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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Summertime at Rainbow Point Lodge

Where is our 2017 season going??  August 4th today and it feels like we should be just getting started.  We have been keeping up on news through our Facebook Page  whenever we had a minute this summer, and sorry to say my Blog has been quiet with the lack of free time to update it.

Right now we are having our most fabulous summer weather of the season, and we're loving it.  It was on the verge of too hot earlier this week, but now we're just right.  Fishing has been best early and late in the day for walleyes lately with the heat, and the northern, bass and perch have been going nuts any time of the day.  This week's trophy so far is a 26" walleye.  The season topper, (so far!) was a 31.5" walleye caught by Nick from Florida, and there have been many  trophies caught and released by guests throughout the spring and summer in between those sizes.  Perrault Lake never disappoints!

We've had the pleasure of hosting many families over the last couple of months.  Even a 4 generation group. Those huge kid smiles like this have been fabulous to see!   This young lady comes up with her grandparents and family every July, and she has become quite the fisher girl over the years...Way to go Grace!

 If this fall is going to be anything like the last few years, we'll expect a continuation of beautiful weather and excellent fishing pretty much till October.

Bear hunting will be soon be starting here at the Lodge, with opening day the 15th of August.  Anticipating a great fall hunt with a lot of anxious hunters!    Grouse season opens up September 15th.  What a great time of year to combine walking or riding the trails for  grouse, and fishing Perrault Lake.

If you still have some vacation time to use up, or have the flexibility of retirement, give us a shout.  We still have some openings for late summer & fall, and our fall specials are hard to beat!   Some weeks for 2018 are already getting tight for space also, so plan early if you have a definite date you need to schedule.

Bye for now,
Gale, up in the sunny woods of Perrault Falls!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Falls of Perrault Falls in December Glory

Hope you enjoy this fabulous view of Perrault Falls taken today. Beautiful sunshine, and -25 Celsius today, but it felt so great to hear the snow squeak under my feet. This ought to get you in the spirit of Christmas!

The Falls of Perrault Falls in December Glory

Hope you enjoy this fabulous view of Perrault Falls taken today. Beautiful sunshine, and -25 Celsius today, but it felt so great to hear the snow squeak under my feet. This ought to get you in the spirit of Christmas!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Early Booking Savings for 2017 Vacations

Happy Fall everyone!

What an amazing fall it is turning out to be here in Perrault Falls, and all around central Canada.  We had some dirty weather for awhile through September and early October with lots of rain, wind and cool weather, and then things changed up totally.   We have seen temps for over a week now up as high as the low 60's which is crazy for November.  Nobody is complaining up here though.

Our last guests just left the very end of October, so we are ready for a bit of down time. The summer absolutely flew by.   We'll have an e-mail update coming soon recapping the season, and projects we have on the go.  Watch for it in your e-mail or through a link on this blog.

In the meantime, a quick note to all of you who have not yet reserved your vacation with us for next summer, you still have time to get in on
2016 published rates for a limited time!
Reserve and confirm your cottage before December 1st, and you will qualify for last year's regular season published rates (does not apply to group or season discounts).

E-mail us or give us a shout today!  1-800-282-9039

Check our website from time to time.  A whole new website is coming live very soon!

Hope to hear from you,
Bob & Gale

Friday, December 18, 2015

2016 Rate Updates and News in UpNorth with Bob and Gale

An amazing fishing, hunting and vacationing year has come to to an end, and we have plenty to share with you!  

Check out our exciting 1st issue of the Rainbow Point Lodge E-Magazine, UpNorth with Bob and Gale!    Packed with information to help you make your trip plans into reality.  Is your photo or story highlighted in this issue?   Look forward to hearing your feedback too!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

How it was Fishing Opening Day on Perrault Lake

Just a little clip to share.  When I get a bit more time I'll give more details on fishing so far opening week.  Welcome fishing season 2015!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Last Ice Fishing on Perrault Lake before Spring Opener!

Welcome Spring Everybody!

What a difference this spring compared to last year.   Check out how our yard & lake view towards camp looked yesterday!

We took advantage of a beautiful sunny spring day, AND the last day of winter walleye fishing season to head out on the quad and do some ice fishing.  In just a couple of days the ice had started to pull away from shore, and the only place to still get good access to the ice was at the boat ramp on our property.

We had a smooth ride all the way down the lake, with just a couple of spots with a bit of slush.   I took a short video as we left camp. When we got to our fishing spot, Bob drilled our holes and we still had 20" of ice.    We were greeted by 3 bald eagles who were soaring up above, I'm sure hoping we might have a fish for them sometime!  We were hungry for our own supper, so we let them fend for their own!   Also had a golden eagle, lots of ducks, a lone goose,  a lone seagull, and a few noisy woodpeckers and ruffed grouse trying to attract their mates.  Saw several otters & beaver as well.   Had the place to ourselves otherwise.  

Soon after arrival, we had our 1st nice eater walleye.   Had some good action for awhile, and mid day it slowed down a bit. The sun was shining bright, and we were down to light sweatshirts, jeans, and bare hands.  Had a fire going, but it was just for fun, not needed for warming up.   Towards evening, the bite picked back up again.   Overall, had a wonderful relaxing day, and were reminded once again, how much we love being here!  We are really looking forward to seeing all of you who come up every year.
34 Inch Northern released
23" walleye released
We had a good mix in our catch from small walleye and northern to some big ones that we released back.  Most of all, we were happy to catch the sunshine.   Check out our the 2015 Moments in our photo album for more shots around camp this year, and this fishing day.
This was our view toward Ord River from where we were fishing.  The open water definitely made advances in the few hours we were there.

On our way back, the land access back at camp had become from the heat of the day, so it was interesting getting back to dry land.  Looks like we'll have an early spring this year!  The water level is very low right now, and we don't expect much runoff.  We'll see how things look after ice-out.  We'll keep you all up to date on how things look through the spring.

We are busy getting some of the prep work done for the summer while the yard dries up.  Have a few  weeks on our own before our staff start.. we'll have to save some jobs for them too right!?!

Still have a few openings for the 1st couple of weeks of fishing season, so a lot of people must be missing out on some great fishing!  If you've got a chance to pay us a visit, give us a call and we'll see where we can fit you in.

Till Next Time,

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Thinking sunshine and fishing during the deep freeze!

Record cold temps is pretty much the norm for most of Canada and the USA right now, and we sure hope everyone stays safe and warm.   There have been many days with wind chill down to -45 in the last week up at Perrault Falls, so January is making up for a mind December.  Throughout the cold snap, it's looking forward to something great to come that can get you through!  We were going through some pictures today from the past summer, and knew we should share some of them to warm you up too!

 David comes up with his brother and dad every August, and they never have a problem finding all the walleyes & perch they are targeting when they are up.

Beautiful fall walk around the Lodge

Mike Jr. trying to out fish his dad
Sighting a moose on the shore is always amazing

Mike Sr. shows him how it's done!

Sandra happy to be back at the Tuesday Night Fish Fry each summer!
Mike's 1st trip to Rainbow Point in August - He's got it figured out!

We'll be heading off to Wisconsin the middle of next week to attend the All Canada Sport Show in Green Bay, running January 15th to the 18th.  If you're nearby, hope you get a chance to stop by and see us.  If you're a Packer Fan, we imagine you'll be visiting before Sunday's game.

Cottages have been booking quickly, so if you are planning on staying with us, you should contact us as soon as possible.  Hope to get you in for the time period you want to come.

We're just a phone call away.

Keep warm and we'll be in touch soon!

Bob & Gale

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Forgotten Blog?? Not any More!

I shocked myself today when I looked at our poor old blog and the last post in May.  Where have we been you ask?

We have been very busy both at the lodge and on social media.  With so many changes and advancements in Facebook and Twitter, I focused my posting efforts there this summer, and totally forgot about our loyal Blog followers.  Facebook has been an easy and  fantastic way for us to keep our followers up on a very regular basis on what's going on at Rainbow Point Lodge.  We posted all kinds of great pictures and notes there, and these are also sent out over Twitter.  If you haven't found us on Facebook, please look us up, and keep up!  If you are strictly a blogger, not to worry.  I won't forget about you any more, although you won't get as many updates.  

We will soon be sending out our annual newsletter, and information for 2015.  If you want to get in on our early booking incentive, there's still a bit of time.  If you reserve & confirm your trip for next year before November 24th you'll get to take advantage of the 2014 regular package rates. (does not apply to special discount/late season packages)

Here's a picture of Bob & I on our last fishing trip out on Perrault Lake early October.  Beautiful Day!

That's it for now folks but we'll be in touch!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Walleye fishing will have to wait

Yep - for sure.  Opening day of fishing season tomorrow, and all is quiet.  Sure glad we postponed our opening week guests for later dates.   We finally had some sunny (although not warm) weather the last couple of days, and we were taking advantage of the break to get started on getting the grounds cleared, and some of the cottages cleaned.    Sounds like everybody in the mid-west is experiencing cold weather too, so we're not alone. 

Rainbow Fleet waiting for ice out.

May 16th view of Perrault Lake

Sheets of ice around the docks are at least 6 inches thick, so out on the main body of Perrault Lake, we're sure it's more than that.  At least there's enough open water spots for the ducks, loons & herons to find places to hang out now.  Slowly but surely spring is coming. 

We'll keep you posted…. anticipating "maybe" a mid week ice out IF the weather co-operates. 
Sunset over an icy Perrault Lake

Bye for now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Winter is back

Mother Nature is teasing us for sure now.  This is May 13th.  Really????   On top of the couple of inches of rain we got yesterday, a couple inches of snow.   High of 44 F expected today.
On the brighter side -- gotta find one --  we don't have tornadoes, floods or forest fires right?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Delayed Spring Opener at Rainbow Point Lodge

With all the uncertainty of the ice conditions at thaw here at the Lodge we encouraged our opening week guests to come a week later, and thankfully the groups were able to do just that.  We hated to think of people traveling all those distances and not be assured of getting out on the water for opener. All of you out there may have to wait just a little bit longer for some new fishing photos!  Memorial Day weekend will be fantastic!

We are all just so excited to see the sun shining yesterday and today at Perrault Falls.   With the heat and the few days of rain before it, most of our snowbanks are nearly gone.  The lake took a kicking also.  The forecast is for the temperatures to drop again tomorrow for the rest of the week, back down in the low-mid 30's at night, and only about 50 as highs, so things will slow down again.   It's still hard to predict when the ice will go out, but we'll keep you posted via Facebook, and later on the Blog.
Water pooling on top of the ice on Perrault Lake

Ice separating from the shore at Rainbow Point Lodge

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up in the US, and if you don't have plans already, you might want to take a quick trip up to take in some fantastic fishing on Perrault Lake.  Have some availability, and can work out a package for you either for the long weekend, or the week.  Give us a shout if you're interested.  That fresh walleye sizzling in the pan will be well worth the trip!

Till the next post,
Bob & Gale

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Spring Perrault Lake Ice Update

I know there are a lot of you that are pretty anxious to hear some news from the "Great White North". Perrault Falls, like most places in the central states and provinces, is having a slow start to spring.   We've had lots of wind the last several days so that's helped kick down the snow a lot.

Here is the progression from April 28th to today of the same view.
At least a little less white!
We had a few flurries today, then sleet, then rain, and then over again.  At least it isn't freezing overnight anymore (that we have heard in the forecast anyway)        

Looking out over Perrault Lake today, there was a bit of water at the shore; most of which was sitting on top of the ice.  Lakes are pretty much iced in all over the region and on into Manitoba.

Staff are all anxious to get working this spring.     Usually they are starting work this weekend at the Lodge, but with the snow cover we have put them off to start after at least next weekend.  Can't rake leaves with snowbanks.

 On a brighter note, it won't be long before the Blog will have more pictures like this one!  Think Fishing and Think Summer!  It's coming!  We have a few spots left for the prime fishing during the last couple weeks of May, just after ice-out.  If you have some time to sneak away for a few days before June, give us a shout and we'll see what we can do to get you into some great walleye & northern fishing.  The fish will be hungry and so will you!

We'll keep you posted in the next week on how things are looking around Rainbow Point Lodge.

Monday, March 24, 2014

March snow and ice update for Perrault Falls - Perrault Lake

Here is quick update on what's going on up at Perrault Falls.  As you can see from these pictures taken recently, we've got a LOT of snow.
Just for reference on the store photo below, the deck is about 4 feet off the ground.
 This picture is of the road into camp.  Cottage #1 is up ahead on the right…. somewhere???

Apparently the snow is very sugary.  Lakes are all very slushy.. Too much snow on the ice, weighing it down, and pushing the water up.  The ice augers for fishermen are to the max depth WITH extensions…that means 5+ feet of ice!    Temps have been warming up "a bit", but holding between -10 and -20.  Earlier in the winter they were  pretty steady between -30 and -45.  Keep in mind, we don't talk wind chill.  These are actual on the mercury temps.  If we added the wind chill on that it would just not be nice at all!

Doug, a friend of ours from Dryden shared pictures he took recently of a snow machine ride he took with his son.  Got a little too far off the trail we'd say.

Really shows you what is out there in the woods doesn't it?

Imagine what the poor deer and moose have to walk thru!          

So that's our update for today.  Hope you enjoy our updates, and don't forget… SPRING WILL COME!!!!

Lots of projects on our plans for the spring, so we will really have to scramble whenever mother nature gives us some spare ground to work with.

Till next time,
Bob & Gale

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Winter Blues? Think of the lazy days of summer fishing on Perrault Lake instead!

"Crazy" is about the only word that comes to mind when I think about the winter that most of North America has experienced since late November.    Perrault Falls has gotten more snow this year than it has in many years, and it's only February.  Minus 35 and lower seems to have been the norm on the mercury; we're not talking wind chill!  Bob & I are glad to have escaped the cold for part of the winter, and keep in close touch with Shorty back at the Lodge, who's keeping an eye on things.  His wife Fran tried an experiment talked about on the news where a cup of boiling hot water is thrown into the air, and affirmed that the water does indeed "whoosh" and immediately disappears into the cold winter air in a puff.  Gotta amuse yourself somehow in the cold!  The otters don't' seem to mind the cold and are still out playing at the falls in front of the lodge, enjoying the very little bit of open water to be found.

Enough talk about the cold!  We need to talk about happier times, and the lazy days of summer; kicking back, and relaxing on the lake, fishing pole in hand.   No schedule to follow, and forget the office!   Ok.. are you there now?

It's great to see the smiles on the kids' faces when they know they've got supper;  never mind the smiles on all the grown-up kids' faces when they bring in their stringers of fish and talk about the big ones that were caught and released or that got away… this time!

It's always so much fun for us to see the transformation in our guests from being stressed out to realizing they can actually relax as they settle into their vacation homes at the Lodge.

Who wouldn't want to listen to the loons in the distance instead of the cars and phones?

We are lucky to live in such a fantastic part of Canada and be able to share our bit of paradise with you all.

Sport show season is on throughout many States and Provinces this winter, and as many of you are aware, we are not attending any of these personally this year.   As you shop around in person, on line, or through the magazines, for your  next trip, we hope you remember that
"We Always Remember You Have a Choice" in your vacation destinations.   Bob and I, and our fantastic staff will always strive to make sure your vacation is perfect in every way.

Looking forward to seeing so many of our regular guests coming back in their usual spots, and to meeting all the new people that have been contacting us to reserve their cottages.  If you haven't made your plans yet, give us a shout.  There are still some spots left here and there, so hopefully we can accommodate you for the time you have off.

Till next time, keep warm, and think spring!!

Friday, January 03, 2014

It's almost the end of the year!!

Gale and I hope Christmas was great for all of you and that you are looking forward to a fun New Year celebration, or maybe just a quiet evening at home. What ever you are doing to cheer in the New Year we wish you the Best all the way through it, and we also hope that a trip up to Rainbow is also in your plans.
 From the sounds of the weather back up at the Lodge we are glad we decided to spend some time in the Keys. Today it is a balmy high of -33, at home and that is not wind chill. The snow cover is way above normal and at this rate we should have a fairly good water level this spring.
 By now all of our regular guests and and people on our mailing list would have received our winter Gazette and new price list. We hope that you like the many stories and other content in it. We have been receiving many nice comments and this makes all the work we put into it worth while.
 We are celebrating our 30TH. year this coming season. We have lots of things that we are going to do on a weekly basis to celebrate this point. Come on up and help us have fun.
 I thought I might just post a REALLY COOL video that I took a few days ago, and this might just help you warm up. A friend of mine and myself were trolling 4 lines out the back at 8 mph with my boat on auto pilot. I looked over the side and this is what we saw for 15 minutes. I took these pictures at the end and was amazed how close they got to the engines. watch the main one turn the pod at the end and take them away. Pretty Cool !!

  Again we hope you all have a great 2014 and will talk to you soon.  BOB and GALE!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. Friends

Cottage 5's fabulous evergreen.
Just a quick note as we think of all of our guests and friends south of the border celebrating their Thanksgiving tomorrow.  With all the nasty weather we are hearing about, we hope your travels are safe ones.  We celebrated Thanksgiving up here in Canada the 1st weekend of October, so it's been awhile since our Thanksgiving turkey.  Enjoy!

We have continued to get hammered with plenty of snow almost daily up at Perrault Falls, with about 2 feet fallen all together so far.  Our bay has been iced up for a good week, and the main lake is just about frozen over.  Perrault is always one of the last in the area to ice up.   The sunny days of summer seem like a long time ago already!  Plans are under way for our projects for next spring already, but the work will wait till the grass pokes out next year.

Hope memories of your last trip to Rainbow Point Lodge are a topic of your dinner table conversation this weekend.   Looking forward to hearing from you soon about your next trip!

Till next time, Gale & Bob

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm awake Mike! Just easing into the winter!!

Hello Everyone:  Well it's that time of year again when Mike Baumann, from Milwaukee, wakes me up with a (where is the latest blog???) question, and I have to get it together and write something for you to read.  Feel free to add a comment to my blogs so I know you're watching!  I have been relying on Gale to update the Rainbow Point Lodge Facebook page, and I guess, not bore you with my Fall rambling.
     Just to recap the summer, it was great!!!! We had a slower start to the spring, regarding early fishermen, but as people learn that the spring fishing is Fantastic, we are seeing a renewed interest in this time of year. After the opening week things picked up and Summer was on full speed. The fishing all summer was, as I say every year, Phenominal. All you have to do is take a look at our photo link on the web page to see some of the great fish that were taken this past summer and previous years. One of our indicators to the fishing success in any given week is the smiles on the new guests that have never been here before. This lake, is and always will be, an easy lake to learn, because of it's size. The nice mix of walleye, northern, bass, perch, etc. also makes it very diverse. There are plenty of small and trophy sized fish in each species that always make us smile, because we know that the reproduction rate is always consistent.
    Gale and I just finished draining the last cabin 2 weeks ago and are still a few days away from being "totally ready" for the winter. There is a lot more involved in shutting down the cabins etc. than just pulling the plug and locking the gate. Today I am going to be pulling my airplane up on dry ground for the winter, as the shore line is starting to get a bit of ice on it. I wish I could fly it a bit more but the summer is almost too busy and now the weather is staring to freeze. Here is a picture from last week. It's gone but the snow plow was on the highway that night and they layer the salt on the road!! Just more reason to pack for the trip south.
 We are working on our winter promotion and are going to do more print advertising and try to get a larger online presence. In case you haven't heard the All Canada Show's that we have been attending for almost 30 years, has declared bankruptcy. The show is being resurrected in the Chicago market this spring, by a group of people that worked with the original show. They are trying to improve the show, and it's attendance, and will move to other markets next year if they are successful this winter. As you all know, we have been doing the Green Bay show each year for the last few decades, and with the demise of the AC Show in Green Bay this up coming winter we will obviously not be there.  We will keep you up to date if we decide to travel to one of the other shows in Wisc.
 Below are a couple of pictures taken as Gale & I waited at 6AM for the fog to lift so we could get to a trail down the lake, that we walk for moose. Heard and gave some calls, but no moose showed their face that day.  Had our nets and gear along too hoping that we might catch the whitefish running in the river.  Too early for the whitefish, and a great day to take a trip down the river.
Misty October Sunrise over Perrault Lake
Warm gear for an October morning

October Sunrise

We hope you all are getting into the fall swing and that the deer hunters out there are getting ready for the rut, an enjoyable hunt, and it's many lifelong stories that it will provide.
Till next time,

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sizzling end to August Fishing and start to Black Bear Hunts

I see Bob hasn't kept up very well with our regular blogs this year, and I know many of you are not on Facebook so miss my regular posts and photos.    So… here is another short update for you.

August has ended with sizzling hot temperatures much to the surprise of everyone.  Two solid weeks of temps in the 90's and a fair amount of humidity greeted the late summer fishermen and the 1st couple of weeks of bear hunters as well.  Good for some, not so good for others.  Overall though, the heat didn't seem to bother the fish or the bears very much.

Guests have been getting great action on the walleyes and smallmouth very close to camp.  1st and 2nd bay have been old standbys, as well as the bay right in front of camp.  Trolling and jigging have both been working well, so it's just been a fisherman's preference.  Crawlers & leeches seem to be best currently.  The shallower waters of 15-17 feet have been very good, with more eater size fish in those depths.  When the guys have fished a bit deeper just off the drop-offs, they have gotten some substantial sized walleyes.  Largest this past week was 28", and many in the 22-26 inch range.
 Smallmouth have been nuts in the rocks.  Northern action has been steady with most catches in the nice eater range of 22-27 inch range, but several have been landed upwards to 38" in the last couple of weeks.  Muskie are starting to get more active as well, so the fishermen coming up over the next few weeks should have plenty to keep them busy.

The bear baits have been very active, and the hunters are doing very well so far. Amazing with that extreme heat.  The hunters were pretty warm in the tree stands, and of course the bugs haven't slowed down yet.  Patience has paid of for many of the hunters.  Largest bear so far was about 340.  Have 2 ladies in this week, and both of them have harvested a bear.
Way to go ladies!   2 more weeks of bear hunts to go, and plenty of great areas yet to be hunted.

The loons are starting to gather in the main lake with groups of 50 or more.  That's a sure sign of the season changing.    

I have been getting photos up on our web album, so check them out when you get a chance.  Maybe your picture is in there too!  Lots more to upload, thanks to so many of you who have shared their pics.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

OK OK I'm finally writing something ! !

  This has been a very busy summer, which is all good, and with the standard weather related issues, not a bad one! We are just over the hump in our fishing season and it has been quite a good in all respects for plenty of action. The walleyes have been the number one fish of interest and we have had dozens apon dozens of 28-32 inch fish, photographed and released, and I think it has to go down as one of the top three years for large fish caught and released. The northern fishing is just coming on stron right now with the cabbage weed at it's full potential. The bass are always strong and lots of fun on light tackle. Keep an eye on our web page and look at the photo album for updated pictures.
 Yesterday a guest and good friend of mine, Mike Baumann, checked in to his cabin, and the first thing he said was, where the Hell is the Blog>> then he said Hi good to see you!! This is the reason that I am sitting in the house on a Sunday afternoon doing this. I noticed that on my way up here to write this Blog, I passed his cottage, and he was sitting in a lawn chair with an adult beverage watching his deep fryer full of fish cook!! I bet that I don't get a taste.
  On a more serious side. Gale and I would like to Thank all of you for supporting us this and every year, and we really enjoy the positive comments that we receive online and during the week.
  Next year we are going to be Celebrating our 30th. year of owning and operating Rainbow Point Lodge and we are already thinking of some things that we will be doing each week to celebrate the occasion. It has been an enjoyable 30 years and we look forward to many more, doing what we like to do.
 I will let you go as I am going to see if there is any fish left at the Baumann's cottage, but check out and "LIKE US" on our Rainbow Point Lodge facebook page that Gale looks after as She does a much better job of posting pictures and STUFF, than I do.

Take Care from the Lodge and, we hope to see you again, and maybe for the first time!!!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Opening Weekend Fishing on Perrault Lake

Just a few days of fishing in so far here at Rainbow Point Lodge on Perrault Lake for the 2013 fishing season.  NOTHING SHORT OF FANTASTIC!!   Having the ice out was nail biter, but Saturday afternoon our guests were able to get out on Perrault Lake and were not disappointed.  Saturday saw calm winds, overcast skies, but not rainy until evening.  Couldn't ask for much nicer for an opener weekend.  Chuck Hartman from Fort Meyers  FL caught and  released a 31" walleye AND a 30" walleye on Sunday  - talk about his lucky day!  

Ken Sharlein from Arkdale, Wisconsin also released a 31+ incher,  and James Dean from Winnipeg released another 30 incher. 

This doesn't mention the big northerns that are aggressive as always in the spring time, giving all the anglers a run for their money!  Huge perch also being caught.   Thanks to all of the guests for releasing all of these bigger fish to make sure that the fishery here on Perrault remains as great as it for future generations.  This is especially important in a year like this when the spring is so late.  We all want the fish to have a chance for a successful spawn.   Walleyes  are biting really light, so the best success has been with the guys using 1/8 oz jigs with minnows, and letting them take the line for awhile.    Not much time to post, but I know many of you are dying to get some news, so here it was.   Will post more as I have time!  

Still some openings for the next couple of weeks of season, so if you have a few days to spare and you think a fishing trip is long overdue, give us a shout, and we'll see where we can fit you in!