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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Fish Story

Well, we did have our 1st snowfall of the year, and the highways department were out in full force with their salt and sand trucks already. Thankfully it was just a one day wonder, and we got a couple of fantastic (above normal) days just after that to bring us out from the downer of seeing that 1st snow. We're taking advantage of the great weather, and now that that the woods are a lot quieter, will be spending some time getting the winter firewood, and hunting for our moose. Freezer is empty, so we're looking forward to some success. We can hunt until mid December, and so there is no rush. Will keep you posted.

We were going over some photos from the summer, and I thought I'd give you a good look at the biggest walleye for the season for 2008. This is Jason Rosonke with a 32" (10 lb) walleye caught the last week of August this year.

He and his wife Suzanne did exceptionally well this week. Besides this trophy walleye, Susanne caught this 41"(14 lb) northern. She also caught a 40" (17 lb) muskie, and another 35" (12 lb) muskie. Way to go girl! This type of success is what we like about mid/late summer fishing. The numbers are not as fast as the earlier weeks, but the quality can be fantastic. Congrats to The Rosonke's from Urbandale, Iowa on another great year.

We'll try to update you on some other great fish stories through the winter just to tie you over for your fishing fix until you can get up to Perrault Falls yourself next season!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

SINK or FISH & HUNT!!!!!!

Here is my "Rant" for the month!
As outdoor folks we are all in the same boat, or so to speak!! We seem to be bombarded on a daily basis with bad news about our troubled economy and possible world recession. There are still plenty of places in the world where your hard earned vacation dollar can go a long way. Why not take that well deserved break and treat yourself to to our N.W. Ontario treasure, that being, Rainbow Point Lodge! Everyone we talk to these days keeps telling us about all the bad things that are going on in their part of the world, (as if we are not affected up here in Canada!!) All I want to say to that is, try and spend a little time finding the good things in life, as it goes by way to fast to waste it moaning about the negative! ( Now I'm Done)
Our season is fast coming to a halt and with the threat of light snow flurries tomorrow, I guess we will have to face the inevitable Winter. I am really looking foreword to doing a little ice fishing later on and will be going out moose hunting in a few weeks after there is some snow on the ground.
The fishing was above average this summer as we look back at the overall success. Take a look at the picture page on our website@ to get a feel for the different species and sizes of fish that Perrault Lake has to offer.
Our fall hunts for Bear and the Archery Moose hunt have just been completed, and as success is not always measured in taking meat home, we had a some nice animals taken. Our blueberry crop was one of the best in years and this made the baiting challenging and, with respect to the hunter, the control of your own personal scent and movement even more critical. We had a very diverse group of hunters this year with some of the hunters learning for the first time what Bear hunting is all about (nothing like deer hunting!!!!) and many return hunters that know that bear hunting is not always having success with sightings of animal or seeing the size they are looking for. All in all it will go down as one of the more interesting ones I've seen in 30 years with referring to the many different types of personalities we met. Thank-you to you all!
We are going to a few sport shows this fall and will be letting you know which one's in our annual fall letter. I hope that you can come and see us next year up at the Lodge or at least drop into one of the shows and say Hi
Keep checking in our Blog as I now have a little more time to write my monthly Rant! Whether you agree with it or not, it is not meant to offend just meant to let you know what I am thinking at the time and to let you know that we are constantly working on trying to make Rainbow Point Lodge a part of your yearly must do things.
Until next time thanks for the feedback but if you want the comments posted you have to let us know who you are to be published!
Stay warm. BOB