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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Winter Blues? Think of the lazy days of summer fishing on Perrault Lake instead!

"Crazy" is about the only word that comes to mind when I think about the winter that most of North America has experienced since late November.    Perrault Falls has gotten more snow this year than it has in many years, and it's only February.  Minus 35 and lower seems to have been the norm on the mercury; we're not talking wind chill!  Bob & I are glad to have escaped the cold for part of the winter, and keep in close touch with Shorty back at the Lodge, who's keeping an eye on things.  His wife Fran tried an experiment talked about on the news where a cup of boiling hot water is thrown into the air, and affirmed that the water does indeed "whoosh" and immediately disappears into the cold winter air in a puff.  Gotta amuse yourself somehow in the cold!  The otters don't' seem to mind the cold and are still out playing at the falls in front of the lodge, enjoying the very little bit of open water to be found.

Enough talk about the cold!  We need to talk about happier times, and the lazy days of summer; kicking back, and relaxing on the lake, fishing pole in hand.   No schedule to follow, and forget the office!   Ok.. are you there now?

It's great to see the smiles on the kids' faces when they know they've got supper;  never mind the smiles on all the grown-up kids' faces when they bring in their stringers of fish and talk about the big ones that were caught and released or that got away… this time!

It's always so much fun for us to see the transformation in our guests from being stressed out to realizing they can actually relax as they settle into their vacation homes at the Lodge.

Who wouldn't want to listen to the loons in the distance instead of the cars and phones?

We are lucky to live in such a fantastic part of Canada and be able to share our bit of paradise with you all.

Sport show season is on throughout many States and Provinces this winter, and as many of you are aware, we are not attending any of these personally this year.   As you shop around in person, on line, or through the magazines, for your  next trip, we hope you remember that
"We Always Remember You Have a Choice" in your vacation destinations.   Bob and I, and our fantastic staff will always strive to make sure your vacation is perfect in every way.

Looking forward to seeing so many of our regular guests coming back in their usual spots, and to meeting all the new people that have been contacting us to reserve their cottages.  If you haven't made your plans yet, give us a shout.  There are still some spots left here and there, so hopefully we can accommodate you for the time you have off.

Till next time, keep warm, and think spring!!

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