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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Opening Weekend Fishing on Perrault Lake

Just a few days of fishing in so far here at Rainbow Point Lodge on Perrault Lake for the 2013 fishing season.  NOTHING SHORT OF FANTASTIC!!   Having the ice out was nail biter, but Saturday afternoon our guests were able to get out on Perrault Lake and were not disappointed.  Saturday saw calm winds, overcast skies, but not rainy until evening.  Couldn't ask for much nicer for an opener weekend.  Chuck Hartman from Fort Meyers  FL caught and  released a 31" walleye AND a 30" walleye on Sunday  - talk about his lucky day!  

Ken Sharlein from Arkdale, Wisconsin also released a 31+ incher,  and James Dean from Winnipeg released another 30 incher. 

This doesn't mention the big northerns that are aggressive as always in the spring time, giving all the anglers a run for their money!  Huge perch also being caught.   Thanks to all of the guests for releasing all of these bigger fish to make sure that the fishery here on Perrault remains as great as it for future generations.  This is especially important in a year like this when the spring is so late.  We all want the fish to have a chance for a successful spawn.   Walleyes  are biting really light, so the best success has been with the guys using 1/8 oz jigs with minnows, and letting them take the line for awhile.    Not much time to post, but I know many of you are dying to get some news, so here it was.   Will post more as I have time!  

Still some openings for the next couple of weeks of season, so if you have a few days to spare and you think a fishing trip is long overdue, give us a shout, and we'll see where we can fit you in!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pictures from Beautiful, Icy Perrault Lake

After a mixed weather bag of a day, cold, warm, rain, wind, sun… we were treated to some fantastic sights.

Right after a thunder storm went through, we had an amazing ice fog roll quickly over the bay.  Bob posted several pictures on our Facebook Page.  If you are not on Facebook, I've added one his shots here for you too.

Then we just had another evening shower go through, and this fabulous rainbow showed up.. It was a double, but I wasn't quick enough. Think the end of the Rainbow is on the best fishing spot on opening day?  The groups coming this weekend will get to find out!

Anxious to see the changes in the lake ice after the winds tonight.   I took a quick trip to Dryden for business earlier today, and by the time I came back, Eagle Lake, Cliff Lake & Trail Lake were open.  Cedar looked to be starting to open up, and our bay on Perrault Lake is looking very close.  It's been quite a few years since we've had ice go out right at opening weekend, and it looks like "maybe??" that is what we might see.  We'll keep you posted!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ice Prediction

It's 7:00 and we just got in  from working ALL day and this will be a quick comment as we are making supper for everyone. Today started out with new ice on the bay  but it will be gone before the weekend. We put a boat in the water today just to check the ice and, all that is open is 50 feet from the shore, from the rapids to the bait house dock. We ran the boat up on the ice and it held us, but with the warmer weather predicted this week it should soften up quickly. The main lake is always the last to go out in the area and it will be close to the opener. I will give you an update later in the week. If the weather holds out the fishing should be awesome come ice out. Keep an eye on the Blog for further comments.  BOB

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Opening weekend Ice situation!

This picture was taken from Cabin 4's point, looking south! This is what it used to look like 25+ years ago before we all got soft with the Global Warming stuff! To make an educated guess at this point would be a mistake but check the Blog later on the weekend. It's going to be close but we need temps a bit warmer than what we are getting along with a nice stiff breeze.
  Keep the fingers crossed and wish us luck with the other stuff like getting water going through the frozen ground and the sewer running and the boats dug out of the snow, etc. etc. etc.
  Talk to you on the weekend.   BOB