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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sizzling end to August Fishing and start to Black Bear Hunts

I see Bob hasn't kept up very well with our regular blogs this year, and I know many of you are not on Facebook so miss my regular posts and photos.    So… here is another short update for you.

August has ended with sizzling hot temperatures much to the surprise of everyone.  Two solid weeks of temps in the 90's and a fair amount of humidity greeted the late summer fishermen and the 1st couple of weeks of bear hunters as well.  Good for some, not so good for others.  Overall though, the heat didn't seem to bother the fish or the bears very much.

Guests have been getting great action on the walleyes and smallmouth very close to camp.  1st and 2nd bay have been old standbys, as well as the bay right in front of camp.  Trolling and jigging have both been working well, so it's just been a fisherman's preference.  Crawlers & leeches seem to be best currently.  The shallower waters of 15-17 feet have been very good, with more eater size fish in those depths.  When the guys have fished a bit deeper just off the drop-offs, they have gotten some substantial sized walleyes.  Largest this past week was 28", and many in the 22-26 inch range.
 Smallmouth have been nuts in the rocks.  Northern action has been steady with most catches in the nice eater range of 22-27 inch range, but several have been landed upwards to 38" in the last couple of weeks.  Muskie are starting to get more active as well, so the fishermen coming up over the next few weeks should have plenty to keep them busy.

The bear baits have been very active, and the hunters are doing very well so far. Amazing with that extreme heat.  The hunters were pretty warm in the tree stands, and of course the bugs haven't slowed down yet.  Patience has paid of for many of the hunters.  Largest bear so far was about 340.  Have 2 ladies in this week, and both of them have harvested a bear.
Way to go ladies!   2 more weeks of bear hunts to go, and plenty of great areas yet to be hunted.

The loons are starting to gather in the main lake with groups of 50 or more.  That's a sure sign of the season changing.    

I have been getting photos up on our web album, so check them out when you get a chance.  Maybe your picture is in there too!  Lots more to upload, thanks to so many of you who have shared their pics.