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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Opening Day WOW!!!!!

What a great opener! On Friday morning the temperature got up to the high 70's and throughout the day we started putting layers on instead of normally taking them off as the day warms up. By the end of the day Fri. the temp. was 35F and when we went down to the dock yesterday morning, Sat. the temp was 24F. with the wind blowing a light snow around. NOTHING like spring in Ontario! All the fishermen put everything on that they owned,and I'm sure even doubled up on the underwear to keep warm, and headed out to catch the first walleye of the season. By lunch time we were seeing some very nice catches of walleye and smelling the unforgetable smell of hot oil and frying fish. I was walking around hoping to get a taste from someone but I guess they were all scared to open the door and offer any for fear of losing any cottage heat!! Today the temperature is a balmy 24F with a forecast high of 45.
I will post some of the pictures of the fish caught this week when we get a hold of the digital pictures from the fellows as they check out. Yesterday there was a 44" Northern and a 38" released out of the same boat on film, along with some beautiful bass and 20+ inch walleyes. I have seen these and the shots are great. I have talked to all the other groups and they are very happy with the first day totals.
The last month has given us great weather with the chance to totally paint all the buildings so I guess this little delay of summer is giving us a chance to slow down and enjoy the surroundings and our guests a bit more.
I've got to get going but will post the pictures a the end of the week at for all to see at the end of the week.
Take care and hope to see you up here this summer. Bob and Gale

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fire Under Control

Just a quick update to let everyone know we haven't gone up in flames. With the good work of 4 water bombers, and a couple of helicopters, 30 + ground crew, and a wind the finally slowed up, the fire was brought under control. Today the fire crews that were camped out here packed up, leaving a smaller ground crew to continue on the hot spots. They have been using our boat ramp for the last few days as a good access to fill the pumper trucks for the ground crews to use. It's always an uneasy feeling when things hit close to home, as many of you in the States are finding out these days with all the major storms happening. We hope that none of you that we know from the lodge have been affected by these.

Bob has been busy with his crew painting on the cottages today since we finally got a nice calm day. Got almost half of the buildings painted today, and the rest should go tomorrow. Then comes the trim. Might have to issue a paint brush to each of the 1st guests to finish it off! l.o.l. Next is to get the bait house & docks ready, and finally - getting the boats in the water for you!

Everyone has been busy getting things ship shape for the 1st guests to arrive the Canadian long weekend which is May 19th. (Victoria Day holiday May 21st - Queen Victoria's birthday). About 3/4 of the cottages have had their spring cleaning, and we are busy getting the store up and running for next week.

Sure looking forward to seeing everyone again this summer!

Wish for some rain for us, and till next time,

Bob & Gale.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ice Out 2007

Sorry -- we've been so busy getting the camp in ship shape for the season, we neglected the Blog!

With the help fo heavy winds, the ice on Perrault Lake went out on April 30th this year.

The water level came up slightly with the ice out, but we are still down considerably. Some area lakes are in much worse shape than Perrault. We are able to use our docks at least, where some places have their docks high and dry.

We have had no rain to speak of for a long time, and the forest fire situation is extreme. Yesterday a fire broke out just south of us from a tree hitting a power line. With very high winds to flame the blaze, it quickly spread north-westerly, endangering cottages and a tourist camp on Wabaskang Lake. The water bombers were using Perrault Lake as their pick-up location, and we watched them come directly over camp for about 8 hours yesterday. The fire crews camped out at Rainbow Point Lodge last night, with about 16-18 firefighters, each with their own individual tents. It was quite a sight this morning. They were out on the front line about 6 this morning, and are using our lodge for their refuelling on pumper trucks that working the ground. Let's hope the wind dies down, and they keep this 1st blaze under control.

We'll update you later on the progress of this fire, and try to post up some photos of the bombers when we get time.

Only 12 days till opening of walleye season! Still a couple of cottages available for the 1st 2 weeks of season, so if you are getting the fresh fish urge, give us a call right away!

Till next time,