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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Springs Pretty Close!!!!!

Well the winter is pretty close to history and we are getting geared up for the spring fishing guests. The grounds are full of leaves and last of the snow banks will be gone in a day or so.
The ice will hang on for a little longer than the last couple of years but, compared to five or ten years ago it will be gone early. It is very black right now. If the weather continues the way it is now, we should see the ice move out in a couple of weeks.
All the lakes up in N.W. Ont are in drought condition water levels. Perrault is not as bad as some, only down about 2-2 1/2 feet but that is quite a bit considering we normally only fluctuate by a foot or so. We're hoping we get some rain to bring things up, and water down the woods. We're planning some outdoor painting this spring, so that will surely bring on the rain!
We'll be posting some early spring pictures later this weekend, so if you want to see for yourself how things look, go to and click on the photo album (06 tab for now).
Hungry for some fresh walleye? Need a break from it all? A trip to the lodge this year may be just you need. If you haven't booked you're trip yet, give us a call toll free (1-800-282-9039) or e-mail us back. We have had a couple of early season cancellations, and still have some later openings, so you're not too late to get in on a great spring or summer vacation.
Opening Day - May 19th! Can't wait!