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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm awake Mike! Just easing into the winter!!

Hello Everyone:  Well it's that time of year again when Mike Baumann, from Milwaukee, wakes me up with a (where is the latest blog???) question, and I have to get it together and write something for you to read.  Feel free to add a comment to my blogs so I know you're watching!  I have been relying on Gale to update the Rainbow Point Lodge Facebook page, and I guess, not bore you with my Fall rambling.
     Just to recap the summer, it was great!!!! We had a slower start to the spring, regarding early fishermen, but as people learn that the spring fishing is Fantastic, we are seeing a renewed interest in this time of year. After the opening week things picked up and Summer was on full speed. The fishing all summer was, as I say every year, Phenominal. All you have to do is take a look at our photo link on the web page to see some of the great fish that were taken this past summer and previous years. One of our indicators to the fishing success in any given week is the smiles on the new guests that have never been here before. This lake, is and always will be, an easy lake to learn, because of it's size. The nice mix of walleye, northern, bass, perch, etc. also makes it very diverse. There are plenty of small and trophy sized fish in each species that always make us smile, because we know that the reproduction rate is always consistent.
    Gale and I just finished draining the last cabin 2 weeks ago and are still a few days away from being "totally ready" for the winter. There is a lot more involved in shutting down the cabins etc. than just pulling the plug and locking the gate. Today I am going to be pulling my airplane up on dry ground for the winter, as the shore line is starting to get a bit of ice on it. I wish I could fly it a bit more but the summer is almost too busy and now the weather is staring to freeze. Here is a picture from last week. It's gone but the snow plow was on the highway that night and they layer the salt on the road!! Just more reason to pack for the trip south.
 We are working on our winter promotion and are going to do more print advertising and try to get a larger online presence. In case you haven't heard the All Canada Show's that we have been attending for almost 30 years, has declared bankruptcy. The show is being resurrected in the Chicago market this spring, by a group of people that worked with the original show. They are trying to improve the show, and it's attendance, and will move to other markets next year if they are successful this winter. As you all know, we have been doing the Green Bay show each year for the last few decades, and with the demise of the AC Show in Green Bay this up coming winter we will obviously not be there.  We will keep you up to date if we decide to travel to one of the other shows in Wisc.
 Below are a couple of pictures taken as Gale & I waited at 6AM for the fog to lift so we could get to a trail down the lake, that we walk for moose. Heard and gave some calls, but no moose showed their face that day.  Had our nets and gear along too hoping that we might catch the whitefish running in the river.  Too early for the whitefish, and a great day to take a trip down the river.
Misty October Sunrise over Perrault Lake
Warm gear for an October morning

October Sunrise

We hope you all are getting into the fall swing and that the deer hunters out there are getting ready for the rut, an enjoyable hunt, and it's many lifelong stories that it will provide.
Till next time,