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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grouse and the Fall!!

The past few weeks we have had a fair number of grouse hunters in camp. As with other years, the hunting seems to get better after the low lying leaves fall off and we get a frost. With the ever warming seasons that we all seem to be getting, the first hard frost is coming more in the last week of Sept-the first week of Oct. This year we are seeing more birds and it is not very hard to get a limit of 5 in a short walk. You can have a three day possession of 15 total which, combined with a little fishing, makes for great fall get away. You do not need an ATV but it gives you a little extra versatility.
Amanda was home for our Thanksgiving weekend, (Canadian Thanksgiving was October 8th), and for some family fun the 3 of us went grouse hunting. Amanda was the sharpshooter of the day, and we had a great time.
We did already have a little snow, as is depicted in the picture from October 9th, but it obviously did not last. The weather has just touched the freezing mark, for the last few weeks at night, and up to mid 50s-mid 60s during the day.
Gale and I have got the bulk of the shut down work done but it will be another week until we can finally say it's complete.
We are presently working on the fall rate schedule and advertising avenues. Once all these are finalized we will be posting them on our web site for ALL to view.
I was lucky enough to be drawn for a Bull moose tag for our area and will be working on that the next month or so. I usually like to wait until the bush quiets down from the bird hunters and we have a little snow on the ground. I will keep you posted as to any success.
Keep the Blog comments coming as I will write about anything you would like to hear about as it is very hard sometimes to come up with topics that we think you'll be interested in.
Take care and look forward to seeing you all in the near future. BOB and Gale!!

Moose Hunt

Im on a roll.... Two Blogs in one day, and maybe a third, depending on the two finger typing speed. We have completed the Archery moose hunt and had a few resident gun moose hunters through the lodge. The archery moose hunt went well with a small bull being taken in each of the two weeks this year. We had other moose called in with no clean shot, and a great video taken by one of our hunters that showed a 50+ inch bull with a cow and calf that would just not come close enough to the hunter to get a shot. As with bow hunting, a big percentage of the hunt is the thrill of hearing an animal call back and the anticipation of him breaking through the bush at 15-30 yards!
Our second week of the archery hunt saw the hunters take a bull after a grueling ten minute hunt!! They called twice and just about got run over by the bull but were able to take him vey easily.
The gun hunt is comprised of Ontario resident hunters from southern Ont. that apply for their own tags in the resident only catagory. They are not outfitted by us other than the accomodation but they were also succesful. They took three small bulls and a few calves. A great time was had by all.
I am posting a picture of one of the bulls that Ted and Tom Coon took. If you ever have the opportunity to talk to these two about their hunt, the story is great and I can back it all up. They had such an experience that they don't even need to embelish it to make it good!!!!! Guys I had a great time, see you in G. Bay and next fall on the bear hunt.
I think I am good for one more post so read the next one on the current grouse and fall situation. Talk to you soon. BOB

Bear hunting news!

Well: I am getting down to writing the blogs that I should have written a while ago, but the drive was not there, and we were busy through out the day and night with the bear hunt. The hunt on the average went as I expected with some VERY nice sized animals taken. I think that the average size was up from past years. This can be attributed to hunters being very selective of the animals before they take their shot, and also the feed conditions this past summer. The FANTASTIC blueberry crop helped the animals build the fat that they need for the winter, but as I have found in the 30 odd years of doing this, it makes them very skiddish when it comes to hitting the bait. If there is a smell or a sound that they don't like or are curious about, they will quite often not hit the bait until after dark. In years that the main source of food, being blueberries, is poor they tend to be a little less cautious and are more willing to hit the bait during shooting hours, as their metabolism needs nourishment. I used a few trail cameras and found this to be the case.

I am posting a couple of pictures that we have and as of this writng we are waitng for a few more hunters to send us the promised pictures.

We are presently setting up our fall web site changes and one of the new additions will be a page devoted to hunts only, and we hope you visit it. If we have not posted you picture from a recent hunt, e-mail it to us and we can have it up in no time. Please visit to see the upcoming changes.
On to the next Blog MOOSE!