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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Summertime at Rainbow Point Lodge

Where is our 2017 season going??  August 4th today and it feels like we should be just getting started.  We have been keeping up on news through our Facebook Page  whenever we had a minute this summer, and sorry to say my Blog has been quiet with the lack of free time to update it.

Right now we are having our most fabulous summer weather of the season, and we're loving it.  It was on the verge of too hot earlier this week, but now we're just right.  Fishing has been best early and late in the day for walleyes lately with the heat, and the northern, bass and perch have been going nuts any time of the day.  This week's trophy so far is a 26" walleye.  The season topper, (so far!) was a 31.5" walleye caught by Nick from Florida, and there have been many  trophies caught and released by guests throughout the spring and summer in between those sizes.  Perrault Lake never disappoints!

We've had the pleasure of hosting many families over the last couple of months.  Even a 4 generation group. Those huge kid smiles like this have been fabulous to see!   This young lady comes up with her grandparents and family every July, and she has become quite the fisher girl over the years...Way to go Grace!

 If this fall is going to be anything like the last few years, we'll expect a continuation of beautiful weather and excellent fishing pretty much till October.

Bear hunting will be soon be starting here at the Lodge, with opening day the 15th of August.  Anticipating a great fall hunt with a lot of anxious hunters!    Grouse season opens up September 15th.  What a great time of year to combine walking or riding the trails for  grouse, and fishing Perrault Lake.

If you still have some vacation time to use up, or have the flexibility of retirement, give us a shout.  We still have some openings for late summer & fall, and our fall specials are hard to beat!   Some weeks for 2018 are already getting tight for space also, so plan early if you have a definite date you need to schedule.

Bye for now,
Gale, up in the sunny woods of Perrault Falls!

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