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Monday, August 30, 2010

High water story of 2010

2010 has been quite a year for rainfall here in NW Ontario.  While we started off very early, dangerously dry, and moderately low water levels, early June changed the trend.  From early June until early August, the water just kept on rising.  The weather was very nice overall once again for our fishermen and families.  We got tremendous rainfalls that usually came in short spurts, or during the night, not bothering the vacationers much at all.  By tremendous rainfalls, I mean dumps of 3-5 inches at a shot.  Each time the water levels on Perrault would continue to rise for days afterward, from all the runoff. 

High water levels seemed to have nothing but good effects on the fishing throughout the summer, so that was a bonus.  On the down side, we had a couple of our docks that were not usable for about a month.  Thank goodness this wasn't the case when we had the largest of our boat traffic in.  With the high water and waves, our docks have sustained quite a bit of damage, so we have a fall/spring project for sure.

As September approaches we're looking forward to seeing some great northern pike and musky action once again - typical for the fall season.  Don't forget our great Fall Special pricing!  If you can't come for a week, we also can work out a daily package for you to fit your time schedule.  September is one of the nicest times to be up here in NW Ontario. 

Loons are starting to gather up, so I think they know something we don't know....  Always a fantastic sight to see so many in groups on the lake. Lucky enough to see a family of wolves off the roadside last week, and yesterday one of the guests sighted a bear on the lakeshore.  The bald eagles that have their nust just up past our house kicked their young one out the other day for what we think was it's 1st flight.  Amazing to watch the flying lessons!  Also have had a golden eagle hang out on a tall tree near the main dock the last few days.  Just sits for hours on end and doesn't seem to mind the human attention.  Add to all this, the occasional moose or deer on the roadside and it just doesn't get much better than this!   Wish you were here. 

Till next time,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Such big fish!!

Gene Fischer, Cecil, WI - 44.5" Pike
Each year we are seeing more and more big fish caught and released on Perrault Lake, and 2010 has been no exception to that statement.  Throughout this summer there hasn't been a week that has gone by without hearing about several of our guests catching and releasing big fish out on Perrault Lake.  Last week alone, we are aware of 4 walleyes over 28"  - one at 30"!!!  Also a 44" northern.  More and more muskie are reported to have been caught also.  While some of the big fish have been kept to have mounted on the wall, most of these big fish throughout the summer have been released back into the lake for another lucky angler to have the opportunity at the catch, and for the chance for another successful spawn next spring.   Congratulations to all of you who have been so lucky (ooopss... to be such talented anglers...!..) to have landed a Canadian trophy fish. 

Dan Boivin, Shawano, WI - 28" Walleye August 13
Here we were during one of our warmest weeks of the summer last week with temps up in the high 80's and mid 90's, and the big fish action continued.  What a great week it was with the last week of family groups in before the inevitable return to school.  13 year old Dan Boivin from Shawano, WI ended his week's vacation off by catching this 28" walleye in the last hour fishing for this trip, Friday night.   After a very quick discussion in their boat about whether to release the fish or have it mounted, Dan chose to have it mounted (with his dad's help).  Congratulations on a great ending to a great vacation. 

Summer Fun off off Whale Rock
Besides fishing, everyone in camp was enjoying the great summer weather - not too hot, not too cold... just right!  Miraculously too, even though we have had a tremendous amount of rain this summer, the bugs have not been bad at all.  We are questioned each week whether we spray to keep the bugs down, and of course we don't.  It's just part of living in paradise. (yes. we do pay for it in the winter.)  By the sound of the weather in the mid west and southern states this summer, I'm surprised everybody didn't migrate north to keep cool.  If you suffered through it this year, maybe you should consider a trip up north to Rainbow Point Lodge next summer.  We'd love to see you, and we know you'd love all this great part of the country has to offer!

Hey..... did you see our fall special on our website?  Maybe you can still get in that last minute fishing trip?  Give us a shout.

Till Next Time,  Happy Fishing!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Blueberry season & Fishing at Perrault Falls

What a great year for blueberries in NW Ontario.  Berries are perfect for picking right now.  Just have to keep an eye out for the bears that like them just as well!   Got out picking a couple times so far, and am trying to find some spots that are nice an accessible for our guests.  Pictures right is Dianne, George's wife who went out with me last week.  Nothing better than a dish of fresh blueberries, or those morning blueberry pancakes!

Besides picking blueberries, George got Dianne out for some walleye fishing as well before she had to head back to work in Winnipeg.  Fishing has been fantastic overall, with more and more large fish being released each year. 

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Support Our Troops Draw Winner

I know - we're in the dog house for not posting for a long time.  Excuse - we have been so busy enjoying visiting all of you wonderful guests, and keeping the camp ship shape, the computer somehow gets left behind.  Enough of that!  Bob has a great blog in draft to publish shortly, so he'll have more information for ya.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention a great young man, and a fantastic fishing trip.  You may recall that we worked in conjunction with wildlife artist, Anthony J. Padgett this past winter, to provide a free trip for 2 for a US service person.  This was sponsored and promoted through the winter by Anthony (Tony).  The winner of the draw was Zack Carver, from Indiana who recently returned from a tour in Iraq.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Zack, and his younger brother Caleb who joined him on the trip.  Zack came up with his own personal tour guide/ draw sponsor, Tony Padgett and partner Heather Rayka, who know us, Rainbow Point Lodge, and Perrault Lake all very well.  Tony and Heather provided great home cooked and shorelunch meals during the week for Zack and Caleb, and had a great time fishing with them on Perrault Lake.  Ontario fishing was all new to these boys, and soon after arrival, they were catching plenty of walleye, northern, smallmouth and perch. 
Shown here, Wildlife Artist Anthony J. Padgett, Zack Carver, Gale and Bob Extence

During the same week Zack was here, we had the pleasure of hosting our own Canadian service person, Will Bawden from Manitoba Canada, who had just returned from Afghanistan.   Will was a dock boy here at the lodge 3 summers ago, and we were so happy to see him here again, this time for some R&R before his next rotation.  We wish both these boys (no... Brave Young Men) great success and most of all good health and safety in their future.  We are proud to have had the opportunity to help give back to both of you.