantastic Perrault Lake sunsets!   Maybe you're picture is in there?!  Feel free to tag yourself or comment.    Visit the album!

Have fun with your holiday preparations, and we'll be in touch!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Lodge is closed for the Winter!1

  I am writing this letter a bit later than usual but our last 2012 guest just departed on Sat. last. The group was doing a bit of fall grouse hunting and some fall fishing for Northern and Smallies. The weather this fall has been pretty standard, for up here, with a few weeks above normal temps. and the last few with freezing temps. over night and mid 40's as a high.
  I could do the usual thing and tell you about the big fish that were caught this summer but I won't say any more than if you were here, you had a fantastic time, and if you missed it, you better get up here next year!!  Seriously, the fishing was as usual , excellent, and the winter letter we send out will have some of the notable pictures in it. You can also go to the website anytime and look at the photo gallery and see for yourself some of the summer action. We are just in the process of updating the last of the fishing pics. and entering the vast number of guest pictures that we received.
  I just finished draining the last cabin yesterday and the motors are all winterized and ready to start next spring. Gale has her store shut down, cabins cleaned and buttoned up, and is already doing some ordering for next year. I wish you could just pull a plug and it would all be winterized but we know it takes a couple of weeks to get it right or you pay for it in the spring.
  Gale just came back from a quick trip to Manitoba to help her Brothers and families celebrate her Parents 60th. anniversary. I couldn't go as someone had to be at the Lodge, but they had a great time. We are also going to her Parents at Christmas time to celebrate her Dad's 90th. birthday. His birthday is the 24th. of Dec.  I always wonder what that was like as a kid, did you double up on the gifts or did you get slighted a bit???  Just a thought!
  We are starting to pack for our trip south and will keep you up to date on our fishing adventures and will post a few pictures without snow for you to look at. Not trying to make a point just saying I don't miss the snow shovel one bit!
  We will be talking to you more regularly as we have a bit more free computer time. Keep an eye on the web page for new and exciting things that are in the works. www.rainbowpoint,com 

Thanks to all and have a Great Fall!   BOB & GALE

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Trophy Northern and Muskie rule the fall

Just thought I'd share a couple of pics from a group that stayed with us last week.   They were targeting strictly northern & muskie.  During the week they  landed nearly a hundred northern pike, and only a couple of these would be considered hammer handle.   Many were in the 35-40" plus size range.  

The gang also reported catching several good size muskies, and told us they had the biggest muskie they have ever seen follow up their lure.  

 These guys have fished our waters for 20 years, and are very happy with the quality of fishing that continues to be found on Perrault Lake, and will be back next year to do it all over again.   Many more fishermen enjoying the trophy northern and muskie fishing this week.  Don't miss great trophy action late fall.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Blue Moon over Perrault Lake

Just a quick post so you know we are still out there.  It has been a busy fall here at Rainbow Point, and finding time to keep up on posts is tricky.  We are just winding down our bear hunt today, with great success.  I'll let Bob do his own message on that one.   Moose hunt starts on Sunday.

My post today is sharing a time I had on the lake August 31st during the full moon.  It was a picture perfect evening, with the sunset on one side of me and the full blue moon rising on the other side.   Not a ripple on the water, and not a sound aside from the odd splash from a bait fish on the water, a loon calling, or a bird in the distance.

 Thought some of you might want to experience it with me.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Late summer fishing lodge review!

Triple catch by Patterson Family in July
    I have taken a lot of "Flak" lately about my blogging consistency!! I make no excuses, we have been busy and writing is not one of my top priorities but, what do you know, I'm here now. Gale and I have had one of the busiest and enjoyable summers we can remember in recent years. The weather and the fishing have kept spirits high and what more can you ask for.

  A quick run down on the fishing is in order. The walleyes have been very co-operative this summer and as of now are in the 18-25 foot range off a lot of the drops and edges. Many of the mid lake humps are producing nice catches and the size has been excellent. The average walleye is easily the 16-20 inch range with many high 20's and a few released in the 32" class. The other walleye fishery that many people over look is the weed walleyes. We are getting some nice catches reported in the 9-14 foot range and surprisingly on hot calm days! Go figure! The bait of choice seems to be a tie between the leech and the crawler, but don't leave the dock without a few minnows as they are sometimes the deal maker. My favourite method of fishing is trolling a little joe with a minnow but jigging this time of year is also a very effective method.
Steffen Family releasing Perrault Lake Northern
The northerns have been very consistent with lots of 25-30 inch fish to fill in the mid day casting itch. The largest caught and released so far this year was a 43 incher two weeks ago. Almost any top water bait and large spoons cast into the cabbage will do the trick. The bass fishing has been great as usual and the perch fishing has also given us lots to clean.
  George and I have been busy lately out bear baiting and the season looks like a good one.
The only thing we really have to contend with is the blue berry crop that is coming on strong. Some of the crop is small but we have found some patches that are blue as far as you can see. If you ask politely I will show you how to get there.
Black Bear sighted around Perrault Falls
Photo by Jordan Steffen

Gale planted her usual garden and I think it's on steroids. She is going to need a ladder to pick some of the things in it. The one problem is that everything is ripening at the same time, so we have to eat healthy for quite a while. Salads aren't my cup of tea three meals a day!
 I know I promised a web cam this summer and we have had it sitting in the box with the router at the dock for two month's. Due to internet issues it will be another few weeks before it's running (I know it's the end of the summer!) but we will try it out and get some feed back.

 I'm going to sign off but We Thank-you for all your support and we live by our Moto..
 "We Always Remember You Have a Choice" and we hope it will continue to be Rainbow!!

Talk to you soon    BOB and  GALE

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Great Photos… Great Fishing…Great Family Times at Rainbow Point Lodge

I just had to take a second to share some pictures a few of our groups from last week shared with us.
Rainbow Point Lodge smallmouth bass fishing
Charlie, Gary and Max Triple Slam
This was the 2nd visit from the Meyer family from Wisconsin, and they have had great luck fishing both years.  You may recognize them from our photo album from last year too.

Trophy Northern Pike caught & released at Rainbow Point Lodge, Perrault Lake
Gary Meyer released this 40" northern pike on Perrault Lake!
Besides the bass and walleye, we are seeing or hearing about a lot of big northern and musky being caught.  Perch are also turning on.

Young Grace and her brother Roger and parents have spent their vacations here at Rainbow Point Lodge for 8 years now. 

Rainbow Point Lodge walleye fishing
Grace Grube's walleye poses for pic

 Cheryl and her extended family have been regulars for nearly 20 years.

Rainbow Point Lodge walleye fishing
Cheryl Prazak with a nice catch
All of these catches represent the kind of great action that our guests were having on Perrault Lake last week, and are continuing to have this week!   (28" walleye yesterday caught by Cheryl Gardebrecht).  Great action all around!It's always great seeing our repeat guests year after year, and to see the kids grow up and enjoy fishing and vacationing with their families.

I'm working on a new album for 2012 guest photos, so will let you know when it is up!  In the meantime, wish you were here!! Maybe these photos will tempt you to make a trip up before the summer is done!

Have a great week…  Drop us a line or visit us on FACEBOOK for regular updates!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just a quick note to let you know I have put up a new link on our FAQ's page of our website.  One of the upcoming guests called the other day with a few questions, and I thought it was a good idea to put more information out there for all of you to make your planning easier.   The link on the FAQ page  has a comprehensive list of things you should remember about your trip to Rainbow Point Lodge.  Info on border crossing, lodge services, driving instructions, and much more.  Take a sec to read it if you are planning a trip up to Canada!
Hope to see you soon!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grabbed a couple of minutes!!

How is everyone doing this spring? Gale and I are having one of the busiest springs we can remember and that is a" Good " thing. The season started slow but we are in full tilt fishing mode as I write. The fishing has been great and they are showing up in some of the strangest places due to the early ice out and warmer water temperatures.
  Last week the walleyes were in 4-12 feet of water and feeding on the mayfly larve that comes out of the mud on the bottom. This made the fish of all sizes easy to access and they were hitting just about any live bait you would troll by them. Some people said crawlers, others minnows, and also the leech contingent. The largest one I saw was 30" and there were many in the 23-28 inch bracket. Just about 100% were photographed and released, some of which are on our Facebook Page, and many will be put into a new photo album coming soon on the website.
  The rain came down last week and we had 6 inches of rain by Wed. Just by accident Gale knocked over the gauge one day and broke it , so I don't know how much we got after that! I kind of think she might have given it a kick instead of the accident story she tells me.
  I forgot to mention the northern fishing during the past week was real good also with a 40" being the weeks largest C&R. The bass are everywhere, and for the best fight pound for pound in the lake, you must take advantage of it if you haven't in the past. The perch are coming into the weeds as they grow taller and the catches are starting to get real nice. We had a couple of 13's and a 12 in one catch and the average seems to be around the 10" mark. This fishery only gets better as the summer goes on. The numbers of perch seems to be increasing and I think it is due to the possession limits that were implemented a few years ago.
  We are still trying to get our live web cam hooked up and hope to have it in use in a couple of weeks. You will be able to use this feature by going to our webpage and clicking on the webcam link. Our first trial camera will be hooked up a the main dock bait house, with a view of the dock, bay and down the lake, and we hope to have another one put up after we work the kinks out of the first one. The slow process of getting it up and running is not because of the equipment availability, it is trying to get the proper technician here to install the stuff as that is not my expertise!
  I am going to get going now but will try to keep up on a any notable news down the line. Try and make it up this summer if you can and if not keep us in your vacation plans for next year. Take Care and will talk with you later.   BOB & GALE

Friday, June 08, 2012

Early Season Fishing at Rainbow Point Lodge

Can't believe it's already June 8th.  We have already had 3 weeks of camp guests this season, and it's been so busy we have neglected the Blog.  Sorry guys! (& gals)

Bob and his gang had a very busy spring re-building a couple of the docks…then the never ending "honey do" lists from me for misc. cottage repairs.  My gang of staff have been great helping me with all the cleaning and prep to get the cottages just perfect for the 1st guests.  I'm sure many of you will notice the improvements all around camp as you drive into the lodge this year.  Always something to change up to keep things interesting.

The opening week of fishing saw great weather for awhile, then fiercely cold and windy weather too, so a typical May opener I guess.  The fishing was nothing short of outstanding for smallmouth bass opening week which is really kind of odd.  The best smallie fishing that most guests have ever had.  Northern were also very active.  Walleye were smaller, but plentiful opening week, so it was apparent they were still in their post spawn rest period.   Fish were scattered throughout the lake, from the Ord right up to the bay in front of the lodge.  

The 2nd week of season saw really chilly weather, which even included a morning snow flurry one day.  Everybody still went fishing, and it was great that some of the best fishing was just in the bay near camp, and into 1st & 2nd bay.  More action in the walleyes, with more larger fish being reported to have been caught (& released).   The bass & northern still continue to be aggressive

The 3rd week had unbelievable summer weather, with temps daily into the low 80's + and little or no wind.  Everybody had a great time this week in above normal temperatures, sunshine, and great fishing.  Amazing to hear how everyone was actually SEEING the walleye schools swimming in the shallows.  26" walleye I believe was the biggest caught this week, with many fish being caught and released in the low and mid 20" range; 14" perch, lots of bass, and I mean LOTS.  Again the smallmouth seemed to create the most excitement, with one guest commenting that they were nearly jumping in the boat.  Great fun for all!   Regulars had to find new fishing holes since the water temp was up in the 60's instead of the usual 50's or less, but it didn't take long to get into some action.   A soggy day at Perrault Falls today to end off the week, with  2" of rain so far, and a bit more forecast for over night.  Nice to have a rain to dampen down the forests and bring up the lake level after that hot stretch. Should be clear for the new group of guests arriving tomorrow.   I've got a few pictures shared from the guests, but haven't got them uploaded to this computer yet, so watch for some pictures in the next few days when I get caught up.  

Big day tomorrow, so I'll sign off, but either Bob or myself will update you again soon!  If you really wanted to follow us more often, I am keeping the Facebook page up with short posts more often.  "Like us" on Facebook or through our website link, and you'll be able to keep in the loop!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick spring update

Unseasonably cool temperatures have been the norm for the last couple of weeks. Making up for getting so warm so early I guess.   Still sunny, and we are getting lots of work done around the lodge.  Don't want to charge up the water lines just yet though.  Forecast for well below freezing again tonight.

Some of the staff will start up next week, so the bigger projects will be under way.  Have a couple of new staff members coming on board this year, so all you regulars will have some newbies to break in!

Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures taken last week around camp.  So calm and quiet this time of year.   Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Shore line near cottage #11

Looking out from the point

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring has been here already!!!

  Everyone knows it has been a crazy winter and even more so up north at the Lodge. Gale and I got home a few days ago and found out that the Lake had been completely clear of ice for a week. There is also no snow under the trees or any frost in the ground!  NOW, I know everyone has a story to tell on this topic but since this is my Blog you will have to listen to mine. Let's put this all into perspective, 25-30 years ago when we bought the Lodge we regularly called our opening week guests about the ice situation and sometimes had to cancel the opening week because you could not get out on the Lake (that's the 3rd. week in May), 6 weeks from now!!! The last 10 years or so the ice has regularly been out around the last of Apr. to the first week in May, and I found that a bit concerning. This year may be an anomaly but it sure does make me think that we might be able to plant real palms in a few years besides the lighted ones we have on our deck!!  We will wait and see what happens next winter.
  We still have two days left until ice fishing is legally over and we might put a boat in and see if we can get a walleye dinner this weekend, go figure.
  I had the airplane running the other day and am going to push it into the water, (from it's winter shoreline resting place) , next week and this again will be the earliest I have ever flown on the water in 40 years!
  Enough about the weather!  We are really quite impressed at the way our reservations are looking as the past 5-6 years has been hard on all of us. It sure is nice to have our MANY regular long time guests continue to support us. The in flux of many new guests to the Lodge is also a sign of the economy turning around slowly and that our advertising in many markets is getting the word out. We again thank everyone for the Great "word of mouth" and that also is a deal maker with many new guest possibilities. That's it for the "Mushy Stuff", but it's necessary and appreciated!
  I have to show you a couple of pictures of Gale's different fish she caught in our boat 2 weeks ago down south. She sure showed me up, but someone had to tie on the bait, run the boat, get to the hot spot, clean the fish, clean the boat, and take the pictures-----Right??

Well, that's it for now and I will do another update in the next few weeks with some Lodge pictures and news about new projects. We also have availability the first and second week of the season, with special pricing so if, last minute is your name, call us and come on up!!!!  For now take Care.  BOB and Gale

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Border Crossing - Your DUI and what you should know

There is finally some movement on the side of the Canadian Government in recognizing that some of the border inadmissibility rules were far too stringent and were a detriment to tourism in our country.  This was particularly the case for people with a single DUI or minor offence in the past.   Bob took part in a meeting with selected tourist lodge owners and government officials recently to hear about, and discuss TRP (Temporary Resident Permits" and border crossing in general.  

Here is a recent announcement from the office of our Member of Parliament, Greg Rickford

                                         "Tourism Facility Action Plan (TFAP)

  • Our Government is committed to facilitating the travel of legitimate visitors to Canada, while protecting the health, safety, and security of Canadians.
·       We are also committed to promoting economic benefits to Canada, such as an increase in trade and tourism with our trade partners.

·       That is why we are introducing the Tourism Facilitation Action Plan, to ensure that those who want to visit Canada, and are approved by CIC and CBSA, can more easily visit our country.
Two part plan:
1)     Visa application centres (VAC)
2)     Discretion on Issuance of TRPs and fees
a.     Public Policy on Minor Criminal Inadmissibility
b.     Transit without a Visa Program

·       Visa Application Centres are an innovative network of third party visa offices that provide timely visas for those interested in visiting Canada.

·       VACs are run by private companies and international organizations, consequently, they are able to operate efficiently and respond to market demands. New centres open where market demand is high and in areas convenient to individuals applying.

  • CIC currently has 60 VACs in 41 countries.  Under the new global VAC model, our government will expand this network to up to 150 VACs by 2014.

·       This is another example of our government’s innovative approach to efficiency, cost-saving measures, and promoting Canada as a tourist destination.

Discretion on Issuance of TRPs and Fees
·       This public policy initiative will provide the CBSA with some discretion in waiving the fee for a Temporary Residency Permit in cases that are warranted.

Minor Criminality
·       Many tourists are stopped and denied entry at our borders because they are deemed inadmissible for having a minor criminal offense on their record. Often, these are outdated misdemeanours or minor infractions that took place decades ago.

·       Particularly, US citizens trying to enter Canada for a family vacation or fishing trip are being turned away.

·       It is a dubious and intrusive rule, and the current process for those refused is overly burdensome and requires substantial supporting documents and records that are not easily available. This rule results in millions of dollars in lost revenue from would-be tourists and has a negative bilateral effect.

·       That is why we have created this public policy option for a one-time exemption to facilitate entry for individuals in this circumstance. Those who meet the security and criminality criteria will then be permitted to enter Canada as tourists.

Transit without a Visa Program
·       Some foreign travellers, due to unforeseen travel circumstances, find themselves in Canada without proper visiting documents. These individuals will no longer be forced to pay the $200 fee for a Temporary Resident Permit.

·       This applies for those who transit in Canada on their way to another country, and those who arrive on an aircraft that is forced to land in Canada under emergency-related circumstances."

We'll update as we find out more.  If you have an issue that makes you concerned about regarding your admissibility to Canada, feel free to drop us a line or phone call and we'll do our best to either answer your questions, or get you off in the right direction for someone who can.  

Full details of this Special Public Policy will be available on the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website on March 1st. .

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Spring Thought's and STUFF!!!!

We would like to first say Thank-you to all the new and old guests that stopped by the Green Bay Sport show last month. Gale and I enjoy talking about past vacation stories and truly love explaining the Rainbow experience to the first timers. The weekend was busy but we couldn't miss it as it was our 27th. year there. Don't want to break a record.

We made it back down south and are enjoying the weather. It seems that every day is taken up with internet work and answering the phone!! We're not complaining but the economy looks like it has made many folks feel more comfortable about traveling north again on a regular basis. This is the time of year when everyone has just about had enough of winter and are booking their spring and summer fishing and hunting vacations.

The weather has been fairly nice down in the Keys lately and as I have said before, I don't miss the snow shovel one bit! The one nice thing about spending the winter down south is that we actually get to do some fishing. You would think that since we own a fishing Lodge that we would do a lot of fishing but, think again! We mostly go out in the Atlantic for a mix of reef fishing and you never know what your are going to catch. The other day it was so flat that we went out in the Gulf Stream and trolled for sails and wahoo. This took us 15-20 miles off shore and we were only about 50 miles from Havana! We carry a fish I.D. book so we know what we have in the boat. All I know is that everything has TEETH and there is no such thing as lipping them. (only once!)

This spring we have a few things that we are going to put in place so you will be able to have a "Rainbow Fix" anytime you want?? I tried to install a web based camera 4 years ago with no success but I think we have the right combination now so we are going to have at least one camera on the property that you will be able to remotely move from your computer to give you a real time "Rainbow Fix". Stay tuned for the details as it will be installed this spring.

We will be building two new docks and adjusting the location of a couple of the floaters we have on the property. Gale has been busy buying many small things to update the interior furnishings and over all homey feeling of the cottages. This is something I stay out of as my idea of decorating is installing a rod holder by the door and a gun rack on the wall. There might also be need for a beer fridge on the deck but that may be pushing it with the management!!

I will not be long winded but I must mention the changes that are going to be in effect this summer at the border with respect to DUI's and minor charges that have happened in the last 5 years. I was personally on a conference call with a few other select outfitters and association representatives, with the Canadian Governmental Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenny, and our Member of Parliament, Greg Rickford when the policy was announced a while ago. We were all presented with the general overview of the policy change and had a chance to ask the Minister any questions that we had at that time. The news was well received by all and it will help border crossing problems for individuals with (1) DUI or small non serious charge in the last (5) years, to be admitted free of charge to enjoy our Canadian outdoors. This policy is to be in effect in late March this year. As soon as I have the details in print from the Government I will post it on this Blog. If you want to ask any questions about it you can call me @ 1 800 282-9039.

Gale and I are looking forward to the start of the spring fishing season and hope that you will find the time to come and visit us if you aren't all ready. If you can't visit this year keep looking at the Blog or the camera and visit our web page often. Take Care till next time.

BOB and Gale

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Green Bay Show next week!!!!

Hello Everyone: Gale and I are travelling to Green Bay next week for the All Canada sport show and look forward to seeing as many of you as we can. I think the town will have semi recovered from the game last weekend and, I didn't expect the results along with the rest of you.
I hope the winter has been treating you well. The weather at the Lodge has been above normal until now and it is just starting to get cold for a short while. We stayed home for Christmas with our Girls and some other family and had a ball. We put away the decorations, packed up and headed south just there after.
The summer looks like it will be another busy one with the weeks filling up fast. More of you are commenting on the new electric start four stroke outboards that we purchased and how nice they start and quiet they are. We always strive to have the finest equipment for the most competitive price and we also give you the highest personal service offered anywhere. There has been quite a bit of price cutting lately as the spring promotion season is in full swing but that is a sign of the times we live in. Gale and I did not find it necessary to adjust the rates this year, and we appreciate your loyalty and hope that you will continue to enjoy your vacations with us.
I am going to post some pictures of some of our fishing adventures in the Keys as soon as we get the chance to get out for a serious day of it. We have been swamped since we got here 10 days ago and with the Show next week in Green Bay the fishing pictures may come after we get back.
I will let you go, but remember Jan. 26-29 Green Bay and we'll see you there and if not give us a call 1 800 282-9039 anytime and we can set up a 2012 fishing or hunting vacation for you.

We will have some new exciting news for you to think about soon so keep watching. Stay warm. Bob and Gale